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    The Tories were loyal to Queen Victoria and were very proud of there connection with Britain. The Tory group created the Conservative party. Reform Party lead by George Brown. George Brown was a Toronto Newspaper editor
  • Upper and Lower Canada were united to the Province of Canada

    Upper and Lower Canada were united to the Province of Canada
    Canada East and West each had equal seats in Assembly or Parliament. There were two main political groups. They were the Conservatives and the other, the Young Kingston, Lawyer Sir John A. Macdonald was a Conservative leader.
  • New Capitol

    Questions abpout where the new capitol would be, was what everyone was buzzing about. There was lots of talk in barber shops, newspapers, churches etc.
  • Riots

    Lots of riots occured. This is why Toronto didn't feel MOntreal should be chosen.
    Some people (people of Quebec) thought the capitol should be in Canada East.
    Toronto and Montreal were too far west. Quebec was to far east.
  • Sir John A. Macdonald was Prime Minister of Canada.

    Sir John A. Macdonald was Prime Minister of Canada.
    Desicions were being made about where the new capitol would be.
  • Queens influence.

    Queens influence.
    Some people say the Queen became influenced by a painting by the ernor generals wife, Lady Head. She painted Ottawa and it's features. For example the Rideau River flowing into the Ottawa River.
  • Queens Decision.

    Queens Decision.
    Some people weren't pleased with the Queens decision. English Conservatives wanted to the move.
    Macdonald told people it would insult the Queen to ignore her advice.
  • Grits

    The Grits decided they didn't want the move to happen. The French-speaking Conservatives joined them since they prefered Montreal or Quebec.
  • The Queens Decision.

    The Queens Decision.
    John A. Macdonald decided that they should refer the matter to the Queen Victoria.
    Queen decided Ottawa was were the capitol should be. All the other cities weren't happy with the choice. They were furious. They thought Ottawa was too cold. The Queens reasons for her decision were, Ottawa is far from the United States border and has good water transportation. Water transportation was important to move troops if they were needed for a war against the United States.
  • Ottawa became Capitol.

    Even though there was lots of contreversy over where the Capitol should be, Ottawa ended up winning.
  • Parliament Buildings

    Parliament Buildings
    The Parliament Buildings were built in Ottawa. Over looking the Ottawa River, on a high cliff. Built in limestone, they had broad lawns (for parades) that streched down the street,