Queen Victoria

  • Birth of Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent

    Her parents were Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
  • Birth of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Francis Charles Albert Augustus Emanuel

    His parents were Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - Ernst Anton Karl Ludwig and Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg - Louise Dorothea Pauline Charlotte Fredericka Auguste
  • Death of Victoria's father

  • Death of Albert's mother

  • Victoria first met Albert

  • Period: to

    Albert's first visit to England

  • Victoria became Queen

    Victoria became Queen
    "I was awoke at 6 o'clock by Mamma, who told me the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Conyngham were here and wished to see me. I got out of bed and went into my sitting-room (only in my dressing gown) and alone, and saw them. Lord Conyngham then acquainted me that my poor Uncle, the King, was no more, and had expired at 12 minutes past 2 this morning, and consequently that I am Queen."
  • Period: to

    Queen Victoria's Reign

  • Queen Victoria's Coronation

    Queen Victoria's Coronation
    "MY DEAREST COUSIN, - I must write you a few lines to present you my sincerest felicitations on that great change which has taken place in your life.
    Now you are queen of the mightiest land of Europe, in your hand lies the happiness of millions. May God assist you, and strengthen you with His strength, in that high but difficult task!
    I wish that your reign may be long, happy, and glorious, and that your endeavors may be rewarded by the thankfulness and love of your subjects.
  • Period: to

    Albert's second visit to England

    "Having no great wish to see Albert, as the whole subject was an odious one, and one which I hated to decide about." "I may like him as a friend, and as a cousin, and as a brother, but not more; and should this be the case, I am very anxious that it should be understood that I am Not guilty of any breach of promise, for I Never gave any." “Received my 2 cousins Ernest & Albert – whom I found grown & changed & embellished. It was with some emotion that I beheld Albert – who is Beautiful.
  • Victoria proposed to Albert

    "At about ½ p.12, I sent for Albert; he came to the Closet where I was alone, and after a few minutes I said to him, that I thought he must be aware why I wished them to come here,- and that it would make me too happy if he would consent to what I wished..." Read More
  • Period: to

    Victoria & Albert's Engagement

    Dearest, greatly beloved Victoria - How is it that I have deserved so much love, so much affection? I cannot get used to the reality of all that I see and hear and have to believe that Heaven has sent me an angel whose brightness shall illumine my life. Oh, that I may succeed in making you very, very happy, as happy as you deserve to be! In body and soul, ever your loyal slave, Albert.
  • Marriage of Victoria & Albert

    Marriage of Victoria & Albert
    "The Ceremony was very imposing, and fine and simple and I think Ought to make an everlasting impression on every one who promises at the altar to Keep what he or she promises. Dearest Albert repeated everything very distinctly. I felt so happy when the ring was put on..." Read More
  • Period: to

    Victoria & Albert's Marriage

    "Victoria is the treasure on which my whole existence rests. The relation in which we stand to one another leaves nothing to desire. It is a union of heart and soul, and in it the children shall find their cradle, so as to be able one day to insure a like happiness for themselves."
  • Birth of Vicky - Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Princess Royal

    Birth of Vicky - Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Princess Royal
    “Just before the early hours of the morning of the 21st I felt again very uncomfortable & with difficulty aroused Albert . . . Tried to get to sleep again, but by 4 both the Doctors arrived. My beloved Albert was so dear and kind. . . Locock said the Baby was on the way & everything was all right. We both expressed joy that the event was at hand & I did not feel at all nervous… Albert stayed with me and held my hand the whole time…”
  • Birth of Bertie - Albert Edward, Prince of Wales - Edward VII

    "Our little boy is a wonderfully strong and large child, with very large dark blue eyes, a finely formed but somewhat large nose, and a pretty little mouth. He is to be called Albert and Edward is to be his second name... You will understand how fervent are my prayers, and I am sure everybody's must be, to see him resemble his father in every, Every respect, both in body and mind."
  • Period: to

