Absolutism and Enlightement A.L.F

  • Edict of Nantes

    Henry VI issues the Edict of Nantes to restore peace in France.
  • Period: to

    Absolutism and Enlightment

  • Elizabeth died

    Elizabeth died, and since she had no sons, England gave the crown to Mary Stuart's son, James I
  • Henry IV died

    Murderd by a fanatic called François Ravaillac.
  • Louis XIII king

    Succeeded his dad but he was to young to rule, so he decided that his mother, Maria de Medici, would take care of him and he decided to have a prime minister called Cardinal Richelieu
  • Louis XIIIand Cardinal Richelieu

    Wanted to have a prime minister
  • Death of Richelieu

  • The English Revolution started

    The English revolution started because James son Charles the I wanted to abolish the parliament and so England rebelled againts him. The war was against the KNIGHTS and the ROUNDHEADS
  • Louis XIII died

  • Louis XIV rose to power

    Louis XIV was too little and so his mum Anne of Austria, took his place and took care of him, Louis had a prime minister too called Mazarino
  • English revolution ended

    Charles the I was beheaded and the Roundheads ruled by Oliver Cromwell won
  • Oliver Cromwell died

    This explained that English was lead by a dictator for the first and last time.
  • Charles the II rose to the throne

    Charles the I son rose to the throne
  • Mazarino died

    From now on Louis XIV decided to don't have any more a prime minister and he wanted to rule France all by himself, so France began an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY.
  • Charles II died

  • William of Orange rose to the throne

  • Bill of Rights

    Thanks to this bill, England became a Constitutional Monarchy
  • Peace of Carlowitz

    Thanks to the Peace of Carlowitz the Ottomans were forced to give up hungary so they were forced to move from Europe, BORNS THE AUSTRO-HINGARIAN EMPIRE
  • Enlightement started

    The enlightment is a period of time where people criticized the Church.
    1. Church
    2. Ancien Regime
  • Giovanni Beccaria publishes I delitti e delle pene

    A book where he tried to abolish torture and death penalty in Italy