English Civil War

  • 1642

    King Charles raised his standard at Nottingham and the war commences.
  • 1644

    The Scots marched South and joined Parliament's army threatening York.
  • 1643

    the Long Parliament sends commissioners to negotiate the Treaty of Oxford.
  • 1645

    the Long Parliament appoints commissioners to meet with the king's commissioners at Uxbridge.
  • 1646

    Siege of Dartmouth ended with the surrender of Royalist garrison.
  • 1647

    Harlech Castle the last Royalist stronghold in Wales surrendered to the Parliamentary forces.
  • 1648

    Pride's Purge, when troops under Colonel Thomas Pride removed opponents of Oliver Cromwell from Parliament by force of arms resulting in Rump Parliament Events of 1649.
  • 1649

    "An Agreement of the People of England, and the places therewith incorporated, for a secure and present peace, upon grounds of common right, freedom and safety" presented to the Rump Parliament.
  • 1650

    Treaty of Breda signed between Charles II and the Scottish Covenanters.
  • 1651

    Charles II landed in Normandy, France, after successfully fleeing England.