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Juank's biography

By juanks
  • BORN

    I was born in Bogota at the Hospital El Country. My family was very happy to have a new member in the family and they made me a welcome party
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    my baptism was at the age of 7 monts in the churc of the Club del Rancho, at the saim time of my cousin. In there was my godparents my uncle my mum's brother and his wife.
  • My first Day in the Kindergarten

    I start te first day of kindergarden at the age of 2 years and 9 months, I was very scared about who were going to be my new frinds and my new teacher. My kindergardens name was "Por un mañana" and I have to much fun in ther antil the years of 7.
    The Huddle:
    for avoid this it would be easy for me because in that age i don care if other people are giving the back to me because I dont need to me because I have no other people involved in the talks and i have my one friends
  • My sister born

    My sister born
    My sister was born the same day that me so for me was incredible present. wew make to partys the one of my birthay anthe wellcome of my sister Isabella
  • My first day in TES

    My first day in TES
    I was going to enter to the Anglo but my parents dicide that i was goin to enter to The English Shcool. I enter to prejandin 1 with a very god teacher, I have three main friends Santiago Mengual, Juan Manuel and Juanpablo Isqiuerdo.
    The Example:
    I would avoid this by being more individual in a good way because for some works had to be by myself and not copyinge of the other work
  • graduation of transition

    graduation of transition
    I used a very elegant cloth wen I finished transition grade and I was very happy
  • my first fotball match won

    my first fotball match won
    My football team is called Fotball Mania Gato Perez. I wone the first place. My position was of defence an my father was very happy about me.
  • First communion

    First communion
    My parents made me a big party for my first communion withe all my family and some friends.
  • Trip to Argentina - Boca Juniors Traiinning Center

    Trip to Argentina - Boca Juniors Traiinning Center
    I train withe the team of Boca Juniors and River Plate, I have lot of fun
  • PYP graduation

    Last day in forth grade
    Put Down:
    in this age i all reary know ho to defen myself so i will tell them how I feel or tell a techer
  • Learn to drive a car

    I will wait for my new car
  • won a scholarship

    won a scholarship
    i will won a because sholarship football and basketball
  • IB graduation

    IB graduation
    rery for goin to the university
    The look:
    In this case maybe I will made dress the saim cool cloth or tell tehm howw I am feling
  • First car

    First car
    I will get a BMW
  • Enter tu the university of Harvard

    Enter tu the university of Harvard
    I will study Industrial Designer in Harvard USA
  • First work

    Hirerd as new development disingner at lego industries
  • university graduation

    finish the university and bigin a new life
  • graduation of the specialty

    graduation of the specialty
    ready to start the Masters
  • Graduation of the Masters

    ready to work
  • New Job

    I will ttry a new job that can give me more money, more challenge and a better status
  • Married

    I will married with a cute and good girl
    In this case I understand more things because I am mallor entose tell what can happen if we roast it
  • change of city

    I will go to an other city because the work
  • My First Son Burn

    My First Son Burn
    Juan Jose Borned in Los Angeles,. when my son grow up i will teach him to play football an basketball
  • Senior Partner of a High Tech Design Company

    Founder and Partner of a New Company that Design and Developed High Tech
  • Born of First Daughter

    Maria Juliana Borned at 9 AM in Los Angeles
  • My first Private Jet

    Learjet delivers my first Private Jet. Frst flight to visit my parents in Miami
  • Best Invention Award

    Won in the World Inventors Convention the award for Best High Tech Invention
  • Joint Venture with Intel Industries

    Joint Venture with Intel and begin as CEO and Partner of Intel Industries
  • Juan Jose´s Wedding

    Juan Jose´s Wedding
    My son marriage in Palo Alto Ca. with a gril from New Zeland.
  • Juan Jose first son

    Juan Jose first son
    I am already a grandpa
    Put down:
    In dise case some people start calling me cuchito and i dont like peole calling me like thst so I will ignore theme or said the that is not the way to call a grandpa