    Victoria & Albert's First visit to Scotland

  • Birth of Princess Alice Maud Mary

    "Our little baby, who I really am proud of, for she is so very forward for her age, is to be called Alice, an old English name, and the other names are to be Maud (another old English name and the same as Matilda) and Mary, as she was born on Aunt Gloucester's birthday."
  • Death of Albert's father

  • Period: to

    First time Victoria & Albert were separated since their marriage

    Albert went to see his brother after their father died.
    "I feel very lonely without my dear master, and though I know other people are often separated, I feel that I could never get accustomed to it Without him everything loses its interest. It will always be a terrible pang for me to be separated from him even for two days, and I pray God not to let me survive him."
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  • Birth of Affie - Prince Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh & Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

  • Period: to

    Victoria & Albert's second visit to Scotland

  • Osborne Purchased

    Exact date unknown
  • Birth of Lenchen - Princess Helena Augusta Victoria

    "To-day I can send you the happy news. Yesterday afternoon God gave us a third little daughter. She came into this world rather blue; but she is quite well now. Victoria suffered longer and more than the other times excepting Bertie's and she will have to remain very quiet to recover."
  • Period: to

    Victoria & Albert's Third visit to Scotland

  • Birth of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta

  • First Visit to Balmoral

    First Visit to Balmoral
    "We arrived at Balmoral at a quarter to 3. It is a pretty little castle in the old Scottish style. There is a picturesque tower & garden in front, with a high wooded hill; at the back there is wood down to the Dee, & the hills rise all around. There is a nice little hall, with a billiard-room; next to it is the dining-room. Upstairs (ascending by a good..." Read More
  • Period: to

    First visit to Balmoral

  • Death of Lord Melbourne

  • First mention of John Brown in the Queen's Diary

    "Stopping for a moment at the Linn of Muich; here we found the ponies, which we mounted, forded the river, and were almost immediately at the hut. We stopped there only for an instant, and remounted our ponies directly; Grant, Macdonald (who led my pony the whole time, and was extremely useful and attentive), Jemmie Coutts (leading Lady Douro’s pony), Charlie Coutts, and John Brown going with us; old John Gordon leading the way."
  • Birth of Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert

    "He is to be called Arthur William Patrick Albert. His first name is in compliment to the good old Duke, on whose eighty-first birthday he first saw the light. Patrick is in remembrance of our recent visit to Ireland; William, of the Prince of Prussia, whom we shall ask to be godfather... My name the Queen inssists on retaining by way of coda."
  • First Description of John Brown in the Queen's Diary

    "A nice, active, modest lad; very good-humoured; always ready to do whatever is asked, and always with a smile on his face. He is 23, tall and good-looking, with a profusion of red curly hair."
  • Opening of the Great Exhibition

    Opening of the Great Exhibition
    This day is one of the greatest and most glorious days of our lives, with which to my pride and joy, the name of my dearly beloved Albert is forever associated! It is a day which makes my heart swell with thankfulness. We began the day with tenderest greetings and congratulations on the birth of our dear little Arthur. He was brought in at breakfast and looked beautiful... Read More
  • Period: to

    The Great Exhibition

  • Period: to

    Fourth visit to Balmoral

    "In 1851 he (John Brown) entered our service permanently, and began in that year leading my pony..."
  • Balmoral Purchased

    Exact date unknown
  • Birth of Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert

    "Stockmar will have told you that Leopold is to be the name of our fourth young gentleman. It is a mark of love and affection which I hope you will not disapprove. It is a name which is the dearest to me after Albert, and one which recalls the almost only happy days of my sad childhood; to hear "Prince Leopold" again, will make me think of all those days! His other names will be George Duncan Albert... George is after the King of Hanover, and Duncan as a compliment to dear Scotland..."
  • Foundation Stone of Balmoral Castle laid

