English Civil War

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    English Civil War

  • Elizabeth I dies.

    In 1603, Queen Elizabeth I died,
  • 30 Year's War

    In 1618, the 30 Year's War broke out in the land of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Population started to level off

    The population in 1620 had started to level out at about 85 million people.
  • Parliament passed a petition

    Parliament passed a petition that stated that only the Parliament could pass taxes.
  • Civil War in England

    England slipped into a civil war in 1642 between the supporters of the king and the parliamentary froces.
  • Charles I killed

    Whatever was left of the "Rump" Parliament had King Charles I executed in 1649.
  • Population decline

    The population started to decline again in 1650 because of war, famine, and plague
  • Witchcraft

    By 1650 people had started to lose intrest in the witchcraft hysteria
  • Cromwell died

    Cromwell uled until his death in 1658.
  • Charles II

    Charles II was placed in power in 1660.
  • Charles II dismissed Parliament

    Because Parliament did not pass Charles's Exclusion Bill, he had dismissed them to show everyone that he was the ruler.
  • James II has a son

    In 1688, a son was born to King James II and his second wife, who was a Catholic.
  • Invasion of England

    William of Orange and Mary had raised up an army to invade England. There was almost no bloodshed, hence "Glorious Revolution"
  • Throne offered to William and Mary

    Parliament offered the throne to William and Mary in 1689. They accepted. The Bill of Rights was one of the first things established under their rule. This took away some of the power of the king and queen.
  • Toleration Act

    Parliament passed the Toleration Act that gave the Puritans the fredom to worship in public, however this did not give the Catholics freedom to worship in public.