crusade timeline

By Fragva
  • Period: 1090 to 1300

    crusade timeline

  • 1095

    Pope urban ll calls for a crusade at the council of Clermont:

    in 1095, Pope urban II called a crusade with a influetinal speech to go to war against the muslims.
  • 1096

    The first crusade

    in 1096, the first crusade started it was organized by the western european christians, as response to the muslim wars.
  • 1099

    European forces recapture Jerusalem

    in 1099 they recaptured jerusalem. they captured it by A military campaign which organized it by the pope and the byzantine empire, after a brief siege the city was captured. This was at the end of the first crusade so it was successful.
  • 1147

    the second crusade

    in 1147 the second crusade started because it was in response to the fall of county of Edassa.
  • 1189

    the third crusade

    in 1189 the third crusade started because it was an attempt to retake the crusader states in the levant.
  • 1202

    the fourth crusade

    in 1202 the fourth crusade started because Pope innocent III called this crusade to recapture muslim forces and Christians.
  • 1212

    the children crusade

    in 1212 the children crusade started because many children came together to try to recapture Jerusalem.
  • 1217

    the fifth crusade

    in 1217 the fifth crusade started because it was a attempt to recapture jerusalem from the muslims.
  • 1228

    sixth crusade

    in 1228 the sixth crusade started because it was an attepmt to recapture jerusalem.
  • 1248

    seventh crusade

    in 1248 the seventh crusade because it was an attempt to recapture the holy land from egypt.
  • 1270

    eighth crusade

    in 1270 the eight crusade started because it was an attempt to gain holy land from egypt and to negotiate key christian sites in either Levant or Jerusalem.
  • 1291

    Final loss of jerusalem for european forces

    it ended in 1291 because they fell to the muslims mamluks.