  • Period: to

    First stay at the New Balmoral Castle

  • Vicky engaged to Fritz - Frederick William III of Prussia

    Vicky engaged to Fritz - Frederick William III of Prussia
    "Our dear Victoria was this day engaged to Prince Frederick William of Prussia, who had been on a visit to us since the 14th. He had already spoken to us on the 20th, of his wishes; but we were uncertain on account of her extreme youth, whether he should speak to her himself, or wait till he came back again. However, we felt it was better he should do so..." Read More
  • Birth of Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodora

    Birth of Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodora
    "The baby is thriving famously, and is prettier than babies usually are. Mamma-Aunt, Vicky, and her bridegroom are to be the little one's sponsors, she is to receive the historical, romantic, euphonious, melodious names of Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodora." - Prince Albert "She is to be called Beatrice, a fine old name, borne by three of the Plantagenet princesses and her other names will be Mary (after poor Aunt Mary), Victoria and Feodora." - Queen Victoria
  • Prince Albert was styled The Prince Consort

  • Marriage of the Princess Royal to Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia

    Marriage of the Princess Royal to Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia
    "The second most eventful day in my life as regards feelings. I felt as if I were being married over again myself, only much more nervous, for I had not that blessed feeling which I had then, which raises and supports one, of giving myself up for life to him whom I loved and worshipped then and ever." Read More
  • John Brown promoted to be the Queen's factotum in Scotland

    Exact date unknown “J. Brown was so attentive to us and so careful - he is now my special servant; and there can’t be a nicer, better or handier one.”
  • Birth of Wilhelm II, German Emperor

    Birth of Wilhelm II, German Emperor
    Vicky's first child, Queen Victoria's eldest grandchild.
    Of the other children only Bertie & Alice knew that Vicky was going to have a child. John Brown that Vicky was going to have a baby but did not know that the children did not know. In October 1858 the Queen told Vicky that Helena told John Brown that it was Vicky's husband's birthday misheard her thought she said Vicky’s baby was born and said “Aye! Has she got a girl or a boy?” which puzzled Helena.
  • Albert was in a carriage accident

    "My brother had driven from Kallenberg to Coburg. The horses took fright & his carriage was smashed at the barrier which shuts off the railway from the road. The coachman was severely injured, one of the horses fell dead on the spot. The Prince had leaped from the carriage just in time, but he unfortunately fell in doing so..." Read More
  • Alice engaged to Prince Louis of Hesse

    Alice engaged to Prince Louis of Hesse
    After dinner, whilst talking to the gentlemen, I perceived Alice & Louis talking before the fireplace more earnestly than usual, & when I passed to go to the other room, both came up to me, & Alice in much agitation said he had proposed to her, & he begged for my blessing. I could only squeeze his hand & say 'Certainly,' & that we would see him in our room later. Read More
  • Victoria & Albert's 21st Wedding Anniversary - the last before his death

    On Sunday we celebrated, with feelings of deep gratitude and love, the twenty-first anniversary of our blessed marriage, a day which had brought us, and I may say the world at large, such incalculable blessings! Very few can say with me that their husband at the end of twenty-one years is not only full of the friendship, kindness, and affection which a truly happy marriage brings with it, but the same tender love of the very first days of our marriage!
  • Death of Victoria's mother

    "I fell on my knees holding the beloved hand in both of mine. I felt the end was fast approaching, as Clark went out to call Albert and Alice, I only left gazing on that beloved face, and feeling as if my heart would break... Convulsed with sobs, I fell on the hand and covered it with kisses. Albert lifted me up and took me into the next room - himself entirely melted into tears, which is So Unusual for him - and clasped me in his arms..."
  • Last day in Scotland with Albert

    A most beautiful week, which we have thoroughly enjoyed; going out every day about 12, taking luncheon, served by an Invaluable Highland servant I have, who is my factotum here, & takes the most wonderful care of me, combining the offices of groom, footman, page, & Maid, I might almost say, as he is so handy about the cloaks & shawls. He always leads my pony, & always attends me, & is such a good handy faithful attached servant as I have nowhere; it is quite a sorrow for me to leave him behind.
  • Albert went to Cambridge to see Bertie

