AP Government History of the UK

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    Romans Leave Brtiain

    Romans Leave Brtiain
    Removal of formalized structure of government from Britain.
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    Invasions by Jutes, Angles and Saxons

    Invasions by Jutes, Angles and Saxons
    The racial identity of the island is changed from that of Celtic culture to those of the Vikings from Scandanavia; a warrior culture is esablished
  • Sep 28, 1066

    Invasion of England by William the Conquerer

    Invasion of England by William the Conquerer
    The French tradition of ruling and culture, as well as language and custom, is brought to England
  • Sep 26, 1215

    The Magna Carta is Chartered

    The Magna Carta is Chartered
    The principle of limiting arbitrary monarchal power is established
  • Period: Sep 26, 1532 to Sep 26, 1536

    Formation of the Anglican Church

    The separation from the Catholic Church isolates Britain further from the continent by undoing religious connections/ Time of chaos and persecution of Catholics begins.
  • Sep 28, 1532

    Reformation and Establishment of the Church of England

    Reformation and Establishment of the Church of England
    There is a Protestant/Catholic chasm after the Reformation. King Henry VIII established the Anglican Church because he wanted a divorce and remarry.
  • Period: to

    The English Civil War

    The dispute between the Roundheads and Parliamentarians causes Charles I's execution and the establishment of Parliamentarian power over that of the monarchy. The Commonwealth is formed.
  • Civil War-Overthrow of Monarchy

    Civil War-Overthrow of Monarchy
    Oliver Cromwell led members of Parliament, busnessmen, Puritans, and soldiers to behead Charles I, overthrowing the monarchy.
  • Period: to

    The Commonwealth

    Cromwell rules as Lord Protector in a period of republican-style rule.
  • Restoration of Monarchy

    Charles II restored to throne given that he expand Parliament's role in government.
  • Glorious Revolution

    Glorious Revolution
    James II is removed from power and William and Mary become monarchs of England.
  • Settlement Act 1701

    Further limitation to monarchal power.
  • Emergence of Prime Minister

    Queen Anne doesn't give royal assent to a bill passed by Parliament, and King George I stops attending cabinet meetings, so people call Sir Robert Walpole "prime minister."
  • Imperialism/Colonial Merchantilism

    Imperialism/Colonial Merchantilism
    Fueled by the industrial revolution, imperialism and capitalism produced wealth for the country, but poor, urbanized, working conditions for the labourers.
  • Great Reform Act

    Great Reform Act
    300,000 more men gained suffrage, but the aristocracy continued to dominate.
  • Reform Act (Second)

    Reform Act (Second)
    It doubled the size of the electorate to almost three million.
  • Reform of House of Lords

    Reform of House of Lords
    House of Lords was stripped of its remaining power, completing the evolution of British parliamentary democracy.
  • TUC General Strike

    TUC General Strike
    Trades Union Congress called for a general strike, so British workers walked off en masse.
  • Universal Suffrage

    All men and women were enfranchised.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    Politically, Parliament had no clear majorities, and weak Conservative and Labor governments could not quell economic woes or the Nazi Germany threat.
  • Beveridge Report

    Beveridge Report
    To guarantee all citizens at least a subsistence income, it called for a social insurance program including health, unemployment, pension, and other benefits.
  • Golden Era of British Politics

    Until the mid 1970's, leaders from both parties agreed on numerous goals including full employment, social services, cooperation with labour unions, and government intervention to promote economic growth.
  • Period: to

    Collectivist Conceensus

    A period of general agreement among the British that the government should help its less fortunate through a welfare state
  • National Health Service Created

    National Health Service Created
    It represents three of the four publicly funded healthcare systems.
  • Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister

    Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister
    The "Iron Lady" leads the country towards a free-market economy and rejects many collectivist policies.
  • Period: to

    Thatcher Years

    The conservative Margaret Thatcher returns privitization to Great Britain under right-wing politics
  • Gang of Four creates SDP

    Gang of Four creates SDP
    The splintering of four politicans from the Labour Party splinter off into the SDP, the leading third party in UK politics
  • Period: to

    Miner's Strike

    A stalement between the miners' union and the Conservative government ends in the miners' capitulation
  • Blair/Labour Victory

    Blair/Labour Victory
    After a general period of Conservative domination, Blair and the Labour party are elected in a landslide victory
  • Failed Terrorist Attack on Glasgow International Airport

    Failed Terrorist Attack on Glasgow International Airport
    Terrorism is becoming an urgent issue in the UK.
  • Cameron becomes PM

    Cameron becomes PM
    After 13 years of Labour control, the Conservatives finally take back Parliament