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Beltran/ Supranationalism And Devolution

  • Great Britain and The Untited States(Devolution)

    Great Britain and The Untited States(Devolution)
    For years, colonists in America were being taxed and treated unfairly. After so long, the colonist had enough, they wanted freedom to make their own laws, practice their own religion, and have their own form of government.
  • Central Powers(Supranationalism)

    Central Powers(Supranationalism)
    The Central powers,being Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, first formed as a protective measure if France attacked them. Thus making them A Political/Military group.
  • N.A.T.O. (Supranationalism)

    N.A.T.O. (Supranationalism)
    NATO is a protective measure, in which, if a country that is a part of NATO and is attacked the other countries will retaliate and protect. It is a political and military group.
  • PLO(Supranationalism)

    PLO is the only recognized voice for the Palestinian people in the United Nations. It was created for a cultural cause, to recognize the Autonomy of Palestine, including the regions of The Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Golan Heights
  • Quebec(Devolution)

    Quebec separated from Canada for cultural reasons. First, the people in Quebec mainly spoke French, when most of Canada did not. Secondly, the majority of people in Quebec are Catholic. The rest of Canada is pretty much Protestant, so there's that.
  • ICO(Supranationalism)

    With a cultural and economical, the I.C.O., being composed of Afghanistan, Algeria, and Bahrain, promotes islamic solidarity strenghtens the mulsims that struggle.
  • Yugoslavia(Devolution)

    After the fall of communism,the countries under Soviet control divided. Yugslavia, being one of those countries, wanted to have only one main ethnicity in their country. They didnt want any other cultures mixing with theirs.
  • Soviet Union(Devolution)

    Soviet Union(Devolution)
    After The fall of communism in Eastern europe, all the countries that fell under the soviet union's control began to separate. These separations were fueled by cultural differences between each country.
  • N.A.F.T.A. (Supranationalism)

    N.A.F.T.A. (Supranationalism)
    A pact between Canada, U.S., and Mexico that would get rid of most Tariffs and trade barriers between the three. This makes it an economical pact.
  • Sudan(Devolution)

    Sudan was separated by religous/cultural differences between the North and the South. The North being islamic, and the South being Christian.