Shaping The Nation by:Natalie To and Moshiur Mobarak

  • A Birth

    A Birth
    Sir John A. Macdonald was born
  • A Little Boy

    A Little Boy
    It was John A. Macdonald who stepped onto North America. He was a pour five year old boy back then that luckly got into a bourding school called Kingston.
  • Canada United

    Canada United
    upper and lower Canada were united.
  • The First Son

    The First Son
    John A. Macdonald had his first son. He was named after his father.
  • A Son's Death

    A Son's Death
    Sir John A. Macdonald's first son had ended his life.
  • Choosing a Capital

    Choosing a Capital
    People starting discussing for a capital in Canada. People said it couldnt be Montreal because there were too many riots there.
  • The Second Sibling

    The Second Sibling
    Macdonald had a second son named "Hugh John"
  • Population

    Canada West had a greater population than Canada East
  • Another Loss

    Another Loss
    Isabelle Macdonald (John A. Macdonald's wife) had lost her life to her illness.
  • The New Capital

    The New Capital
    Sir John A. discussed the matter of a new capital with the Queen Victoria. The Queen chose Quebec.
  • Fight for Goverment

    Fight for Goverment
    Macdonald's Conservative goverment was beaten by the George Brown's Grit goverment
  • The Real Winner

    The Real Winner
    Macdonald's Conservative goverment had regained power.
  • Prime Minister

    Prime Minister
    Sir John A. Macdonald became the prime minister of Canada
  • Conferences on Confederation

    Conferences on Confederation
    the conference in Quebec discussing about confederation
  • Parliament Buildings

    Parliament Buildings
    They started building the Parliaments using grey limestones. There were lawns for parades too. George Brown said it was beautiful.
  • Conferences on Confederation

    Conferences on Confederation
    a Conference in London to discuss about confederation