Ch8 and 10 Timeline JDE

  • 7 Years War

    7 Years War
    The war allowed Prussia ro rake conrtol of northern Germany from Austria.
  • End of Italian Unifacation

    End of Italian Unifacation
    Cavour, the ruler of italy convinced Napoleon to help drive austria out of Italy. Garabaldi won control of southern italy with the use of his red shirts.
  • Mexico's independence

    Mexico's independence
    Miguel Hidalgo called for Revolution in church meeting.
    He led a gruop of 80,000 men and lost.
  • Brazils independence

    22,00 signed petetion and won independence. Brazil refused to return to colony.
  • Battle of Ayacucho

    Battle of Ayacucho
    San Martin and Bolivar defeated huge spanish army and won independence for columbia, Ecuador, and Panama.
  • Battle of Navarino

    Battle of Navarino
    Greeks got their independence after the Greeks, French, British, and Russians defeated the Ottoman empire. It was a Naval Battle.
  • Northern Ireland Becoames Indepedndent

    Northern Ireland Becoames Indepedndent
    Were controled by Britian for centuries. Huge famine killed 1 million just about.
  • Mexican-American War

    Mexican-American War
    The US easily defeated Mexico. The US gets california and the southwest area.
  • Crimean War

    Crimean War
    Major loss for Russia. Made Russians realize that industrialation was needed.
  • Start of civil war

    Start of civil war
    War started because of seccesion and slavery.
  • End of Civil war

    End of Civil war
    War lasted 4 years. North won due to more resources and more soilders. war eventually led to the end of slavery.
  • Austro-Prussian War

    Austro-Prussian War
    Austria lost war to Prussia. Prussia won control of german confederation.
  • Canada's Independence

    Canada's Independence
    Great Britian won control of canadaafter defeating France in 7 years war. Canada governed themselves but is owned by Britian.
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Franco-Prussian War
    OVB stirred up the war with france for no reason. Prussia won war with ease. France was one of the weakest nations.
  • Drefus affair in France

    Drefus affair in France
    He was acussed of selling military secrets to Germany. Found guilty, but was later proved to be framed by the army.
  • Austria's independence

    Austria's independence
    1st colonist were criminals sent by Britian. 1st colonist were sheep colonist. became Dominion.
  • revolution in Hati

    revolution in Hati
    500,000 Santo Dominque slaves revolted against French masters.
    Won their independence for venezuela and helped san Martin.