Fight for independence

  • The Phillipines gains independence

    The Phillipines gains independence
    The US grants the phillipines after WW2
  • India and Pakistan split

    India and Pakistan split
    a Hindu and Muslim nation had to split to ensure safety
  • India gains independence

    India gains independence
    Britain granted India independence becuse of high costs of keeping a colony
  • Burma becomes a sovereign republic

    Burma becomes a sovereign republic
    Burma gained independence and later named Myanmar
  • Sri lanka gains independence

    Sri lanka gains independence
    Britain grants Sri Lanka independence
  • Indonesia gains independence

    Indonesia gains independence
    The Dutch granted Indonesia independence after the UN disaproved of them.
  • Ghana wins independence

    Ghana wins independence
    Kwame Nkrumah worked for the independence of Ghana from Britain. It wasen't until 2002 that they had the first open election.
  • The Congo gains independence

    The Congo gains independence
    Congo fought for freedom against the Belgiums and won, with Mobuto Sese Seko
  • Algeria wins its independence

    Algeria wins its independence
    The algerians fought for their independence from the french
  • Kenya gains independence

    Kenya gains independence
    Kenya had to use force against the british to win