the beginning of pennsylvainia

  • Period: to

    the beginning of pennsylvaina

  • william penn was born

    william penn was born
    William Penn, founder of our homestate and the son of admiral Sir William Penn, was born in london on october 24, 1644
  • meetings

    quakers held thier first meeting at upland( now chester)
  • proclaimed

    pennsylvaina was finally and offically proclaimed. the king named the land after penns father<3
  • king charles II

    king charles II
    king charles II owed william penn 16000 euros, money which penn and lent to king charles II. seeking for a new land penn asked king charles II to granthim land in america as to paying him money.
  • deputy govemor

    deputy govemor
    penn made his cousin William Markham deputy govenor ot the providence amd sent him yo take control while penn was in england drawing up the frist frame of government
  • england

    by the time of penns return from england, the exufounddaton of the quaker providence was well established
  • honorary

    the penns were granated honorary citizenship of the common wealth of pennsylvaina