Ch8 and 10 timeline

  • Period: to

    Ch8 and 10

  • 7 year war

    7 year war
    Allowed prussia to take control of N. German from Austria.
    North GC- protestant South GC- Catholic
  • Revolution in Haiti

    Revolution in Haiti
    500,00 Santo Dominique slaves revolted against French masters
    Won independence despite the fact Napoleon sent troops to help.
  • Mexico's Independence

    Mexico's Independence
    Miguel Hidalgo called for revolution in church meeting
    he led an army of 80,000 and lost
  • Battle of Ayacucho

    Battle of Ayacucho
    San Martin and Bolivar defeated huge spanish army.
    Won independence for Coloumbia, Ecuador, and Panama.
  • Battle of Navarino

    Battle of Navarino
    Greeks & French & British& Russians = win over ottomans (naval battle).
    Victory got them independence.
  • Brazil's Independence

    Brazil's Independence
    22,000 signeed a petition.
    King John ruled Portugal from Brazil while Napoleon was fighting Spain.
  • Mexican-American war

    Mexican-American war
    US easily deafeats Mexico.
    Gets California and southwest area.
  • End of Italian Unification

    End of Italian Unification
    Red Shirts won control of southern Italy.
    The Red shirts let Cavour rule united nation of Italy.
  • Crimean War

    Crimean War
    Major loss for Russia that made people realize that industrialization was needed.
    Wake up call for Russia
  • Start and End of Civil War

    Start and End of Civil War
    War lasted 4 years.
    1861- Fort Sumter (in SC) fired on by the south.
  • Austro-Prussian War

    Austro-Prussian War
    Austria loses war with Prussian
    Prussia wins control of German Confederation.
  • Canada's Independence

    Canada's Independence
    British won control of Canada after defeating france 7 year war.
    Dominion is a type of government in which Canada governed themselves but owned by british
  • Franco-Prussian war

    Franco-Prussian war
    Otto van Bismarck stirred up a war with france for no reason.
    Increased nationalism allowed him to combine North and South GC
  • Australia's independence

    Australia's independence
    1st colonist were criminals sent by Britain
    they came doinion like canada
  • Drefus Affair in France

    Drefus Affair in France
    Anti-Semitism- Prejudice against jews.
    Drefus (Jewish general) accused of selling military secrets to Germany.
  • Nothern Ireland Becomes Independent

    Nothern Ireland Becomes Independent
    1949- Northern Ireland=independence
    IRA- several attacks against British officials in Ireland.