English civil war

By Ash99
  • King Charles I summons the Short Parliament, bringing his eleven-year Personal Rule to an end.

  • The Treaty of Ripon ends the Bishops' Wars.

  • The Grand Remonstrance presented to King Charles at Hampton Court

  • The King fails in his attempt to arrest the Five Members regarded as his leading opponents in Parliament.

  • King Charles raises the royal standard at Nottingham Castle. King and Parliament now at war.

  • Battle of Edgehill: the Earl of Essex fails to prevent the Royalists advancing on London.

  • Battle of Adwalton Moor: The Earl of Newcastle defeats Lord Fairfax to secure most of Yorkshire for the King.

  • Oliver Cromwell presents his complaints against the leadership of the Earl of Manchester in the House of Commons.

  • Battle of Naseby: the New Model Army inflicts a crushing defeat on the King's army.

  • Battle of Langport

  • Battle of Kilsyth

  • Battle of Philiphaugh

  • Battle of Torrington

  • King Charles surrenders to the Covenanter army at Newark.