British North America

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  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham

    Battle of the Plains of Abraham
    When the British, in command of General James Wolfe, sailed up the St.Lawrence river to conquer Quebec. They fought on a land named after Abraham Martin agaisnt the French. The French were commanded by General Marquis de Montcalm. In the end the British beat the French and took Quebec.
  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    This royal proclamation was done to establish a goverment administration in the North American territories. It was issued by King George the third in 1763.It was done to organize Great Britain's new North American empire and to stabilize relations with Native North Americans.
  • Quebec Act

    Quebec Act
    This act which enlarged the boundries of the province of Quebec, established French civil law and British criminal law, became effective on May 1st, 1774.
  • American War of Independence

    American War of Independence
    The American Revolution, is a war which lasted eight years, fought between Britain and its 13 colonies. the 13 colonies wanted freedom, so they fought in this war with Britain for their freedom.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    This was a war started from lack of communication in Europe and America. Since Canada was a colony of Great Britain it got swept in to the war as well. This happened since it was the easiest British colony to get to from America. In this was America sided with the French which meant that they were agaist Britain.
  • Rebellions

    The rebellions started in Lower and Upper Canada, the Lower Canada Rebellion was a larger than the Upper Canada one. The rebellion was due to conflict by French Canadian and English Canadian rebels against the British colonial government.
  • Lord Durham Report

    Lord Durham Report
    He played a leading role passing the Great Reform Act. He was the editor of the Durham Report and the was the Governor General of British North America. Durham recommended that the Canadas reunite in order to fasten the assimilation of the French Canadians.Another thing he recommended was the principle of responsible government, a principle which reorganized the system of colonial government.
  • Act of Union

    Act of Union
    This act joined lower Canada and upper Canada, and it was passed on July 1840 and declared publicly on February 10, 1841. It was an act of the British government to join the two regions.
  • Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition

    Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition
    This was partnership between two men, LaFontaina and Baldwin, they had a model of collaboration that had been to rare to find. They accepted the principle of responsible government, established the public school system, organized municipal government and the pacifications of the French Canadians.
  • Baldwin-Lafontaine Coalition

  • Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference
    This conferance settled the basics of a union of the British North American provinces.
  • Confederation

    This is the union of British North America. They formed the dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867. It was established under the British North America act.