By DaraH.
  • Battle Plains of Abraham

    Battle Plains of Abraham
    Battle of the Plains of Abraham : This was an abandoned farmers field where James Wolfe led the British to victory against Montcalm and the french. This battle was one of the most important in history, as the 15 minutes spent on the Plains of Abraham, signaled a new beginning of British rule in New France.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    Royal Proclamation: Was created in 1763, by King George III after the seven years war, once Britain claimed the once French land of New France. The purpose of the proclatmation was to stabilize the relations with the First Nations by regulation of trade, land purchases, and settelment.
  • Quebec Act

    Quebec Act
    Quebec Act : Was a law created by Britain in 1774, to try and promote peace and calm tensions in Quebec. This law gave full political rights and religious freedom to all the Catholic French Canadians in the colony.
  • American war of Independence

    American war of Independence
    American Revolution: Lasted from 1775-1783, and was also known as the American War of Independence. After the British imposed new taxes and laws against the Thirteen Colonies, following the Seven Years War, the Americans wanted change. They disagreed witht the Royal Proclamation as well as the Quebec Act. The Americans tried to invade montreal but failed miserably. This war was the affect of the creation of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the creation of the United States.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    War of 1812: Was a war between the British and the United States of America. The reasons for the war included the desire to expand into the Northwest Territories, the trade restictions cause by Britains on going war with France, impressement of American merchant sailors into the Royal Navy, and because of the British support for the American Tribes who were against the American expansion into the new lands.
  • Rebellions

    There were many citizens who were upset with their government. The French wanted their rights, and the other people were dissapointed in the Family Compact which had been stealing money in secret. They were very controlling of the government and there was no doubt a lot of corruption. Lord Durhams report helped settle the rebellions after aristocrats were sent to BNA to find out what the problem was.
  • Lord Durham Report

    Lord Durham Report
    A report which was made by Lord Durham and it suggested that Upper and Lower Canada unite in Legisslation so that they could form a Majority government. This meant the French would be left as a minority. It also suggested that the government work with their people instead of against. The report came out during the Rebellions and created some peace.
  • Act of Union

    Act of Union
    Act of Union: Was passed in July 1840, which abolished the legislative offices of Upper and Lower Canada and joined them to form one province of Canada
  • Period: to

    Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition

    Baldwin and Lafontaine united to form a reformist party that got their point across without using violence. They became known as the great ministy and created public schooling, got French Canadians their rights, formed the University of Toronto, and were the leaders of the beginning of Responsible government in Canada.
  • Quebec Confrence

    Quebec Confrence
    The Quebec confrence was where all the colonies came together to discuss the different opportunities, advatages, and disadvatages if they were to conferate to form Canada, a seperate province instead of a group of British colonies.The possibility of union of the Colonies, the possibility of Rep by Pop.The possibility of Sectional Equality ,and the organization of risidual powers were the main points in this conference.
  • Confederation