• Charlottetown Conference

    Representatives from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. came together to discuss the shared desire of creating a maritime union. Representatives from the United Province of Canada also came, who agreed with the idea of joining the colonies.
  • Quebec Conference

    The provinces who attended the Charlottetown Conference met once more, now joined by New Brunswick. At this time, the Seventy-Two Resolutions, a list of things that would happen if confederation was established, was created.
  • London Conference

    Delegates from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the United Province of Canada sailed to London, England to present their idea to the British Government. Here, the Seventy-Two Resolutions was edited, and was now called the British North America Act. The act was approved by Britain, and confederation would go on.
  • Confederation Established

    The colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the United Province of Canada come together as a federal union to form the Dominion of Canad, with hopes of self-sufficiency and the building of an intercolonial railway.
  • Period: to

    The Red River Resistance

  • Manitoba Act

    The area around the Red River Settlement became Manitoba, the 5th province of Canada. It was planned to be a Territory, but it was thought that it had far too much control to be a territory. The Manitoba Act went into effect on July 15th.
  • British Columbia Established

    In the late 1860s, British Columbia went into debt due to the end of the gold rush. They had 3 options; joining Canada, joining America or remain a British colony. Promising to be a part of a transcontinental railway, British Columbia agreed to take part in Canada, as its' sixth province.
  • Prince Edward Island Joins

    In 1867, P.E.I. refused to join confederation, thinking they would be better off with the British. The thing that swayed the government of P.E.I. to join Canada was their decreasing economy. They joined Canada, with hopes of having a better financial life, in 1873.
  • NWMP Formed

    The Northwest Mounted Police were formed.
  • Intercolonial Railway Completed

    The intercolonial railway which was promised in 1867 with the act of confederation was completed. This railway went from the Maritime provinces all the way to Quebec.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Completed

    The transcontinental railway that was started with the establishment of British Columbia as a province of Canada was completed.
  • Period: to

    Klondike Gold Rush

    The Klondike gold rush took place in the Yukon Territory.
  • Formation of Yukon Territory

    The Canadian government wanted to take control over the amounts of people going to the Yukon in search of gold, therefore Yukon was established as a territory of Canada.
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan Become Provinces

    The Northwest Territories argued that they should become a province due to the fact that there was a very low population. When it became a province, it was decided that it would be split into two.
  • Nunavut Established