chapter 8 and 10 timeline

  • Period: to

    chapter 8 and 10

  • 7 year war

    global military conflict between 1756 and 1763, involving most of the great powers.
    time affecting North and Central America, Europe, the West African coast, India and the Philippines.
  • revoultion in haiti

    500,000 Santo Dominique slaves revolted against French masters.
    Won independence despite the fact Napoleon sent troops to help.
  • australias independence

    was politically organised as a number of separate British colonies,
    had achieved virtually complete internal self-government
  • mexicos independence

    was an armed conflict between the people of mexico and the spanish.
    authorities which started on 16 September 1810
  • brazils independence

    comprised a series of political events occurred in 1821–1823.
    for independence presented by the Brazilian Kingdom.
  • battle of ayacucho

    was a decisive military encounter during the Peruvian War of Independence.
    the battle that sealed the independence of Peru.
  • battle of navarino

    A combined Ottoman and Egyptian armada was destroyed by a combined British, French and Russian naval force.
    Its notable for being the last major naval battle in history to be fought entirely with sailing ships.
  • mexican-american war

    War was highly controversial in the U.S.
    anti-slavery elements strongly opposed.
  • crimean war

    was a conflict fought between the Russian Empire.
    The war was part of a long-running contest between the major European.
  • start and end of civil war

    felt that there was no longer a place for them in the Union.
    the conflict gradually evolved over a period of several decades.
  • austro-prussian war

    its German allies on one side and the Kingdom of Prussia with its German allies and Italy on the other,
    In the Italian unification process, this is called the Third Independence War.
  • canadas independence

    island merged into a single colont of britian.
    the Mounties were to assert Canadian sovereignty over possible American
  • franco-prussian war

    Prussia was aided by the North German Confederation, of which it was a member.
    The complete Prussian and German victory brought about the final unification of Germany under King Wilhelm I of Prussia
  • end of italian unification

    was the political and social movement that agglomerated in the 19th century.
    Despite a lack of consensus on the exact dates for the beginning and end of this period.
  • drefus affair in france

    Sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having communicated French military secrets.
    Dreyfus was sent to the penal colony at Devil's Island in French Guiana and placed in solitary confinement.