    He had heard about Bertie's affair with Nellie Clifden
  • Beatrice saw Albert for the last time

    "I found my Albert most dear and affectionate and quite himself when I went in with little Beatrice, whom he kissed. He quite laughed at some of her new French verses which I made her repeat; then he held her little hand in his for some time, and she stood looking at him. He then soon dozed off, and we left."
  • Death of Albert

    "Alice came in and kissed him, and he took her hand. Bertie, Helena, Louise, and Arthur came in one after the other and took his hand, and Arthur kissed it..."
    (Almost an hour later)
    "I bent over him and said to him ‘Es ist Kleines Frauchen’ and he bowed his head; I asked him if he would give me ‘Ein Kuss’ and he did so… I left the room for a moment…" Read More
  • Marriage of Princess Alice & Prince Louis of Hesse

    Marriage of Princess Alice & Prince Louis of Hesse
    Darling Alice had her order on, the beautiful opal cross and brooches of her adored papa, and Bertie's bracelet and the one with our pictures in it. She looked most lovely, with rather a full wreath of orange flowers and myrtle. The dress of crystalline silk, no more flowers but round the bottom of the dress. The four bridesmaids, our three girls and Anna... Read More
  • Bertie engaged to Alix - Alexandra, Princess of Denmark

    Bertie engaged to Alix - Alexandra, Princess of Denmark
  • Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Alexandra, Princess of Denmark

    Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Alexandra, Princess of Denmark
    "I could not take my eyes off precious little baby, with her golden hair and large nosegay, and smiled at her as she made a beautiful curtsey… Bertie looking pale and nervous, he bowed to me, and during the long wait for his Bride, kept constantly looking up at me, with an anxious clinging look… Alix was trembling and very pale. Dearest Albert's music was sung, which affected me much, and the Service proceeded…"
  • John Brown came to be with the Queen permenantly

    Exact date unknown
  • "Have decided that Brown should remain permanently and make himself useful in other ways besides leading my pony."

    "Have decided that Brown should remain permanently and make himself useful in other ways besides leading my pony."
    "He is a real treasure to me now, and I only wish higher people had his sense and discretion, and that I had as good a maid. He is called "The Queen's Highland Servant" and (like Lohlein — only in a lower position) It is an excellent arrangement, & I feel I have always in the house a good devoted soul whose only object and interest is my service, and I do so much want to be taken care of."
  • Princess Helena engaged to Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein

    Princess Helena engaged to Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Death of Uncle Leopold

  • "He" (John Brown) "has since (in December 1865) been promoted to be an upper servant, and my permanent personal attendant."

    "He" (John Brown) "has since (in December 1865) been promoted to be an upper servant, and my permanent personal attendant."
    "He was there at the Mausoleum for the first time... 'I didna like to see ye at Frogmore this morning; I felt for ye; to see ye coming there with your daughters and your husband lying there — marriage on one side and death on the other; no I didna like to see it; I felt sorry for ye; I know so well what your feeling must be — ye who had been so happy, and ye said there is no more pleasure for ye; poor woman, poor Queen. I feel for ye; what can I do for ye? I would give my life for ye.'”
  • Queen Victoria attended the opening of Parliament for the first time since Albert's death

  • Death of Prince Sigismund - Vicky's fourth Child; the first of the Queen's grandchildren to die

    Death of Prince Sigismund - Vicky's fourth Child; the first of the Queen's grandchildren to die
    "I found these words in an old Diary or Journal of mine. I was in great trouble about the Princess Royal who had lost her child in '66 — & dear John said to me: ‘I wish to take care of my dear good mistress till I die...’ & I took & held & kissed his dear, kind hand & I said I hoped he might long be spared to comfort me. I told him no one loved him more than I did and my beloved John answered ‘Nor you – than me. No one loves you more.’"
  • Marriage of Princess Helena to Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein

