History of Canada Ramirez

Timeline created by amideia
  • The British won the Battle of Quebec

    The French and Indian were at war because they both wanted Canada as their own land. It took place in Quebec,Canada. The British won the war but let some French stay in the bottom part of Canada. If the French chose to stay they had to live under British law, and this is why many of the French decided to go back to France. However some chose to stay. Today instead of the British ruling Canada has a Prime Minister, a House of Commons, and a Senate.
  • The Treaty of Paris

  • The Quebec Act

  • war between canada and the u.s.

  • organized a revolt in lower canada

    WHEN:1837 NOVEMBER 6-10 (NOVEMBER 1838)
  • Canadian leaders for a union

  • 1867 brithish parlament brithish north america act

  • Canadian pacific railroad is finishd coast to coast

  • Gold and other valuable minerals are found in the Yukon Territory

    George Carmack and Skookum Jim discovered Gold and other valuable minerals on August 16th, 1896 in the Yukon Territory near Bonanza Creek. Peopkle cam from all over the country and other parts of the world to get gold from the year 1896 all the way to the year 1899. This Gold Rush was referred to as the "Yukon Gold Rush."
  • Candas frist war 1

  • French Canadians want to be independent

  • Canadians adopt a new constitution

  • Queen Elizabeth ii celebrates her 50th year as Monarch

    Queen Elizabeth ii celebrates her 50th year as Monarch in Canada for 12 days. She makes stops to Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Hull, Fredericton, Sussex, Moncton and Ottawa with the Duke of Edinburgh. She gives a speech and drops the first puck at the International Hockey leaugue with Wayne Gretzky.