By moormad
  • 7 years war

    This angered the French. There had been tension in this area for a long time over land. The French, Indians, and English had all been fighting over land for hundreds of years.
  • australia's independence

    The first colonist were criminals sent by britian. austrilia offered cheap land to immigrants.
  • haiti revolution

    François Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture helped free his people from slavery, but after the war he was taken undercutity by france and then died in prison.
  • revolution of mexico

    Miguel Hidalgowas called for revolution in church meeting whom led an army of 80,000 but, lost. Jose maria morelos whom had also lost central america declared itself independent from mexico
  • brazil's Independence

    king john rued portugal from brazil while Napoleon III was fighting spain. 22,000 signed a petition and won their independence.
  • battle of ayacucho

    There are only two formations for infantry - line and column. The names of these formations can be very confusing for the students.
  • Battle of navarino

    Greek, french, and russia won over the ottoman empire. the victory got them independence.
  • northern ireland becomes independent

    Long under English or British rule, Ireland lost half its population in the decades following the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s, becoming a nation of emigrants.
  • mexican american war

    The Mexican War between the United States and Mexico began with a Mexican attack on American troops along the southern border of Texas
  • crimean war

    a major loss for russia that made people realized that industrialization was needed
  • end of italian unification

    During the 18th century, intellectual changes began to dismantle traditional values and institutions.
  • ausrto-prussia war

    austria loses with prussia in 1866. prussia wins control over the german confederation
  • canada's independent

    Great britian won control over canada after defeating the frace in 7 years war. The upper canada contained English speaking protestants, and the lower canada contained French speaking catholics.
  • Franco-prussia war

    OVB stirred up war with france for no reason. Increased nationalism allowed him to combine North and south GC.
  • drefus affair in france

    Late in 1894 anti-Semitism became the central issue of French society and politics for at least a decade and the reechoes of the positions taken in those years can still be heard.
  • start and end of civil war

    Conflict between the U.S. federal government and 11 Southern states that fought to secede from the Union. It arose out of disputes over the issues of slavery, trade and tariffs, and the doctrine of states' rights.