English Civil War

  • Short Parliament

    Short Parliament
    King Charles I brings a short parliment to rule. Stoping the rule by one person.
  • Period: to

    English Civil War

    The English Civil War was three different battles that took place for ten years. Events leading up to it was that King Charles 1 wanted personal rule over the kingdom. While, many people wanted the parliment to take over. Leading the country spilt in two.
  • Parliament Gone

    Parliament Gone
    King Charles 1 takes away the short parliament. When MPs doesn't give him the orders he wanted for a war aganist Scotland. Causing people on the parliament side to grow angry.
  • Long Parliament

    Long Parliament
    King Charles 1 had to bring a long parliament into affect. Due to lack of funds from the Scottishwinning the war in Newburn on Aug 28 1640
  • Period: to

    First English Civil War

    First English Civil WarThis was the first war of the ten year war. It started in 1642 ended on 1646.
  • Royal Family Leaves London

    Royal Family Leaves London
    King doesn't want Parliament anymore. Support for the Parliament forces the King plus the rest of the royal family to leave London.
  • Refuse To Let Parliament Control

    Refuse To Let Parliament Control
    King Charles 1 Refuses to let his militia go into control with Parliamnet.
  • Parliamnt Takes Militia

    Parliamnt Takes Militia
    King Charles 1 doesn't want Parliament to take control of his Militia. Despite all his wants Parliament does takes over the Militia.
  • First Blood Shed

    First Blood Shed
    The first military action of the English Civil War started by a Raiding party trying to burn down builings outside of town walls. It was stoped when gunfire started out by people defending the town.
  • Parliament's Army

    Parliament's Army
    Parliament has created an army on it's side. Parliament's flag on the left
  • King's Army

    King's Army
    King Charles 1 raises the standard at the Castle. He got his army who believe Kings should rule. Now the King and Parliament is at war.
  • Portsmouth Captured

    Sir William Waller on the Parliament's army. Has fought with his army and captured Portsmouth.
  • Failed to Prevent Royalist Into London

    Failed to Prevent Royalist Into London
    The Earl of Essex (Parliament Captain and Guard) marches to face Royalists at Powick Bridge. Prince Rupert (Royalist) fights aganist him. The Royalist has won this battle.
  • Oxford Peace Treaty

    Oxford Peace Treaty
    The King and Parliament's side wanted peace. Both sides were talking about a peace treaty at Oxford
  • Oxford Peace Treaty Failed

    Oxford Peace treaty faiked to go into action. Both part y's was aganist it.
  • Troops Sent Back

    During the English Civil War there was also a war they were fighting aganist Ireland.The Marquis of Ormond signs a one-year no war with the Irish Confederates. Allowing Troops in Ireland to be sent back to fight for King Charles1.
  • Alliance Created

    The signing of the Solemn League and Covenant created a military alliance between the English Parliament and the Scottish Covenanters. Now the Scottish will help the Parliament side to fight in the Civil War.
  • Oxford Parliament

    King Charles 1 Opens up Oxford Parliament
  • Uxbridge Treaty

    The Uxbridge Treaty has been opened between Parliaments Reps, the Scottish, and Kings Reps.
  • Battle of Naseby

    Battle of Naseby: the New Model Army (Parliaments side) has won greatly aganist the King's army.
  • The King Surrenders

    King Charles1 Has lost many battles at this point. He surrenders to the Covenanter(Parliaments side Scottish) army at Newark.
  • Oxford

    After many surrenders on the King's side They give up Oxford. Which is the last place to surrender..
  • King Gets surrport from Scots

    King Charles I was held in Hampton Court, but had escaped Trying to gain surpport form the Scots. He had to convince that the Parliament was bad. To get the support of the Scots, Charles agreed that England should have a Presbyterianism welcomed into the country for three years. They agreed and palned on an invasion on England.
  • Riots broke out

    Roits broke out on Christma by people who still surrported the King.
  • Period: to

    Second English Civil War

    Second Civil WarThis is the second war fought in the ten year period.
  • Invasion

    Cromwell (Royalist) moved fast to defeat Laugharne and put Pembroke Castle under Kings rule again.
  • Riots on Trail

    From the riots on Christmas, they put them to trail all this month.
  • First War of Second Civil War

    At Rochester 10,000 people had gathered to help Earl of Norwwich to fight for the king.
  • End of War

    Royalist surrender at Lord Fairfax. Ending the second war of the Civil War.
  • King Dies

    King Charles the 1 was executed by being beheaded. He was guilty of treason, enemy, tratior, and murder. Parliament is in rule.
  • English Invasion

    English Invaded Scotland due to Charles the second trying to take throne for family. He got help from the Scots Royalists again.
  • Period: to

    Last Civil War

  • Thrid Scottish Invasion In England

    The scots Royalist lead by Charles the Secon dlead a huge army into England to attack and invadedm it.
  • Royalist lose

    Battle of Dunbar; Cromwell (Par;iaments side) defected the Scots Royalist.
  • Civil War ends

    The civil war ends with the Parliament winning. Charles the Second and the Royalist Scots have lost with the Battle of Worcester.