Histoire Britannique (1534-1707)

  • 1517

    95 Theses

    95 Theses
    1. Martin luther write "the 95 theses" ou il critique l'indulgence, les personnes d'accord avec lui sont les: "protestants".
  • 1526

    Bible Tyndale

    Bible Tyndale
    1. William Tyndale traduit la bible en Anglais. It spread religious books and pamplets across Europe
  • 1533

    Act in restraint of appeals

    Act in restraint of appeals
    1. Cette loi donne au Roi le pouvoir d'annuler un mariage, suite au rejet de la negociation pour annulé le mariage d'Henry VIII et Catherine of A. par le pape (1529).
  • 1534

    Acte de Supremacie

    Acte de Supremacie
    1. L'acte de supremacie fonde l'eglise anglicane. Sous le reigne d'Henry VIII; qui sépare l'eglise anglaise et catholique.
  • 1536

    Disparition des monastères

    Disparition des monastères
    1. Suite à la nationalisation d'Henry VIII, un énorme impact a lieu sur les nones et monk , social fabrics of communities and on the clergy's finances.
  • 1537

    Bible Tyndale acceptée

    Bible Tyndale acceptée
    1. La bible tyndale avant cachée sous les manteaux, reçoit la permission de ne pas être en latin et peut être lu ouvertement.
  • 1549

    Common prayers

    Common prayers
    1. Revision of the mass book: publication of the book of the common prayers under the reign of the son and successor of Henry VIII: Edward The VI.
  • 1550

    The protestant Reformation

    The protestant Reformation
    1. Eglises protestante en Allemagne, Scadinava et Netherlands.
  • 1553

    Mary I

    Mary I
    1. Mary I, at 37 yo: become the first queen of England after Edward VI her half-brother,died at 15.
  • 1558

    Everyone though the Queen was going to marry

  • 1558

    Mort de Mary I

    Mort de Mary I
    1. Mary I tombe malade et meurt ce qui réjouit la nation et même son marie. car on l'appelait Bloody Mary, car elle brûlait les protestants. Elle laisse sa place à sa sœur Elizabeth I.
  • 1559

    Act of Supremacy

  • 1559

    A love affair unconfirmed with Robert Dubley 1st Earl of Lecester

    Between 1559 and 1561
  • 1563


    The doctrine started in 1563 and ended in 1571
  • 1563

    House of Lords begged the Queen to mary " whomever you want, wherever you want"

  • 1567

    James I king of Scottland

  • 1569

    The Northern Rebellion

  • 1570

    Pope excommunicated Queen Elisabeth I

  • 1570

    Paple ball

    The pope criticize the Queen Elizabeth: " so called Queen"
  • 1571

    The Treason Act

    In respons of the Paple ball
  • 1581

    Act to retain the Queen Majesty Subject in their due Obediance

  • 1581

    Rule the painter needed to have undergone 7 years of training

    To paint a portrait of the Queen
  • The Babington Plot

    Plot that caused the Fall of Mary Stuart
  • Execution of Mary Queen of Scott by decapitation

    Mary was a threat for Elizabeth, and got emprisonned for 19 years because several plot wanted to make her Queen instaid of Elizabeth I.
  • The Defeat of Spanish Armada

    English troops wins thanks to their:
    - material advantage
    - ships
    - new statedgy
    - race built of Elizabeth I inspired by fish lines
  • Elizabeth death at 69yo

  • Period: to

    Start of the Stuart Era after Queen Elizabeth I death

    Elizabeth I was a Tudor but after her death in 1603, James I took her place as the King and a Stuart and brought the Stuart era;
  • The Gunpowder plot

    conspiracy to kill James I
  • Virginia became the first remanent of English settlement in North America

  • Period: to

    The Starving Times

    Period of saturation only 60 of 500 colonist survived
  • The Great Contract

    King financially independant
  • The King James Bible

  • Plymouth colonies esablish by Puritans

  • The 1st English colonies in the Caribbean were founded

  • James surmoned the Parliament

    to ask for money
  • Parliament agreed to finance war pn Spain

  • Petition of rights

  • The Three resolutions

  • Period: to

    The personal Rule

    Charles I would rule alone for 11 years
  • Period: to

    The Scottish crisis

  • Irish Rebellion

    3-4000 protestants massacred
  • Peace Treaty Of Ripon

    Charles I forced to pay the cost of the Scotts
  • Militia Act

    passed by the Parliament to take away the King's ability to appoint whoever he wanted
  • The Grand Remonstrance

    document voted by the parliament to summurize the wrongs of Charles I
  • Charles arrest 5 Mps

    and marched in the House of Commons with troops
  • Period: to

    The Civil War

  • Charles declared war on Parliament

  • The new model Army

  • The battle of Nuseby

  • Charles surronded the Scotts

  • The King escaped from army custody and allied himsef with the Scotts

  • The new model army sized the King

  • Pride's Purge

    arrestation of 45nconservative leaders of the Mp's
  • England become a Commonwealth

    monarchy and house of lord aboslished
  • A Commonwealth

  • Massacre of the Irish Royalist troops and cicilians in Drogheda

  • The execution of King Charles I

  • Cromwell defeated the Scots Army

  • Blasphemy Act

  • Cromwell crushed the unprising of the Scots royalist forces led by Charles II

  • England 1st written institution: Instrument of Gouvernment

  • Cromwell dissolved the Rump

  • End of the commonwealth and start of the prodectorate

  • Period: to

    The Cromwellian prodectorate

    :military dictatorship
  • The English invaded Jamaica

  • Cromwell's death

  • The long Parliament

    end of the dissolution
  • Charles II issued the Declaration of Breda

  • King restorated

    :the restoration of monarchy
  • Act of Uniformity

  • The outbreak of Plague

    :disease transmitted by rats took over the village and killed people;
  • The Great fire of London

    actually ended at the same time the outbreak of plague by killing the last rats
  • The Popish plot

    Rumour of a plot orginized by French to murder Charles II
  • Period: to

    The Exclusion crisis

    Parliament attempted to debar James II from the sucession to the English throne
  • Charles II death

  • The Glorious Revolution and the developement of the Constitutional Monarchy

  • James 2nd wife gave birth to a son

  • Toleration Act

  • The Bill of Right

  • Act of Settlement

    Ensured a protestant sucession
  • William died

    Suceed by Anne
  • Act of Union between England and Scottland