America Timeline

  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The Haitan Revolution was a conflict in the French colony of Saint-Dominique. There were many things that led to the revolution. The main problem was tat the slaves wanted to be free. Also, France wanted to be an independent country and not deal with the Haitian problems. Toussaint L' ouverture led the revolution and is one of the only slave rebellion leaders to succeed. The importance was that it led to the elimination of slavery in Haiti and it made Haiti the first republic ruled by Africans.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    The cause of the war was that Spain had high taxes to all and didn’t let Mexico trade with other countries. Queretaro men led a rebellion because they wanted the Mexican creoles to rule. The rebels were good but the three leaders were betrayed and beheaded. Morelos took over and called for a constitution for Mexico, but he was killed. Iturbide took over; they won in 1821 but Iturbide wanted an empire. Republics declared independence. The importance was that Mexico was able to become independent.