English History Timeline

  • James I takes the throne

    He was formerly king James VI of Scotland, but took over England after his cousin Elizabeth I. He was the first king of both England and Scotland.
  • Charles I signs the Petition of Rights

    He signed it on March 17, 1628. It established the people's rights.
  • English Civil War

    It was between the Royalist (for the king) and Parliamentarians who were Protestant and like paliament. It was from 1641 to 1651.
  • Charles I faces rebellion

    The people of Scotland rebelled because Charles I tried to force a new prayer book on them.
  • Charles I is tried for treason and hanged

    Charles I was accused of being a tyrant by overthrowing the people's rights. His trial was on January 1, 1649 in London, but was not hanged until January 30, 1649.
  • Oliver Cromwell invades Ireland

    He wanted Revenge on the Irish for the massacre of english Protestants. oliver Cromwell left victoriously.
  • Oliver Cromwell abolishes Parliament

    He abolished parliament after he learned that parliament would stay in session when they said they wouldn't. He made a new government called the Assembly of Saints which took paliamnet's place.
  • Charles II is restored to the throne (restoration)

    He was king of Scotland when he fought Oliver Cromwell, but lost. When Cromwell died Parliament declared him king (Scotland, England, & Ireland). During his reign he fought two wars with the dutch, had the Great Plauge,Great Fire of London, and an assasination attempt called the Rye House Plot. (month & day unkown)
  • Habeas Corpus is passed

    It is what is known as common law and it strengthened ancient prerogative.
  • James II comes to power

    He was the second surviving son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. He was king from 1685-88.
  • Glorious Revolution

    This was when James I left England. It resulted in the English Bill of Rights. It was also called the Bloodless Revolution because there was no war fought.
  • English Bill of Rights

    King James II fled from England. His daughter Mary took over with her husband, the Dutch prince, William of Orange. The English Bill of Rights declared them king and queen of England, was composed of grievances against the king, gave basic liberties, and is the base of the US Constitution.