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In History
  • Meiji Restoration

    - They fought to be seen as equal among the Western powers without undergoing to same imperialist pressures that they had watched happen to China.
    - This occurred in Japan.
    - The aggressors were the Western World and the victim was Japan.
    - Their efforts were very successful as they became a modern industrialized country.
  • American Revolution

    - The colonists were continuously ignored by the London government. This became more of an issue for the colonists than the unwanted taxes put into place by the Stamp Act.
    - This occurred in America.
    -The London government was the aggressor. with the American colonists being the victims.
    - Their efforts did turn out to be successful and the Americans won their independence
  • French Revolution

    - The French people were forced to pay taxes to pay for Frances debts. The debt was from the seven year war and assisting the Americans during their revolution.
    - This occurred in France.
    - The aggressor would be the King who placed the taxes and the victims were the French classified as the Third Estate.
    - The efforts lead to the long term effect being the establishment of human rights in France and the end of the monarchy.
  • Mexican War of Independence

    - Unjust taxation along with oppressive rules on religion and nationalism made by Spain caused the people to revolt.
    - The revolt occurred in Mexico.
    - The aggressor was the Spanish colonial authorities, with the victim being Mexico
    - The efforts were successful and resulted in Mexico winning its independence from Spain.
  • Venezuelan War of Independence

    - The Spanish had unjust rule over the criollos and mestizos who sought liberty.
    - This occurring in Venezuela.
    - The aggressor was the Spanish authorities and the victims were the criollos and mestizos.
    - the efforts to resist were not successful, however it brought awareness to the issue and Venezuela latter won independence.
  • Philippine- American war

    - Once Spain ceded the Philippines to the U.S. fighting broke out in attempt to free themselves from the U.S.
    -This occurred in the Philippines
    The aggressor was the American government with the victims being the Philippine people.
    - The effects of this resistance were successful with them gaining independence from America.