Timeline of My Life

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    The Beginnings

  • Growing and using facial expressions

    After being born, as a newborn you grow and develop and figure out the use of facial expressions.
  • thinking

    As a newborn I would use sensor motors to understand the world around me.
  • social and emotional

    I would have to trust in others that they will care for me and fullfill my basic needs, nourishment, give me warmth, cleanliness and some physical contact.
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    First Two Years

  • Walking

    S my body began to change and my brain was developing I learned how to walk!
  • Talking

    Learning is active and there is no conceptual or reflective thought. At this stage in my life I learned how to talk!
  • Being Self-Sufficent

    I started to become more self-sufficent by toileting, feeding walking and exploring. At this point in my life I wanted to do everything on my own without any help.
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    Early Childhood

  • Soccer

    I began my first activity which was soccer!
  • Brother

    My brother was born!!
  • Fire

    My dad is a Detroit Fire Fighter and I was very close with my dad so I always had an interest in fire, until I almost burnt the house down my catching the rug on fire with a candle and a kleenex. My dad was not very happy when he came home the next morning.
  • School

    I began my first year of kindergarten, learning how to play with kids and also learning and retaining information.
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    Middle Childhood

  • Stitches

    I got my first set of stitches when I was ridding my scooter and the scooter handle went into the inside of my leg. Gross!
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  • Smarts

    My streak of all A's would come to an end as I would leave elementary school and head into middle school!
  • New Skills

    In 5th grade I was voted to be on the broadcast and talk in front of the whole school every morning about daily news and the weather. This opened my eyes to my outgoing personality.
  • Puberty

    I was going into the 7th grade and I was physically going through puberty I never really wore make up or worried about anything besides playing with the kids down the street untill someone told me I smelled and to take a shower because I was still a girl. From that day forward I have carried deodarant and spray with me to make sure I dont smell.
  • High School

    My first day of highschool and I had all advanced placement classes with the "older" kids. I was already scared enough that these people were going to eat me since I was the freshman, but I ended up making life long friends and being the smartest kid in class!
  • Sweet Sixteen Experience

    For my 16th birtday I was drunk for the very first time in my whole entire life. I had a lot of peer pressue from my older friends(from the varsity soccer team that I played on in highschool), I wanted to fit in so I threw a huge banger at my house and everyone said it was the party of the year but I have no memory of the night besides getting sick.
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    Early Adulthood

  • College Soccer

    This was the beginning of my soccer career which helped me maintain good health habbits and workout habbits as well. I would excercise everyday of the week and finish the season strong as a starter going into the next year!
  • Failing

    I failed my very first class ever in my life and it was an online stats math class! I never realized how hard school can be but I had so many other things to focus on besides that class. This was an eye opener to me for the real world if I really had what it takes to do what I want to do as my career and if I will be able to finish school out strong. College classes stress me out to the max because I always want to do good but after I took advantage of that one class I willl always work hard.
  • Friendships

    After these past two years at Scraft, I have met a lot of new people that I thought would be in my life forever but as much as they leave a mark in my life I realize more and more that most of these people are like stepping stones to greater things and they are like a revolving door, people always coming and going with time. I have learned to not get so attached and to not depend on people to be involved forever because that is really a false reality.
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  • My Career

    My dream is to finish school to be a nurse practioner. I dont want to stop going to school until I have completely finished with whatever I would like to do. Before that I would like to get my BSN and begin to work but then continue on while making money by going to school so I can have my own floor by the time I am 30, so I can be the boss and get paid mucho dollars to be on call whenever someone needed me!
  • Good Mom

    I hope to have a baby in my early 30's if not earlier but I hope to be a smart mom and to be able to detect all of the needs for my baby. I was really unsure whether I wanted kids or not but sometimes I feel as if I would be missing out if I didnt have kids. I hope to be a smart mom and only make minimal mistakes since I am human and I am deffinetely not perfect!
  • Eating Habits

    I hope when I am 35 that I have learned what to eat and what not to eat. Currently I love to eat chips and have pop and all the goodies I know I shouldnt be eating but they are so good I cant even help myself. Im hoping when I am 35 I am a coach or I play on an adult league to keep me busy and my lazy butt off the couch, because when I have nothing to do I eat out of boredness and that is not good.
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    Late Adult Hood & Death

  • Falling

    I have bad hips and a back already at 20 years old, when I try and imagine me at this age I think I will be accident prone and probably fall all the time and have a double hip surgery.
  • Alzheimers Disease

    Working in the medical field I deal with a lot of dementia/alzhemiers disease patients. I believe that in some point of everyones life they will experience it and I believe if science has not found a cure that I will most deffinetly suffer from this disease.
  • Great Grandchildren

    I hope to be around to see my greatgrandchildren or even great-great grandchildren. I am very close to my grandparents and I would want my kids to experience the same feeling. This is my life long goal is to make it to see as many grandkids as I could.
  • Dieing

    I will take my last breathe on this day, I will be 90 years old. I may live longer or die sooner but who really knows. Whenever I do go I will go knowing that I had a great event filled life and if I were to write a book about my life it wouldnt be boring!