    Marriage of Princess Helena to Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Marriage of Queen Victoria & John Brown

    The 27th anniversary of her engagement to Albert
  • 27th anniversary of Victoria's marriage to Albert - 6th since his death

    She wrote to Vicky: “My gratitude for what was, my love and adoration for Papa are as great, and are part of myself. But with the easing of that violent grief – those paroxysms of despair and yearning and longing and of daily, nightly longing to die which for the first three years never left me – the power of realizing that life seems gone.”
  • Publication of Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands

    "To the dear memory of him who made the life of the writer bright and happy, these simple records are lovingly and gratefully inscribed."
  • The Queen arrived at Lucerne

    The Queen arrived at Lucerne
    "What am I to say of the glorious scenery of Switzerland; the view from this house which is very high is most wonderfully beautiful with the lake - Pilatus, the Righi &c. - & I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at it!. It seems like a painting or decoration - a dream! We took a charming drive last night round below Pilatus by Krienz - & the evening lights - the beautiful woods & all so green & fresh - was delightful. I am sitting writing in a very pretty little Summer House near the House."
  • The Queen arrived at Lucerne

    The Queen arrived at Lucerne
    Again resting – at ¼ to 6 took a drive with the 2 ladies, the Guide Hofmann & Brown on the rumble. We went through a fine wood of all kinds of trees, on emerging from which one suddenly came upon Pilatus 7,300ft. high, on the highest peaks & summits of which are very pointed rocks. The whole was glowing in the setting sun, what is called here Alpengluhen. It was glorious. We passed most picturesque chalets with galleries, many overhung with vines. Quite delighted with our first drive.
  • The Queen left Lucerne

    "...though very starlight, & Lucerne looked extremely pretty lit up. Some singers came to serenade us whilst we were at dinner… it is sad to be leaving such beautiful scenery, though I shall be glad to go to my own dear highland home."
  • The Queen left Lucerne

    The Queen left Lucerne
    "Started after luncheon for the steamer. It all looked so beautiful, that the thought of no longer seeing that glorious scenery made one quite sad. We landed and got into our carriage, which we had brought with us. Came to a small village, one of the finest spots we had been to. Got out for a moment to gaze at the magnificent view, the sun setting over Pilatus. Got down & at once got on board the steamer, taking our tea as we went. It was quite dark by the time we got back..."
  • The Queen arrived at Balmoral

  • First Visit to the Glassalt Shiel.A House-warming.

    First Visit to the Glassalt Shiel.A House-warming.
    "At nearly four o'clock left with Louise and Jane Churchill for the Glassalt Shiel. It was a beautiful evening, clear and frosty. We drove by Birkhall and the Linn of Mutch, where we stopped to take tea; we had just finished when Arthur arrived from Ballater with Grant, who had gone to meet him there. He had traveled straight from Geneva..." Read More
  • Birth of Victoria Margaret Thomson & Albert John Brown

    Birth of Victoria Margaret Thomson & Albert John Brown
  • A Highland "Kirstnin" (Christening)

    Drove with Louise, Beatrice & Lady Ely, to John Thomson the forester's house for the christening of a child. We stood on one side, & John Thomson & the minister were opposite me at the head of the table. Barbara, his wife, stood next to him, with the baby in her arms, & the old Thomsons & their unmarried daughter, the Donald Stewarts, the Grants, Victoria Morgan & her sister, & Brown...
    "The child's name is Victoria"..
    I gave my present (a silver mug) to the father, kissed the little baby...
  • A Second Christening

    I drove down at a quarter to four with Louise, Beatrice, Leopold (on the box with Brown) & Lady Ely, to the Bush (William Brown's) to the christening of a child, which was to be called Albert... the young mother was seated by the fire, with the baby on her lap. The old mother, Mrs. Brown, the three brothers, a few neighbours were there. I gave my present. It was a touching and impressive sight to see the young father holding the child with an expression of so much devotion and earnestness.
  • The Queen left Scotland

