Modeling 1

M.E.~ My Experiences

  • In the beginning

    In the beginning
    I was Born November 20th, 1981. I was told I was beautiful, and that I was like a weird science fiction baby, because I was born breach and had fully developed neck muscles.
  • Epilepsy

    I had my first documented epileptic seizure
  • Elizabeth Maureen Trevett

    Elizabeth Maureen Trevett
    was born....she grew up strong and beautiful. She has been a source of love and support in our adult years, though in our youth,she was heald high above me as more beautiful and more capable, specifically by my mother.
  • Kristin Isley Trevett

    Kristin Isley Trevett
    was born. The youngest of three, and as we became a part of blended family, the youngest of 6. She has disowned our family, due to visions, and has made impossible claims about people have sheltered, loved and protected us out of the goodness of their heart, and no obligation.
  • My mom remarried

    My mom remarried
    When My mom remarried, I gained another sister and 2 brothers who I love dearly, as well as a father who had the capacity to care. This picture is of us on a family vacation to Canada when I was 13, much later in life.
  • Custody battles

    during this time, my biodad accused my mom and my step-dad of molesting us, and tried to have us taken into child protective services. This led to a complicated custody battle, which left us moving in the night, but Thankfully with our step-dad.
  • The day my life changed forever

    The day my life changed forever
    I was born with a Brain Tumor, the sole cause of my epilepsy, and in August I nearly drowned to death, due to it. So, three weeeks later, I was taken to a Hospital in Philadelphia , P.A. where I was given a lobectomy, on my left temporal lobe. Doctors, had predicted I would die by the age ten, age ten was right around the corner. .. November 20th, 1991. I turned 10.
  • I met two of my best friends

    I met two of my best friends
    who were at my wedding and are in the pic....Ben and Stephanie
  • Laura Kathryn Trevett Tidwell

     Laura Kathryn Trevett Tidwell
    I don't know the exact date, but in 1993 sometime, after a failed attempt to adoptus, my step-dad had his name legally added to mine and my two biological sisters, and he raised us as his own from that point forward.
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    My mother asked me at this age, age 14 to show her how I did my make up, and I told her no. Her responnse was to become an enraged psychopath. She began verbally abusing me, harassing me about my weight severly. She was horrible. She would hit me in the face, chase me around the house calling me a whacko and a retard. She said " If you lost a little bit of weight you could be as pretty as your sister ELizabeth and If you studied a little harder you could be as smart as your sister Kristin.
  • High school

    High school
    I was having suicidal Ideations, my biological father announced he was gay, my mother was becoming more abusive, my step-dad was hands off with the parenting, and I was on diet pills and starving myself. I had been on the beginning stages of spiral into hell. A guy at church was molesting me and another girl, and had gotten someone else pregnant, I had heard. I just wanted more then anything in the world was to be euthanized, a peaceful forever sleep.
  • Singing

    I went to Canada With my Chorus in high school, and we won first place in our competition.
  • My mission trip

    My mission trip
    God saved me so many times in my life, but this child saved me then. I was ready to give up on life, to just wander infront of a car, if I thought it would be quick and not result in a life of paralysis. I wanted so badly to be inspired again. I just wanted to end my life. I went to South America, and I built playgrounds, worked in a market selling fruit, taught vacation bible study, and went to an abuse shelter. This angel student name is Valentina. Born on Valentines day, she was 4 years old.
  • 11th grade

    I worked at a TV station, wcgt tv-16, and a restauraunt( my Mother's , Miriam's Cafe and Art Gallery), and was competitively singing in chorus, and trying to keep up with my school work.
  • My sister almost died

    My sister almost died
    My baby Sister almost died from blood alcohol poisoning, she was 14. I was 17, and our other sister was 15, in the picture. I had finally starved myself enough to be picked in a model search, like the pretty sister, but little did I know I was about to be diagnosed with bipolar.
  • Bachelor's degree

    I started my bachelor's degree at CSU. I was in Deficiency courses in math. I had to take them and make a certain grade to be offcially accepted into school.
  • Bipolar

    I almost didn't graduate from high school. I was taken to a hospital and tied to a bed while I was unconscious. I was over medicated, hada magazine stolen from me and put on bed rest for months with so much meds I Couldn't feed myself. 3 hours before graduation, ( after Night school, tutoring and regular school) I was given the green light that I had passed, bipolar was my diagnosis, that caused all of this. A lot of it was tantrums because of an abusive mother,though.
  • Sept 11th, 2001

    I was in a Math class, and I had a teacher from India. He had no controll over our class, and soldiers were being called to leave the classroom, and he locked us in. He was horrible. I raised money and volunteered for 10 months after at REd Cross.
  • London, the first time!

    One of the most amazing experiences of my life!!! I have a million pictures scrapbooked of this time in my life, but I don't want to damage them. I went everywhere, maxed two credit cards, had great grades, made lots of friends, kissed a guy in a night club, ran into my former director of a production I was in in NY, and he was directing LIon King.It was the absolute happiest time of my whole life, and yet I was insecure, and felt ugly like n oger. I also went to Scotland, Irland, and France.
  • Japan

    Worldsmart was a study abroad I got scholarships to travel with. It was a nightmare. I hated it, but Japan, was amazing. I love those people.
  • Disappearing act

    After years of my mothers verbal abuse, I packed my car, and drove to Mississippi to try to get into a shelter. On the way there I pawned my Jewlery and bought a subway sandwich. I tried to gt in shelters in Greenville Alabama, and Mississippi, but no one would accept me. So, I drove to back to Atlanta, and parked my car in Grady Memorial parking lot, where I slept in my car. I bathed in a gas station sink, and then I went to a shelter. I lived there for 2 and a half months.
  • My future husband

    My future husband
    I met the man I would marry. This picture is actually later in our relationship. We struggled, but after a year of Marriage counseling, I think we made the right decision to marry. This pic is of us crashing a family reunion in Jonesville, LA. It was great fun!
  • Modeling

    I modeled for a while. It was a bite my thumb at you gesture towards my mother, because I am not too fat to be beautiful. I had to learn that. It was a hard road, but when someone saw beauty in me. The tieds changed.
  • Graduation from my bachelor's degree

    Graduation from my bachelor's degree
    I did it. It took ten years, but I didi it!
  • My first self carved pumpkins

    My first self carved pumpkins
    I was discovering so many things I could do on my own. It was our first halloween in our own house, and I carved these pumpkins.
  • 20th re-birthday

    20th re-birthday
    I call my anniversary of my brain surgery my re-birthday and I celebrate it as such. I stopped speaking to my biodad this day, because he told me that when I was a child, I used to empty my dirty diaper on the floro. So, While I was having a seizure he told my soul " If you are ready to die, if you are ready to leave this universe I am ok with that, but you are not going to shit on my floor anymore."
  • Graduate School

    Graduate School
    I started Graduate school. The proudest moment of my life.
  • NYC

    we were in NYC and my parents surprised us by having grass put in the front of our house, and having it landscaped to look like a yard.
  • Our wedding day

    Our wedding day
    It snowed,in Iowa. We had a beautiful ceremony. I wore pink shoes to honor his mother who passed from breast cancer. We honeymooned in London and Paris. Immediately after. It was spring break in grad school, so it was a tight fit.
  • Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

    Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta
    After Marrying in Iowa, and Flying to London and PAris, we came back, and were on a nationally syndicated tv show, followed by a blessing from my childhood priest. I was also featured three times in Southern Views Magazine.
  • Honor Society

    Honor Society
    I spent so much of life believing I was a "retard" and a "whacko," that having my mother see the moment I was pinned in the honor society was catastrophic.