English Monarch's

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  • James I becomes King

    James I becomes King
    James I became king in 1603 and instantly gets into wars with Parliament.
  • Charles I

    Charles I
    In the year 1625 Charles the first inherited the throne. Charles dissolved Parliament when it tried to expand for power.
  • Charles I

    Charles I needed to raise taxes which forced him to call Parliament even though he was trying to detach it.
  • Charles I Petition

    Charles I Petition
    Charles I signed the petition, the petition was so the king could raise taxes without Parliament's consent.
  • Scottish Rebellion

    In order to get funds to suppress the Scottish rebellion he called for the Parliament again
  • House of Commons

    House of Commons
    He led his troops into the house of commons to arrest the radical leaders.
  • Parliamentary Forces

    By 1647 the king was now a part of the Parliament which means that the petition was no longer true. That meant the Parliament had to pass the laws again.
  • Charles' Death

    Charles' Death
    Charles was executed, he would give the executioner the signal as to when he should kill him.
  • Period:

    The Tudor Monarchs

    The Tudor Monarchs Henry VIII and Elizabeth I rule parliament recognizing its role in the government
  • Period: to

    Charles and Laud

    Charles and Laud tried to impose the Anglican prayer book on Scotland. To get funds to stop the the Scottish rebellion, Charles summoned Parliament in 1640.
  • Period: to

    The Long Parliament

    The parliament became known as the long parliament because of how long it lasted. That triggered one of the greatest political revolutions in the country’s history.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    This civil war accrued at the same time as Le Fronde, this civil war put a huge toll and challenge to absolutism.