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Aidan's Life

By 3008935
  • Date of birth

    On this date, I was born a month early to Lisa and Jason Culpepper as their first child, in Naperville, Illinois. I believe I weighed only about nine or ten ounces at birth... and I was only a few to nine inches tall. (Now I weigh about 100 pounds, and I'm almost six feet tall!)
  • Period: to

    Timespan of My Life

    This covers my ENTIRE life - from birth to now (7th grade), and then what I predict will happen in the future (the next 70-something years), including death.
  • Brother was born

    In November 2007, my younger brother Logan was born. However, my parents decided our apartment was too small for all four of us.
  • Moved for 1st time

    Moved for 1st time
    After my brother, Logan, was born, we moved out of our apartment and to our townhouse.
  • Started preschool

    Started preschool
    In 2009, I started preschool at Brokaw Early Learning Center in Oswego. I believe I was the SMARTEST PERSON IN MY CLASS!!!
  • Moved to suburbs

    Moved to suburbs
    This happened after my brother, Gavin, and my sister, Fiona, were born. We moved after deciding that our townhouse was a bit too small for all of us, so we decided to live in a bigger house.
    The houses shown in the picture are just across the street from where we live now.
  • Started school at Fearn

    Started school at Fearn
    Ah, Fearn Elementary School. The place where I went to school from second grade to 5th grade. Back at my old school (Homestead Elementary), I had emotional problems, but that stopped when I went to Fearn. That's why this is significant.
  • Met my best friend

    Not many of you guys know about a kid named James Robert Depaepe. That's his full name, by the way! Well, I met him back in third grade. Even though he goes to Herget, we're STILL best friends to this day!
  • Got a new dog

    Got a new dog
    In October 2014, my parents adopted a Beagle hound. We named her Charlie. This dog is not Charlie.
  • I burned my thumb

    Okay, this was stupid. I decided, for some stupid reason, to put a tissue in a burning candle, and then get it out. Then, my right thumb caught on fire, and I had a burn on it for the next few weeks! That's why my right thumb, when extended, looks different from my left thumb, when extended.
  • Another dog!

    Another dog!
    A year after we adopted Charlie, we adopted ANOTHER Beagle. Ideas for his name included Delta (Charlie and Delta!), but we named him Resin. The two dogs like play-fighting with each other, but Resin is kinda dumb... This image isn't exactly Resin.
  • Winter Break Surgery

    Winter Break Surgery
    In December 2015, I underwent surgery to take care of a kidney problem. The image shown is of the hospital I went to in order to get my surgery. This happened the day before winter break started.
  • A different kind of Christmas

    On Christmas Eve of 2016, my family went to church for the first time. We attended a mass at St. Mark's Lutheran Church.
  • I got into SCET

    In 2017, I got into SCET, as all of us did at that time. Of course, I was one of the 30 smartest people in my grade. We ALL are!
  • Trip to Chicago!

    Trip to Chicago!
    In early summer 2017, my family went to Chicago. We went to the Adler Planetarium at first, but then we went to the Field Museum (I insisted!). There, my parents took a picture of me... by Sue, the world's largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton!!!!
  • Started middle school

    Started middle school
    I started middle school at Jewel in August 2017. This became a turning point in my life, for I had a lot of events to come ahead of me in the next three years, both at school and at home.
  • Got a room downstairs

    I originally slept with Logan in a bunk bed, but got my own room a couple of years later. Last year, however, I got ANOTHER room downstairs, where our office used to be.

    Though it only got an average of about 3.3 stars, I anticipated the arrival of "Jurassic World Evolution", starting in January 2018. When I got it, I got hooked quickly, progressing to the next map in a day! I have played it, and almost nothing else (except Spider-Man) for five months!
  • Vacation to Florida

    Vacation to Florida
    In July 2018, Logan and I went to Florida with our grandparents for one week. We went to Disney World and SeaWorld, and we also went to some restaurants, including a Japanese steakhouse. (The picture shown below is of a group of houses in Davenport, Florida. Davenport is the location of the house where my grandparents spend their vacations. Their house's model is similar to these.)
  • Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo

    Trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo
    Sometime around this date, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I had a lot of fun there and saw some animals we had never seen before, including Japanese macaques! This is one of the zoo's macaques.
  • Cousin was born

    My baby cousin, Everly May Gerken, was born EARLY, and as the FIRST CHILD of my aunt, Shannon, and my uncle Mike. It turns out that little Everly really loves hanging out with me. She is currently about three months old, and I haven't seen her since Christmas (the first time I saw her).
  • Got Invisalign

    Got Invisalign
    You probably can't see them right now, but I have these things in my mouth called Invisalign. They're like braces, but without the metal and wires. Instead, these are clear plastic dental appliances that help straighten my teeth. I'm currently using my 9th set out of 48. I got my first five Invisalign sets in November 2018.