  • Death of Victoria Thomson

    The 7th anniversary of Prince Albert's death. She wrote to Vicky on the 19th:
    "I did not know what you suffered in June two years ago," (when Sigismund died) "I understand now and I wished to apologize for some unknowingly hurtful and unfeeling things I said then..."
  • Queen Victoria went to Balmoral

    She stayed till November 3 - her longest stay up to that time
  • Francie - Francis Clark - John Brown's cousin - became the Queen's Personal Attendant

    Francie - Francis Clark - John Brown's cousin - became the Queen's Personal Attendant
  • Betrothal of Princess Louise to the Marquis of Lorne

    "It took place during a walk from Glassalt Shiel. She had gone there with Janie Ely & some others & Lorne. I drove with Beatrice to Pannanich Wells… We got home by 7. Louise, who returned some time after we did, told me that Lorne had spoken of his devotion to her & proposed to her & that she had accepted him, knowing that I would approve. Though I was not unprepared for this result, I felt painfully the thought of losing her. But I gave my consent, and could only pray that she might be happy."
  • Marriage of Princess Louise to the Marquis of Lorne

  • 7th attempt on the Queen's life

    "At half past four drove in the open landau and four with Arthur, Leopold, and Jane Churchill, the Equerries riding. We drove round Hyde and Regent's Parks, returning by Constitution Hill, and when at the Garden Entrance a dreadful thing happened ... It is difficult for me to describe, as my impression was a great fright, and all was over in a minute..." Read More
  • Prince Leopold went to Oxford

    He went to college in 1872-1875
  • Death of Friedrich of Hesse and by Rhine

    Friedrich Wilhelm August Victor Leopold Ludwig - Alice's 5th child & the 2nd of the Queen's grandchildren to die.
  • Engagement of Prince Alfred and Grand-Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia

    Out to tea with Beatrice, near the pines and ilexes. Brown brought me a letter & two telegrams, the first of which came from Affie, from a few days ago, to let me know of his arrival in Russia. The telegrams were from yesterday & he said the following: "Marie & I were engaged this morning. Cannot say how happy I am. Hope your blessing rests on us." The other was a very touching one from the Emperor which brought tears to my eyes.
  • The Queen went to Scotland

    She stayed till December 10th, & had stayed for a month in May & June. The longest she ever stayed in Scotland in one year.
  • Birth of Tory - Victoria Margaret Brown

  • Tory's Christening

    On Friday morning was the “kirstnin” of Archie and Emma’s baby in their little house. As Emma is not strong enough yet to go out and above all as they were very anxious I should be present, Brown proposed the Dean (Wellesley of course I mean) should come & christen it here which he was delighted to do… Read More
  • Marriage of Prince Alfred and Grand-Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia

    Marriage of Prince Alfred and Grand-Duchess Marie Alexandrovna of Russia
    The wedding took place in Russia, at the Winter Palace, St Petersburg.
  • Home-coming of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

    The train with Alfred & Marie had arrived, Marie got out as I arrived. Alfred was already out. I kissed them, & then with Marie, Alfred & Beatrice, got in again, the carriage was open. The Ballater company of volunteers (in Farquharson tartan), were next to the bridge & from there to the arch & beyond stood all our people & all the tenants of the three estates with their families, all in full dress. The pipers walked in front playing, our keepers & gillies, on either side, followed by the rest."
  • John Brown's father died

    I was present at a solemn & touching funeral here on Thursday – the father of my dear faithful Brown – an old man in his 87th year; as usual the service was at the house. The dear old wife – nearly blind – stood at the door near me, & was much affected – but listened to the minister’s prayer; but she was quite overcome when she knew the coffin was being carried away by… Read More
  • Queen Victoria styled "Her Imperial Majesty The Queen-Empress"

    “My thoughts much taken up with the great event at Delhi today, & in India generally, where I am being proclaimed Empress of India. I have for the first time signed myself as V.R. & I., Victoria Regina et Imperatrix!"
  • Death of Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine

