Latin America History TImeline

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    IN 1492 the famous adventurer Cristopher Columbus arrives. He is among the first to see america and the Native American that live there. He land in the island of hispanola and at first thinks he made it to the destination that he intended which was inda. This is how why the Native American were called indian he thought he had made it to india.
  • Jun 7, 1494

    Treaty of Tordesillas

    Treaty of Tordesillas
    The treaty of Tordesillas was created to solve a dispute created when Christopher Columbus returned from his voyage. It was made to help decide how the new world would be split up between portugal and Spain.
  • Feb 7, 1519

    Spanish Conquest

    Spanish Conquest
    The spanish conquest is when the spanish came to south america and conquered bothe the aztedcs and the icas who were both very popular groups of Native Americans at this time. They took control over the regions that these Native American once ruled anad made it their own.
  • Aug 13, 1521

    fall of Tenochtitlan

    fall of Tenochtitlan
    This was the final battle that led to the fall of the Aztec. The spanish wanted to take control of the area. This battle let them take control of the aztecs capital. This was a very important victory for the spanish and after they started to bring their culture over.
  • Jan 9, 1532

    Incas conquered

    Incas conquered
    Like the aztecs the incans were another veryimportant group of Native Americans in the latin American area. Also like the aztecs the incas were conquered by ther spanish during the spanish conquest.
  • Jan 14, 1532

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    This is when the first printing press was open in south america. Printing presses are evry important because they can create a large amount of documents in a short amount of time because you do not have to hand write it. These are impportant because they can make things like the paper that spread aound the news.
  • Others colonize

    Others colonize
    Other countries start to come to the areas that the spanish have conquered. The other countries that have come are the DUtch, English and french. They all want their own piece of land in he new world.
  • Sugar planted

    Sugar planted
    This is when sugar was planted in Barbados. This is important because sugar is now and important part of this place. Even today the production of sugar is an important industry in this area so planting it really affected that area and how they get money.
  • Gold discovered

    Gold discovered
    Gold was foun in the mines of Gerais Brazil. The discovery of this gold caused a gold rush where many people flocked to try and find some gold for themselves. THis caused the center of power to move from the northwest toward rio de jaeiro.
  • Viceroyal of New Granada established

    Viceroyal of New Granada established
    This was the name given to a spanish colony jursisdiction. This jurisdiction was in northern south america and included Columbia, equador, Panama and venezuela. Also it included Guyana parts of northwest Brazil, northern Peru, Costa rica and Nicaragua.
  • Capital moved

    Capital moved
    The original capital of the portugese colony was origanily Bahia. Then in 1763 it was moved t RIo de Janiero. This remained the capital until 1960 when it was yet again.
  • Uprising

    During this time there is an uprising from the native americans. This act is led by a desendant of the incans. The leader of this is Tupac Amaru II.
  • Argentina get independance

    Argentina get independance
    This is when Argentina officially got indepenance from Spain. The argentinians fought for years against spain to get its idependence from spain. This is a very impotant part of Argentina's history.
  • The Mexican American War

    The Mexican American War
  • Battle of pueblo

    Battle of pueblo
    Cinco De Mayo actually just means the fifth of may which is when the battle took place. This is the reason that they celebrate cinco de mayo. It is to celebrate the victory of the mexican army over the french. This victory was very unlikely and so is a good reason to celebrate.
  • SLavery abolished in Brazil

    On this date is when Brazil finally abolished slavery. During this time over 4 million slaves were freed. They were freed because they signed the Lei Aurea which was the document that made it official that the slaves were freed. Brazil became the last country in the west to abolish slavery.
  • Olympics

    This is the year that the olympic games were held in Mexico. This is the first year that any olypic event has beed held in any Latin American countries.
  • Earth quake

    Earth quake
    In 1985 there was a horrible earthquake in Mexico City which is the Capital. The earthquake was an 8.1. It caused alot of damages and all many lives were lossed. The death total was aroun 10000.
  • Mercosur

    This is an economic common market that began to operate in the southern cone of south america in 1995. Its purpose is to promote free trade a fluid movementof goods, people, and currency. It is an agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay andUragay.
  • Treaty of GUadalupe

    Treaty of GUadalupe
    This is the peace that was made and gave the united states California and new mexico. This was know as the mexican cessesion.