    When I became a teenager about a month ago, my dad took me to the library, and my family went to Portillo's. That was a very memorable part of my life.
  • Winter Carnival 2019

    At the Winter Carnival, which occurred about a week ago, I decided to get on the stage and sing a little karaoke. I performed "Feel It Still," which is one of my favorite songs. This is important, because my parents were happy for me to step out of my comfort zone for once!
  • Vacation in New Orleans

    Vacation in New Orleans
    This Spring Break, me and my family are going to New Orleans! We're going to pass a good time there and do a variety of things, such as eating beignets at the Café du Monde (pictured).
  • Starting a savings account

    Starting a savings account
    This year, my parents are looking to help me start a savings account at the local bank. My grandpa gave me 130 dollars for my birthday, so my parents want to use that to start a savings account for me. They said I need to start saving money, and I agree. I have about 70 dollars that will not go into my savings account. I think I will start a savings account this summer.
  • Arriving at West Aurora High School

    Arriving at West Aurora High School
    When I get to West Aurora High School, I'm sure I will make a lot of new friends. I might get good grades, but nobody knows how this will turn out for me.
  • Start a relationship?

    I don't exactly know when I will start a relationship or WHO I will start it with, but I believe that time will come in my sophomore year.
  • First job

    First job
    My first job might be a waiter or dishwasher at a restaurant (Luigi's Pizza, maybe, since it was the place of my dad's first job). Sure, I might not make a lot of money, but it's a start.
  • Taking the SAT

    Taking the SAT
    We all know that the SAT is one of the biggest tests we will ever take. I might take it in November 2023, and I will possibly get a very good score, therefore getting into a good college.

    Early 2023 is when I will take my driver's test. I'm not sure when, but I have my eyes set on a car that will help me become a better driver. For example, the Mazda MX-5 Miata.
  • Graduation!

    Graduation is an important event in everyone's lives. It marks the transition into college. In 2024, I will most likely graduate as valedictorian, if not salutatorian, of the class.
  • Start of college

    Start of college
    The University of Chicago is where I'm hoping to go for college once I start. I don't know what will happen in college, but there will be a lot of highs and lows. One of the things I will be looking to take is a medical course, because I will be looking to become an oncologist later on in life.
  • Deciding on college

    When I'm in my senior year, the time will come for me to decide which college I want to go to in January 2024. The University of Chicago might be a good choice.
  • Taking the MCAT

    Taking the MCAT
    I will have made my decision by now: I will become a medical professional. The first thing I need to do is to take this test. Later on, I will get my results back and receive an excellent grade.
  • Graduation from college... and marriage

    After graduating college, I WILL get married. I will also have a bachelor's degree in health and biology, which is perfect for the career I might pursue.
  • Starting medical school

    Starting medical school
    I am planning on starting medical school in March 2029, which is also required for me to become an oncologist. The picture below is of the Pritzker School of Medicine, which is where I am planning on going.
  • Visiting parents

    At this point in my life, my parents will be living in Indiana, so I will decide to visit them in January 2033 and tell them about how I will become an oncologist later on in life.
  • End of medical school

    Finishing medical school will be another great event in my life. After that, I am hoping to become an oncology resident.
  • Starting a residency

    Being an oncology resident may be tough, but I know that I can successfully learn exactly what to do, with real oncologists as my mentors.
  • Back surgery

    In 2034, I might find out that my back is extremely sore, so there is a solution: Back surgery. My dad got back surgery once, so I think this will be similar to that.
  • A child is born

    A child is born
    Shortly after I turn thirty years old, I will start facing the struggles of caring for a child after his birth. We'll name him Luke.
  • We get a dog!