    Death of Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine
    Marie Viktoria Feodore Leopoldine - 3rd of the Queen's grandchildren to die
  • Death of Princess Alice

    This terrible day come again. I woke in the morning, asked for news, nothing had come… met Brown coming with two telegrams: I looked at one from Louis: "Poor Mama, poor me, my happiness gone, dear, dear Alice. God’s Will be done.”
    Directly after came another telegram… darling Alice had died at ½ p. 7. It is too awful that this dear, talented, tender-hearted, sweet child, who behaved so admirably during her father’s illness, & in supporting me in every possible way, should die on this anniversary
  • Marriage of Prince Arthur and Louischen - Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia

    Marriage of Prince Arthur and Louischen - Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia
  • Death of Prince Waldemar of Prussia - Vicky's 6th child

    Death of Prince Waldemar of Prussia - Vicky's 6th child
    Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar
  • Birth of the Queen's first Great-Grandchild

    Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen, daughter of Princess Charlotte of Prussia, Vicky's eldest daughter “Received the news that Charlotte has safely had a little girl & I have thus become a Great-Grandmother! Quite an event."
  • Death of Disraeli

    "Received the sad news that dear Lord Beaconsfield had passed away. I am most terribly shocked and grieved, for dear Lord Beaconsfield was one of my best, most devoted, and kindest of friends..."
  • Prince Leopold created Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence & Baran Arklow

  • Engagement of Prince Leopold & Helen - Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont

    Engagement of Prince Leopold & Helen - Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont
    "I am SO happy. Now you will know what has happened, without my saying more; we became engaged this afternoon... Oh my dear brother, I am so overjoyed, and you, who know this happiness, you will be pleased for me, won't you?... you will understand why I'm mad with joy today." - Leopold to Louis of Hesse (Alice's husband)
  • Marriage of Prince Leopold and Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont

    Marriage of Prince Leopold and Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont
  • Home-coming of Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Albany

    "The train arrived almost immediately, & Leopold & Helen stepped out. The guard of honour was the Seaforth Highlanders (Duke of Albany's). Leopold & Helen got at once into the landau with us, & we drove straight to Balmoral. At the bridge Louischen & Horatia were waiting in a carriage, & followed us. Beyond the bridge, & when we had just passed under the arch..." Read More
  • The Queen fell on the stairs and hurt her knee

    "As I was going downstairs this afternoon to go out, I missed the last steps, and came down violently on one leg, without actually falling, which caused violent pain in my knee. I could not move for a moment. Then Brown came and helped me into the carriage. On coming home, however, I had to be lifted out, and supported by Brown…"Read more
  • Death of John Brown

    "He was in my service for 34 years and for 18 never left me for a single day." "The Queen feels that life for the Second time is become most trying and sad to bear deprived of all she so needs." "Dear Lizzie & Jessie..." (John Brown's sisters-in-law)
    "Dear, dear John - my dearest best friend... You have your husbands - your support, but I have no strong arms..."
    Read More
  • Hugh Brown (John Brown's brother) became the Queen's Personal Attendant

  • Publication of More Leaves from the Journal of a Life in the Highlands

    To my loyal Highlanders, and especially to the memory of my devoted Personal Attendant and faithful friend, John Brown, these records of my widowed life in Scotland are gratefully dedicated.
  • Death of Prince Leopold

    He died in Cannes, France, almost exactly 1 year after John Brown.
    "Is it not extraordinary & awful that all this should happen almost at the very moment as last year - & 4 hours only after my dearest best friend was taken last year"
  • Beatrice met Prince Henry of Battenberg

    At the wedding of Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine (Alice's oldest daughter) and Prince Louis of Battenberg (brother of Henry). The Queen did not want Beatrice get married and there are no mentions of Beatrice in her letters or diaries for 7 months after this.
  • Engagement of Princess Beatrice to Liko - Prince Henry of Battenberg

