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  • King James' Men Search the Cellars

    King James' Men Search the Cellars
    Lord Monteagle was sent a letter saying "Do not enter the House of the Parliament on November 5." He showed this letter to King James. James had his guards search the cellars and find Guy Fawkes loading them with gunpowder. Guy was found, tourtured, and eventually hung.
  • Guy Fawkes is Caught and Arrested

    Guy Fawkes is Caught and Arrested
    Guy Fawkes was plotting to blow up the House of Parliament, hoping to kill King James. He was caught filling the underground cellars with barrels of gunpowder. He was taken to the Tower of London.
  • Recalled Parliament

    Recalled Parliament
    Charles kept calling onto parliament when he need money. This was when parliament got really angry at the kings demands and decided to do something about it.
  • Catholic Rebellion

    Catholic Rebellion
    A catholic rebellion hit and soon spread throughout the country. more people started to become catholic including the king. Parliament did not like the spread.
  • Small Battles

    Small Battles
    The Royalists decide to fight one more time against the Cavaliers. However, they find that the opposing team is much bigger, and decide to retire rather than fight.
  • Charles Surrenders to Parliament

    Charles Surrenders to Parliament
    King Charles decides that Parliament is too powerful, and surrenders. the Parliament won, and got rid of the king.
  • Charles Imprisoned

    Charles Imprisoned
    Charles was arrested by Parliament and was no longer the King of England. This was the day Parliament officially became in charge.
  • Restoration

    After Oliver Cromwell died, Charles II became king of England. He restored Parliament, which Cromwell dismissed indefinitely. Oliver Cromwell could no longer have poser of England.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution
    The King was catholic, and this was not liked by Parliament. They decided to crown William and Mary. king and queen, for two reasons. One, They were not catholic, and two, they were still a part of the royal family.