    We get a dog!
    After Luke's birth, we're getting a dog! Actually, it'll be a Dachshund. We'll name him Riley, after the first dog I ever met (Riley was the name of the Dachshund my parents owned when I was a baby).
  • Ending the residency

    After four years of training, I will finally have what it takes to become an oncologist. I will obtain my license and certification to prove I am officially ready to help in the fight against cancer.
  • Another child is born

    Another child is born
    August 2038 is when me and my wife will gain another child, and we will surely be prosperous with the new boy, named Owen. Afterwards, we will adopt a dog as another member of the family.
  • First days as an oncologist

    I will be hired in early 2039 to work as an oncologist in Chicago. The job will be very hard, but I will be able to handle it for the next 35 or so years.
  • First patient cured

    First patient cured
    I will officially be remembered at the hospital I will work at. Why? In 2040, for the first time, I will help a patient survive cancer via chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, as well as more complex procedures.
  • Back to Florida

    Back to Florida
    Ten years after curing that first patient, I will have successfully helped cure more than three hundred patients. To celebrate, I will take my family to Disney World for a week. Another reason is to celebrate the fact that my first child finished middle school.
  • Riley passes away... but we get a new dog!

    Riley passes away... but we get a new dog!
    In 2053, Riley (the dachshund) will eventually die of old age. Even though we may grieve terribly over his death, I will adopt a golden retriever to keep us company. We'll probably name her Echo.
  • Echo gives birth to puppies!

    Echo gives birth to puppies!
    After two years, Echo will give birth to four puppies, one of which will be adopted by Owen, my second son. The other three will be put up for adoption by other people. Our puppy will be a boy, and Owen will name him Rusty.
  • Back to New Orleans

    Back to New Orleans
    In January 2056, to celebrate my 50th birthday, I will take my family to New Orleans for a couple of days. We'll pass a great time there by doing what my family did when I was a kid.
  • Second child's graduation

    Second child's graduation
    Four months after the vacation to New Orleans, I will take a day off work to attend Owen's graduation ceremony.
  • Start an autobiography

    "An Unlikely Ally" will be the title of my autobiography. I will start writing it after my 55th birthday, and it will be about how my life changed during school, and how my interests shifted from dinosaurs to medical careers.
  • Echo passes away

    Echo will pass away at ten years of age, but we will still have a retriever that Echo gave birth to (along with two other puppies) three years ago. That was also after she gave birth to Rusty. The current retriever's name will be Doug.
  • Autobiography published

    Shortly after my 60th birthday, "An Unlikely Ally" will finally be published. People will be amazed to finally read about the life of a guy who used to love dinosaurs and not much else, but became more interested in fighting cancer later in life. The book will sell out all over the country, and I will be happy to know that people finally know who I am!
  • Doug passes away, but we get another companion

    Doug passes away, but we get another companion
    When Doug passes away, I will buy a Chihuahua for my wife as a gift. We'll name the puppy Stan.
  • Retirement

    After 36 years of working as an oncologist, I will officially go into retirement as a relaxed yet intelligent elder who has already become a grandfather. I will spend the next few years reflecting on my life decisions, with a copy of my autobiography with me. Meanwhile, my wife will be living at home with Stan to keep her company.
  • Moving back to Verona Ridge

    Moving back to Verona Ridge
    The final sixteen years of my life will be spent in the peaceful subdivision where I had my glory days: Verona Ridge. I will not live in the same house I used to live in as a teenager, however. Rather, I will live in a one-floor house. The picture below is of the entrance to Verona Ridge.
  • Adopting a dog

    Adopting a dog
    By the time I turn 80, not only will I be a great-grandfather, but I will also adopt a dog to keep me company, since my wife and I will have divorced about five years earlier. I will decide on a French bulldog, since it has a solid, happy disposition and doesn't require as much exercise as other breeds like Beagles. I'll probably name him Fred. I will plan on keeping him until I am 90 years old.
  • A dog's bravery

    One day, on a walk, me and Fred might be attacked by a coyote. Fred will show immense courage by defending me, letting me know that he always be by my side. However, he will suffer wounds and a broken leg. The leg will be amputated, but I will pay for a prosthetic leg. That's just how brave a dog can be.
  • Nearing the end

    My appetite will decrease and my organs will start failing around this time. I know what will happen soon: I am nearing the end.
  • Into the light

    Into the light
    My body will start shutting down at this time. Fred will stay with me until the end, when I go into the light. After that, he will be adopted by one of my two sons. I will be a great-grandfather, and I will hope for the best for my family in the future, in years yet to come. In heaven, I will know I have passed on due to old age and heart failure.