After queen Elizabeth's death

  • Elizabeth's death

    after the death of the queen, her successor
    was James I Stuart who became king of England and unified the whole country in Great Britain.
  • Bon Fire Night

    the Parliament was attacked whit a gunpowder plot by Guy Fawkes
  • Charles I

    James I was succeeded by his son: Charles I
  • Petition of Rights

    some restrictions were made to the king's power:
    - only the Parliament could impose new taxes
    - none could be imprisoned without a trial
  • Period: to

    Charles restored the monarchy

    the king suspended the Parliament and ruled single-handedly
  • Charles' attempt

    Charles tried to extend his rule to Scotland and to impose the Church of England
  • Charles' failure

    the Parliament was reestablished due to the need of money to fight the Scottish rebellion but in the end the king's army was defeated
  • Period: to

    First Civil War

    the chaotic situation led to the war between the two main armies: the Parliamentarians and the Royalists.
    the Parliamentarians created the "New Modern Army" and were able to the defeat the Royalists.
  • Period: to

    Second Civil War

    was a reaction for the growing power of the Parliament and the army alliance.
    after the conflict there were only two options: reestablish the monarchy or try a new solution.
  • A new constitutional solution

    Charles i was executed and started a period called Interregnum: England became a Commonwealth
  • Period: to


    the country was ruled by Cromwell who firstly seamed wanting to collaborate with the Parliament but in the end was as authoritarian as the previous king.
  • Charles II

    after the king's death, the throne returned to the dynasty of Charles I by the rule of his son: Charles II