AP euro timeline

By framos
  • James I

    believed in divine right
    wanted to control British Parliament
    struggle began between Parliament power vs. power of the king
  • Power of the House of Commons

    wanted a greater say in the government of the state
    new class of country gentry and businessman
    wanted sovereignty
  • British Economy

  • Enclosure Movement

    authorized the fencing of open fields in the village
    allowed the people to claim and cut off their own land
    enclosure was necessary for technical progress
    made fruit production marketable
  • Charles I

    ruled without Parliament from 1629-1640
    dissolvedd it in 1629, and was forced to summon it in 1640
    Triennial Act forced him to summon Parliament every 3 years
  • English Revolution

    members of Parliament believed taxation without consent was despotism
    revolt ion Scotland forced him to call new Parliament to finance army
    Charles initiated military action against Parliament
    tested whether power was in king or Parliament
  • Long Parliament

    passed legislationm that limited power of monarchs
    made arbitrary government impossible
  • Execution of Charles

    beheaded because of treason
  • Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate

    he controlled army
    defeated the royalists
    divided England into 12 military districts, each governed by a major general
  • English Restoration

    re-established monarchy in Charles II
    both houses of Parliament were restored with Anglican church, court of law, and sytem of local government through justices of peace
  • Charles II

    oldest son of Charles I
    intended to get along with Parliamebnt
    appopinted the Cabal (council of 5 men)
    they were his major advisors and members of Parliament
  • Pact with Louis XIV

    secret agreement
    Louis would give Charles 200 thousand pounds annually
    in return, Charles would relax laws against Catholics (slowly making England Catholic)
    Charles had to support French against Dutch
    Charles had to convert to Catholicism
  • James II

    appointed Roman Catholics to positions in miltaery, government, adn universities
    issued declaration of indulgence grantings
  • William and Mary

    too okar after James was expelled
    this ended the divine right monarchy
    recognized supremacy of Parliament