Civil Wars (1642-1651)

By Maÿlys
  • Battle of Edgehill

    Moment when Oliver Cromwell first took command of a Roundhead Army.
  • Period: to

    1st Civil War

  • Solemn League and Covenant

    After promising the Scots that the Elizabethan Church would be dismantled and refashioned, to protect their own reformation.
  • A Directory for The Publique Worship of God

    A Directory for The Publique Worship of God
    Approved by the Parliament of England in 1644 and by the Parliament of Scotland in 1645 to replace the Book of Common Prayer. It is more like a guide than a rule.
  • Battle of Marston Moor

    The Parliamentarian army severly defeated the royalists at Marston Moor. The battle left 4000 royalists dead, and 1500 injured, while only 45000 had initally been engaged in the operations.
  • Battle of Naseby

    Building on the Marston Moor victory, Cromwell reorganized the troops in a "New Model Army", which fought and spectacularly won the battle of Naseby under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax.
  • King made prisoner

    The King had been made prisoner by 1646.
  • Putney Debates

    Putney Debates
  • King escapes

    King escapes
    Charles escaped from Hampton Court Palace and went to the Isle of Wight where he tried to restart the war.
  • Period: to

    2nd Civil War

  • Battle of Preston

    Cromwell's army defeated the royalists at Preston.
  • Period: to

    Oliver Cromwell (head of State)

  • Period: to

    The Interregnum

  • Period: to

    The Commonwealth

    Monarchy is abolished and the House of Lords and the English Church were suppressed. Four successive constitutions came to force between 1649 and 1659 but but they fail to renew the system thoroughly.
  • Execution of Charles I

    Execution of Charles I
  • Period: to

    3rd Civil War