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Technology in the Life of Jennine

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    Technology in the Life of Jennine

  • Record Player

    Record Player
    For most of my childhood we listened to Christmas music on our record player that sat in a big wood cabinet. I still love the sound of Bing Crosby or the Osmond Family. We had an 8-track player in the same cabinet.
  • Drive-In Movies

    Drive-In Movies
    I remember going to the Drive-In to see movies. I'm pretty sure I saw ET there. I remember having nightmare about it after.
  • Apple 2 Computers and the Oregon Trail

    Apple 2 Computers and the Oregon Trail
    I remember that we had computers at school. My favorite game to play was the Oregon Trail. I also remember Number Munchers.
  • VCR

    There were no DVR's, Hulu, or Netflix when I was little. If you wanted to watch a show later, you recorded it on VHS. If you wanted to watch your favorite Disney movie you bout it on VHS also.
  • Our Family's First Video Game System

    Our Family's First Video Game System
    I remember our family owning an Atari probably when I was 4 years old. We would play games like Pong, Pac Man, and Snake.
  • Typewriter

    When I was little we had a typewriter in our home that remember typing on and playing with.
  • Walkman

    We listened to music on cassette tapes because CD's and MP3's weren't around yet. Instead of IPODS and phones, we carried Walkmans.
  • Rotary Phone

    Rotary Phone
    My grandmother still had a rotary phone in her home when I was a child. Unlike teenagers today, I knew how to use it.
  • Zenith TV and Antenna

    Zenith TV and Antenna
    We owned a Zenith TV. If you wanted to watch tv back in the day the antenna had to be just right. I can't remember when we finally had cable.
  • Nintendo NES

    Nintendo NES
    When I was about 8 years old the Nintendo NES came out. We enjoyed playing Super Mario Brothers, and Duck Hunt.
  • Push Button Cord Phone

    Push Button Cord Phone
    If you wanted to talk to your friends on the phone in my house, you usually made the call from the kitchen. There wasn't much privacy as you could only leave the room as far as the cord would allow.
  • Our Family's First Computer

    Our Family's First Computer
    I remember that around the time I was in 6th grade, our family had a computer similar to this one. We used soft floppy disks, and later the smaller hard disks came out.
  • Prodigy

    Prodigy was introduced around 1988. My sister and I enjoyed getting onto the chat rooms.
  • Super Mario Brothers 3 Came Out

    Super Mario Brothers 3 Came Out
    This was one of my favorite games to play on the Nintendo. I loved that you could twirl your tail and fly.
  • CD's Replace Tapes

    CD's Replace Tapes
    When my older sister was around 18 and I was 12, she was gifted a CD player by a boy that liked her. One of the albums I remembered her having was Donny Osmond's "Soldier of Love". I would still listen to cassette tapes all through high school.
  • Online Shopping Grew in Popularity

    Online Shopping Grew in Popularity
    ... and my checking account began shrinking
  • Apple Computers in College

    Apple Computers in College
    When I first began attending college, computers were huge and bulky still. They looked like these. Digital cameras weren't around yet, only film.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    I was talked into my first cell phone by a boy I liked at my college, who happened to be selling them for MCI. My first cell carrier service was horrible. For what I paid, which wasn't cheap, I was give 30 MINUTES a month! It was basically my emergency phone. Total garbage plan.
  • My First Car and CD Player

    My First Car and CD Player
    In 1998 my uncle and aunt gifted me my first CD player for Christmas. I also got my first car, a Chevy Corsica.The radio didn't work so I had a nice CD player installed. That's when I started buying CD's.
  • Memory of Emails

    Memory of Emails
    I'm not sure exactly when I began emailing, but I remember for sure emailing people the summer I graduated from high school.
  • Texting

    Around 2004, I remember getting a cell phone again. I can't recall if I had one in the years prior. This is when I first remember texting on a phone.
  • My Space and Online Dating

    My Space and Online Dating
    My Space was one of the first experiences I had with social media. Also, online dating sites such as LDS, and LDS Mingles, became popular. More people were finding people to date online.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB Flash Drive
    People still burned CDs and DVDs but flash drives had been introduced and were being used more often.
  • 2005 IPOD shuffle

    2005 IPOD shuffle
    In 2005 my boyfriend, now husband, gave me an IPOD shuffle for Christmas. He had an IPOD. I for the longest time could not wrap my head around ITUNES and what an MP3 was.
  • TIVO

    My husband also introduced me to TIVO when we were dating. We would binge watch 24 with Jack Bauer. My mind was blown!
  • Dell Laptop

    Dell Laptop
    While getting my teaching degree I purchased for myself a DELL laptop. When I compere it to my laptops today, it was quite bulky.
  • Flat Screen TV

    Flat Screen TV
    Around the time I married Adam, more and more people were owners of flat screen tv's. We got our first flat screen soon after. Growing up, only the very wealthy usually had bulky, big screen tvs in their house. Now just about everyone had one.
  • Facebook

    In 2008 my friend talked me into signing up for Facebook. My husband has cursed her ever since.
  • Overhead Projector

    Overhead Projector
    When I first began teaching, we used overhead projectors. It meant you had to be very prepared and run off everything in advance. They were bulky and hard to maneuver around classrooms without someone tripping on the electric cord.
  • Wii

    We purchased a Wii in 2010. It was amazing to me that you could move the character on screen just by turning your remote with your hand, wrist, etc.
  • Netflix and Chill

    Netflix and Chill
    In the late 2000s to present day, streaming services arrived. Favorites like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling allowed you to catch up on missed shows whenever it was convenient. Video and music stores became ancient history as everything began to stream online. Roku remotes and TVs allow you to access many apps.
  • The Cloud

    The Cloud
    Another term I couldn't wrap my head around for the longest time was "The Cloud". The cloud was a way of storing information digitally and online. Google Drive was used to save and to share files with others. Pictures could also be saved and backed up to this online storage unit.
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    Around 2013 I got one of my first smart phones. I can use it to look at Pinterest, Instagram, find my way on Google Maps, Facebook, and so many other things.
  • IPADs

    In 2015 I returned to teaching after 5 years away raising my babies. I was handed an IPAD which I had never used before. Technology had changed a lot in 5 years. .
  • Doc Camera

    Doc Camera
    In 2015, hallelujah, the doc cam was in the classroom when I came back to testing. This and the ceiling projector is a teacher's best friend.
  • Nearpod

    Currently there are many, MANY great apps and programs out there for instruction. One interactive site is Nearpod. Students are able to explore a concept and teachers are able to monitor and guide that instruction.
  • Video Chats

    Video Chats
    Phones have come a long ways since the rotary telephones of the past. Now many phones allow you to video chat or to use the phone as a walkie talkie and leave video messages. Virtual fieldtrips are possible as students can speak with and learn from a specialist online. You can even speak with a doctor over a video appointment on your phone.
  • Google Classroom and the app Band

    Google Classroom and the app Band
    Began teaching with Google Classroom and using the app Band for Classroom Communication
  • Amazon Vs. Google

    Amazon Vs. Google
    In 2018 and today, smart home assistants have been all the rage.
  • Sphero, Ozobots, and Coding

    Sphero, Ozobots, and Coding
    In recent years, the ability to code for a computer has received a lot of attention. I began learning some of the technology to pass on to my class.