Carles II

Timeline created by Gerard Heredia
  • Charles II when he was young

    Charles II was four years old and soon began to show signs of mental retardation and physical weakness resulting from the inbreeding of the Habsburg dynasty.
  • When Charles II reigned

    Charles II began to reign when he was 14 years old
  • The death of his first wife

    The death of his first wife (María Luisa de Orleans), the precise causes of his death are unknown, which may have been due to injuries sustained while riding a horse, appendicitis and deliberate murder, or poisoning.
  • Death of Charles II

    Carlos II died of a nervous breakdown while trying to deal with Spain's economic problems.
  • The new king of Spain

    As Carlos II could not have children, the European Cortes began preparations for the fight for control of the future government of Spain and its still enormous possessions. As a result of many failed intrigues and succession plans, Carlos II decided to offer the Spanish crown to his French nephew Felipe de Anjou.
  • The War Succession

    Because of the death of Carlos II in Europe a fight broke out to see who would finally get the throne of Spain
  • His second wife

    his marriage began the same year as the death of his first wife and ended when Carlos II died