• Montag meets Clarisse

    When Montag bumped into Clarisse he learned a lot about the way she lives her life. It was a bit crazy to Montag at fist ,but then he got to see how unique and how much of a good person she really is. His way of living life changed after meeting Clarisse.
  • Montag's wife is sick

    Montag notices his wife ate about 30 pills, so she is rushed to the hospital. After the incident Montag realizes that no one is happy about the way they are living.
  • An elderly woman burns herself

    When Montag and a few other firemen were gone to burn books they saw an elderly woman burn herself to death because she would rather die than not read books for the rest of her life. Montag was interested to see how strong books really are, so he decided to take one.
  • Montag talks to Faber

    When Montag goes to see Faber it makes Montag more interested about books and so he agrees to protest against the government.
  • Beatty finds out about Montag's plan

    When Captain Beatty finds out about Montag's plan, Beatty invites him to his house.
  • Montag kills Beatty

    Montag killed Beatty on accident, then turns the flames on the Mechanical Hound.
  • Montag and Faber hide

    Montag and Faber are so scared they will get arrested that they try to hide. Montag goes to a forest and Faber goes to St. Louis.
  • Montag finds rebels

    When Montag went hiding to keep from getting arrested he finds rebels like him, "book covers". Each of them memorized a book for safe keeping and all of them realize that the city needs them because they are all caught up in a civilization.