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History Of Spain

  • Period: 35,000 BCE to 8000 BCE

    Upper Paleolithic

  • Period: 8000 BCE to 5500 BCE


  • Period: 5500 BCE to 3000 BCE


  • Period: 3000 BCE to 2000 BCE

    Copper Age

  • 2000 BCE

    First Iberian settlements

    First Iberian settlements
    The iberian civilization was in the south of Spain
  • 2000 BCE


    megalithic culture of Almería and Menorca
  • Period: 1700 BCE to 800 BCE

    Bronze Age

  • 1100 BCE

    The Tartessos

    The Tartessos
    They were the first occidental civilization and they introduced goldsmith.
    One of their famous treasure is "El Carambolo"
  • 1100 BCE


    Phoenicians appeared in the peninsula to colonize and explote their natural resources.
    They were from Fenicia.
    the Phoenicians already had sufficient technical knowledge and the necessary materials to embark on long-distance sailing.
  • 900 BCE


    Celts secure in the north peninsular and they fought with Iberian to dominate the territory.
  • 500 BCE


    Carthaginians conquer the mediterranean coast and the eastern of Spain, starting with Ibiza.
  • Period: 218 BCE to 201 BCE

    II Punic War

    The peninsula was trasformed into a battlefield between Romans who want dominate Hispania and Carthaginians who were living there
  • Period: 209 BCE to 19 BCE

    Big Conquest

    The conquest of Spain is divided in 4 periods. The initial presence of Roma in Hispanic territoy is because they wanna counter Carthaginians, moreover, they wanna take advantage of the metropolis
  • 510


    Her politic centre was Toledo and they dominated the central meseta.
  • Period: 711 to 1492


    Muslim troops cross the Strait of Gibraltar and defeat the Visigoth king, Don Rodrigo at the Battle of Guadalete
    The era of Muslim rule begins
  • 1479

    Isabel I and Fernando II

    Isabel I and Fernando II
    Isabel and fernando also known as Catholic Monarchs connect their kingdoms (Castilla and Aragón)
  • 1480

    The Inquisition

    The Inquisition
    It was an institution created to persecute heretic people or false converted.
  • Jan 2, 1492

    Conquest of Granada

    Conquest of Granada
    Catholic Monarch finish the winning back. They took the Nazarí Kingdom and they expelled islamic people.
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Discovery of America

    Discovery of America
    A group of Spanish people leaded by Cristobal Colón arrived in an island called Guanahaní after cross the Atlanthic Ocean. The thought America was India.
  • Feb 22, 1530

    Emperor Carlos I

    Emperor Carlos I
    Carlos I is crowned such as Emperor of Alemania and King of Spain, he possessed inheritance from his predecessors.
    Being emperor was difficult due to the continuous wars.
  • Oct 7, 1571

    Lepanto Battle

    Lepanto Battle
    In the Lepanto gulf, Turkish and Christian power were confronted because the Ottoman empire represented a menace
  • Westfalia Peace

    Westfalia Peace
    It was a treatise signed to finish Thirty Years´ War
  • Period: to

    The War of Succession

    After the death of Carlos II, started the war of succession between Felipe de Borbón and Carlos de Austria to access to the throne
  • Period: to

    Fernando VI

    Fernando VI also known as the righteous
  • Period: to

    Carlos III

    Carlos III also known as the politician
  • Period: to

    Carlos IV

    Carlos IV also known as the hunter
  • Period: to

    Fernando VII

    After the Aranjuez rebellion, Carlos IV is deposed and the new king is Fernando VII
  • José Bonaparte

    José Bonaparte
    Carlos IV and Fernando VII abdicated and Napoleón designate a king, his brother José Bonaparte also known as Pepe bottle
  • Cádiz Courts

    Cádiz Courts
    It was a constitutional assembly who has an objective, defending spain of the french invasion and designate the position of power.
    From here, it was created the first constitution called "La Pepa"
  • Period: to

    Liberal triennium

    historical period where the Fernando VII´reign ends and start a liberal government.
  • Period: to

    I Carlist War

    It was a civil war between carlistas, who defend an absolutist system, and isabelinos, who defend a liberal system
  • 1837 Constitution

    1837 Constitution
  • 1845 Constitution

    1845 Constitution
    It presented an moderated ideology.
    sovereignty was divided between courts and crown, also, there was a separation of powers.
  • Period: to

    Progressive biennium

    It was a short period, the progressive party pretended make a reform the politic system of Isabel II´reign
  • First Republic

    First Republic
    Amadeo I de Saboya abdicated and federal people ask for a Republic. It was a deal between republicans and radicals.
  • Coup d´etat

    Coup d´etat
    Spain was in a deep crisis and Miguel Primo de Rivera, a general captain, take the control of the country and impose a militar dictatorship.
  • Second Republic

    Second Republic
    The second republic repaced Alfonso XIII monarchy.
    Manuel Azaña Diaz was the second republic president.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Emlio Mola and Francisco Franco started the spanish civil war to overthrow the second republic chosen democratically.
    The republic and the nacionalists asked for foreign military aid and Franco received help of Nazis and Fascists
  • Period: to

    Franco Government

    Franco was perpetuated in power during the golden age of Western democracies. At least 50.000 people were executed between 1939 and 1946. Spain was divided into winners and losers.
    Franco impregnated daily life with fear, coercive practices and punishment
  • Juan Carlos I

    Juan Carlos I
    After the death of Francisco Franco, Juan Carlos, who belonged to the Bourbon dynasty, get the tittle of Kng of Spain.
  • President Adolfo Suárez

    President Adolfo Suárez
  • PSOE

    Felipe Gonzalez won the general elections
  • PP

    Jose María Aznar won rthe general elections and he turned into the new president