Latin America

  • Colombia's Independence

    Colombia's Independence
    Its independence is also july 20. Various festivals and events are held on this occasion at different cities and towns of the country. It's also the time to organize events highlighting the traditional folk dances and songs of the region
  • Mexico's "Grito"

    Mexico's "Grito"
    The parish priest of Dolores sparks a rebellion against the Spanish authorities in Mexico with his Grito de Dolores
  • chile's independenjce

    chile's independenjce
    On September 18, 1810, Chile broke from Spanish rule, declaring their independence.This declaration eventually led to over a decade of violence and warring which did not end until the last royalist stronghold fell in 1826. September 18 is celebrated in Chile as Independence Day
  • Venezuela's independence

    Venezuela's independence
    Like other festivals, Independence Day of Venezuela is also celebrated with equal zest and festive fervor which falls on 5th of July every year.1811 Venezuela was officially declared free, it was only towards the later part that 5h of July was officially observed as Independence Day of Venezuela.
  • Argentina's Independence

    Argentina's Independence
    Argentina’s Independence Day is celebrated on the 9th July of every year. The same day in the year 1816 granted independence to the country. It all happened with the continuation of the battle that started from the year 1810 against the Spanish colonizers
  • Onis Treaty

    Onis Treaty
    Also called the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819, the Adams-Onis Treaty was one of the critical events that defined the U.S.-Mexico border.The treaty -- which was not ratified by the United States and the new republic of Mexico until 1831.
  • Honduras independence

    Honduras independence
    Honduras gained independence from Spain in 1821. The country was then briefly annexed to the Mexican Empire. In 1823, Honduras joined the newly formed United Provinces of Central America federation.
  • Nicaraguas independence

    Nicaraguas independence
    Nicaragua's independence became a fact in September 1821. The inhabitants of the Spanish province of Nicaragua, as well as people from other colonies in this region, felt it was time for complete independence.
  • Costa Rica's independence

    Costa Rica's  independence
    The Independence Day of Costa Rica is declared an official national holiday in the country. Independence Day of Costa Rica is celebrated on 15 th September which commemorates independence of the entire Central America from Spanish rule in 1821
  • El Salvadors independence

    El Salvadors independence
    In 1821 El Salvador was independent fom spain.
  • Mexico's Independence

    Mexico's Independence
    A reactionary movement led by Agustín de Iturbide wins new and lasting independence for Mexico
  • Ecuador's Independence

    Ecuador's Independence
    Proclaimed independence from Spain on August 10, 1809, but failed with the execution of all the conspirators of the movement on August 2, 1810. Independence finally occurred on May 24, 1822 at the Battle of Pichincha.'El Primer Grito de Independencia' the local name for Independence Day of Ecuador is widely celebrated throughout as a National Holiday. The anniversary of the nation's independent statehood from under the Spanish rule marks the beginning of a new era for the Ecuadorians.
  • Brazils independence

    Brazils independence
    The date celebrates Brazil's Declaration of Independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. It was commenly called Sete de Setembro.
  • Guatemalas independencre

    Guatemalas independencre
    Guatemala declares independence following the example of neighbouring Mexico.
  • Peru's independence

    Peru's independence
    On the Independence Day of Peru, every citizen pays tribute to the great patriots like Tupic Amaru, Pumacahua, Aguilar, and Micaela Bastidas, for all the sacrifices they made in order to re-instate the country's independence.
  • Bolivia's Independence

    Bolivia's Independence
    It is locally referred to as � Dia de la Patria�. The occasion is celebrated throughout the nation by organizing patriotic marches, cultural programs in various educational institutions, military parades and gun salutes. Celebrations of Independence Day in Bolivia continue throughout the day in La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia.
  • Frech Guiana's Independence

    Frech Guiana's Independence
    French Guiana's Independence has not have its independence only 5% of the country wants independence they cannot gain independence untill that percentage goes up.Until then they are a part of French
  • Guyana's Independence

    Guyana's Independence
    Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 26 May 1966 and became a Republic on 23 February 1970.
  • Suriname's Independence

    Suriname's Independence
    Suriname celebrates its Independence Day on the twenty fifth of November every year. The political history of Suriname was rife with rampant acts of slavery and untold torture on the local population.
  • belizes independence

    belizes independence
    The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973, and full independence was granted on September 21, 1981.