umamaheswari's Timeline Project

By mercury
  • Prenatal - Conception

  • Prenatal - Germinal Period begins

    Prenatal - Germinal Period begins
    My germinal stage begins 2 weeks after conception by formation of zygote which is the result of fertilization of sperm and egg. Zygote undergoes lots of cell division and finally become a distinctive mass of cells forming the placenta and the embryo. The implantation occurs which stops the process of menstrual cycle for that month. My mom should have known that she is pregnant at this stage.
  • Prenatal - Embryonic Period

    Prenatal - Embryonic Period
    I am in the form of embryo which is 4 weeks after conception. Around the fourth week, my head begins to form followed by the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. The cardiovascular system,digestive system and the elbows and knees are formed.By the time of eighth week of development , the embryo has all of the basic organs and parts except those of the sex organs. I weigh about 1 gram and about one inch in length.
  • Prenatal Fetal Period- First 3 months

    Prenatal Fetal Period- First 3 months
    The fetal period begins after 9 weeks of conception. Now I am referred as Fetus. It is the first trimester of pregnancy where my sex is determined as a Girl. By the end of the third month of pregnancy, I am fully formed with neural tube developing into the brain and spinal cord and neurons are formed. The distinguishable arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes are formed and i can open and close my fists and mouth. I must be 3 ounces in weight.
  • Prenatal - Fetal Period- middle three months

    Prenatal - Fetal Period- middle three months
    This is the second trimester of pregnancy. My fingers and toe prints are visible. The eyelids begin to part and i can open my eyes. I do hear sounds and recognise my mom's voice during this stage and respond my moving. Doctors can hear my heartbeat through Doppler. Hair is beginning to grow.I do have waxy substance on my body to prevent me in amniotic fluid. I am practicing inside to breathe. I am 12 inches long and weigh about
    2 pounds.
  • Prenatal - fetal period- Final three months

    Prenatal - fetal period- Final three months
    This is the thrid trimester where the uterus feels so small for me because I have grown bigger. My head is growing big to accomodate my brain. I have moved upside down inside the uterus waiting to be delivered anytime. Even if I am delivered during this time, I should be able to survive as my lungs are fully developed. My mom should be feeling the lightening effect as I am giving pressure to her abdomen. I am of 20 inches in height and should be weighing around 6 pounds.
  • Birthday

    I have completed full term of 40 weeks in pregnancy. Today is my birthday and I am seeing another new world where i could see my mom and dad caring for me with love and affection. They waited for 40 weeks to see me. My mom said i was 7 pounds and 8 oz at birth.
  • First Two Years - Biosocial Development

    First Two Years - Biosocial Development
    I am sleeping less compared to my sleep hours at birth. i was fed breastmilk until 2 years. My mom did not put in me in separate room, I was sleeping in the same bed with her. I am developing my motor skills starting from rolling to situp by 6 months. My mom said i walked around 8 months and tried to reach any heights to grab my toys. I have been a very naughty and active child even rolling down the stairs but no big injury.By the age of 2, I am weighing 27 pounds and 30 inches in height.
  • First Two Years - Cognitive Development

    First Two Years - Cognitive Development
    My language is Tamil. I begin babling at 3 months. I respond to others with my facial expressions. Trying to say by calling my mom and dad in my native language. I am able to understand the words and gestures that is put before me.I am trying to see the cause and effect relation by making new sounds.My vocabulary is developing good as I say like water, hungry,dog and ball at 1yr. I communicate and show my opposite responses by crying. My memory identifies who is mom and dad.
  • First Two Years - Psychosocial Development

    First Two Years - Psychosocial Development
    I am too much attached to my mom as my mom was a homemaker. I always hide myself when I see a stranger. I had few play friends around my home,so i had lot of playtime. I always felt secure attachment with my parents than with others. Sometimes during this year, I was taken to my Grandma's place where I always try to imitate her facial expressions. My mom refers everytime that I tried to imitate her in every attitude and behaviors. I was completely potty trained at 2years.
  • Early Childhood - Biosocial Development

    Early Childhood - Biosocial Development
    From age 2 to 6 is considered play years. I am a right handed kid and i can self-feed myself. I am pedalling my bicycle. I am able to write a complete sentence. My mom gives me a balanced diet, so I am not growing obese.I am going to school and have my favorite likings for food,color and clothes. I have started to use front faced carseat. By the age of 6, I am weighing about 44 pounds and 39 inches in height.
  • Early Childhood - Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood - Cognitive Development
    I have entered into elementary school and learning all academic subjects like reading, writing and math. I like to sing songs, rhymes and like to dance. I pretend and play like so many cartoon charaters and real characters. I am able to count my numbers and write them. I like to stay outdoors a lot and hangout with my friends. I am biligual as I can speak and wirte both English and Tamil. I can say stories too.
  • Early Childhood - Psychosocial Development

    Early Childhood - Psychosocial Development
    When I was 6, television programs for children were not so popular. Therefore I did not spend much time on TV. I usually played with my peers trying to coperate and I loved barbie dolls and colorful toys to play with. My parents had authoritative parenting style, so I know where my limits are. I know that I am a girl and what girls play with.I do show some aggressive behavior and stubbornness when I am not getting what I needed.
  • Middle Childhood - Biosocial Development

    Middle Childhood - Biosocial Development
    It is called the school years from the ages 6 to 11. I remember entering middle school and being the shortest girl in class. It never really bothered me even though I do remember people used to "make fun" of me for it. Going to sixth grade was a new environment feeling like a big girl and now our academics are considered more important than I did in the elementary.I am more independent in thinking, playing and have imaginations skills too. I am paying close attention to everything around me.
  • Middle Childhood - Cogntive Development

    Middle Childhood - Cogntive Development
    I have acquired good language skills and catching up with advanced vocabulary words. My memory processing in my brain is quick and fast enough to memorise anything I learn with interest. I am participating in a oratorical competition by memorising 6 pages of essay to present in front of my class. I am learning my arithmetics and at the sametime trying to think logically.
  • Middle Childhood - Psychosocial Development

    Middle Childhood - Psychosocial Development
    I do have best friends for me to get along. I can understand the concept of what is right or wrong. I was raised in a nuclear family. I am living with my mom and dad. I have a brother whom I love the most. I share all my stuffs with my brother and we have a good understanding. I have learnt to control my emotions and sometimes felt superior among all my peers due to my good academic success.
  • Adolescence - Biosocial Development

    Adolescence - Biosocial Development
    Adolscence years ranges from age 12 to 19. It is also called the teen years. My menarche occured at the age of 13. I could see lot of changes in my body relating to secondary sexual developments and hormone rush could also be felt.I did not get any acne at this stage. My culture prevents girls from moving in the society with freedom.There is always less chance of teen pregnancy as well as the sex abuse happening around in my society but still the hormone rush confuses me lots of time.
  • Adolescence - Cognitive Development

    Adolescence - Cognitive Development
    I completed my high school at the age of 17. There was always a kind of fear established in me and confused stages of life. I always asked questions regarding what is right and what is wrong.I always had a consciousness that everyone is watching my developments and attitudes.I had a feeling that I am a grown up adult.
  • Adolescence - Psycosocial Development

    Adolescence - Psycosocial Development
    I was having some kind of attraction towards the opposite sex. I searched for myself among others to prove my identity.I totally rely upon my parents for all needs as I have not started working. The cultural aspects that restricts me to be silent and not a romantic adolescent at this stage. I have decided to pursue a degree in mathematics as per my parent's guidance.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial Development

    Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial Development
    Emerging adulthood is considered to occur between the ages 18 and 25. I completed my degree and got married at the age of 23. I am considered a matured girl to look after the family and to take care of a child. I became pregnant and delivered my son at the age of 24.I was given full freedom and individuality by my husband and having a stress free life.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive Development

    Emerging Adulthood - Cognitive Development
    Becoming a graduate and getting married in emerging adulthood gives good understanding about life. The learning experience from college and life experience in marriage life shows me the path of commitment and stability that is needed for my life. My religious views and faith towards God seems high during this stage. I have passed the stage of confusion and mental stability is achieved. I observe a high maturity in my decisions and thought process.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Psycosocial Development

    Emerging Adulthood - Psycosocial Development
    As I got married at emerging adulthood stages, my romantic thoughts and stability towards life seems matured and different.I did not feel the loneliness as i have quite few friends to share my views and to vent out my stress. I did not leave my family before marriage as my cultural norms do not allow that separation. After marriage, my son is being my whole part of my life making it meaningful.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial Development

    Adulthood - Biosocial Development
    Adulthood covers the ages between 25 and 65. Forty years of family life is going steady. I graduated in nursing and working as a successful nurse. I feel satsified with my work. I must have entered into menopause stage atleast at 40.My appearance have completely changed with wrinkles on my skin. My son is married and I have grandchildren with whom I spend most of my time.I get sick often as my immunity is getting weak during this stage.
  • Adulthood - Cognitive Development

    Adulthood - Cognitive Development
    Being active and able to concentrate throughout my adulthood. My vision and brain function was so strong. During the last few years of adulthood has some disabilities. My vision seems to lose visibility. My ears are not strong enough to hear all sounds and music. All my intelligence seems to be getting declined during this stage.My muscle strength and cordinations skills seems to be declining day by day.My reactions and responses seems to slow down as I get older.
  • Adulthood - Psycosocial Development

    Adulthood - Psycosocial Development
    I seem to have my own aged friends to get along. My children and grandchildren come and visit me when I am in need. I must have retired at this age and receiving medicare benefits. I am slowing down little bit in my voice and movements which prevents me from hurting myself. I am enjoying my free time with my husband who is also retired. At this stage, we try to do activities together that we can do steadily.
  • Late Adulthood -Biosocial Development

    Late Adulthood -Biosocial Development
    I am in my 80's retired and living happily with my husband. I love to sit and talk about our happy moments. We take walks for few minutes in our garden. Sometimes feel to have some senior groups to have discussion about political and religious views.I weigh lot less than i was before and appear to be too thin with less muscular fat.
  • Late Adulthood - Cognitive Development

    Late Adulthood - Cognitive Development
    I am tired and my brain does not function like before. I have lot of reminder tags on my notice board to take care of my daily tasks. I do take lot of medicines to keep my health in good condition. Someitmes i forget the names which i was familiar even an hour before.
  • Late Adulthood - Psychosocial Development

    Late Adulthood - Psychosocial Development
    I do get my reitrement amount as well as we do have good savings in our account as we did a good plan about our retirement. We are planning on doing some volunteer work at community centre, school and library but symptoms like dementia does not allow us to move outside. Even driving a car from mall to home seems to be a big task with symptoms of dementia.
  • Death

    I will die at age 96 like the life expectancy calculator told me. I will accept my death and be happy to have been on this earth for as long as I was. I will die of a natural death and go peacefully and painless. My family will hold me a beautiful funeral and tons of people will show up to show their affection.