    Engagement of Princess Beatrice to Liko - Prince Henry of Battenberg
    "I am surprised at myself considering the horror and dislike of the most violent kind I had for the idea of my precious Baby's marrying at all how I should have been so much reconciled to it now that it is settled. But it is Liko who has so completely won my heart. He is so modest, so full of consideration for me and so is she, and both are quietly and really sensibly happy."
  • Lewis Harcourt wrote in his diary about the Queen & John Brown's marriage

    "Lady Ponsonby told the Home Secretary a few days ago that Miss Macleod declares that her brother, Norman Macleod, confessed to her on his death bed that he had married the Queen to John Brown. Miss Macleod could have had no object in inventing such a story, so that one is inclined to believe it."
  • Marriage of Princess Beatrice to Prince Henry of Battenberg

    Marriage of Princess Beatrice to Prince Henry of Battenberg
    "A happier-looking couple could seldom be seen. I stood very close to my dear child, who looked very sweet, pure and calm. Though I stood for the 7th time near a child & for a 5th time near a daughter, at the alter, I think I never felt more deeply than I did on this ocassion, but I did Not cry… I tenderly embraced my darling Baby. I bore up bravely till the departure & then fairly gave way. I remained quietly upstairs & when I heard cheering and singing I stopped my ears and cried bitterly."
  • Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

    "I sat alone where I sat fifty years ago & received the homage of the Princes & Peers, but in the old coronation chair of Edward III with the old stone brought from Scotland, on which the old Kings of Scotland used to be crowned. My robes were beautifully draped on the chair. The service was very well done. The Te Deum, by my darling Albert, sounded beautiful…" Read More
  • Abdul Karim arrived

    Abdul Karim arrived
    "The two Indian servants were there… Mohammed Buksh... the other, Abdul Karim, is much younger, tall, and with a fine serious countenance. His father is a native doctor at Agra. They both kissed my feet."
  • The Queen started learning Hindustani

    The Queen started learning Hindustani
    "I am learning a few words of Hindustani to speak to my servants. It is a great interest to me, for both the language and the people. I have naturally never come into contact with it before." "I take a little lesson every evening in Hindustani... It is a great interest and amusement to me. Young Abdul teaches me and is a very strict master..."
  • Birth of Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena - Beatrice's only daughter & the first Royal child born in Scotland in nearly 300 years

    Birth of Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena - Beatrice's only daughter & the first Royal child born in Scotland in nearly 300 years
    "My little Jubilee Grandchild"
  • Fritz & Vicky became Emperor & Empress of Germany

    "My Own Dear Empress Victoria,
    It does seem an impossible dream, may God bless you! You know how little I care for rank or titles, but I cannot deny that after all that has been done and said, I am thankful and proud that dear Fritz and you should have come to the throne."
  • Death of Fritz

    "The tragedy is too appalling for me to find words to express my feelings. Dear, darling Fritz, how I loved him, and how he loved me! The tragedy for my poor child is too ghastly — much worse even than mine in 1861."
  • Abdul Karim promoted to "the Munshi" - Munshi means teacher or secretary

    Abdul had expected to be in a higher position than “khidmatgar” – table hand or cook – and said he wished to return to India. In the Queen’s diary she said:
    “Am making arrangements to appoint Abdul a munshi, as I think it was a mistake to bring him over as a servant to wait at table, a thing he had never done, having been a clerk in his own country. I had made this change..." Read More
  • The Queen stayed at Glassalt Shiel for the first time in 6 years

    The Queen stayed at Glassalt Shiel for the first time in 6 years
    "The Queen is off today to Glassalt Shiel to stay there till tomorrow. She has not done this since 1882, having gone there once (but not stayed) and given it up after Brown died, and said she would never sleep there again. However she has changed her mind and has taken Abdul with her!"
  • Albert Brown became the Queen's personal attendant

    Albert Brown became the Queen's personal attendant
    "My dear Highland Laddie – Albert – is now my attendant… his constant presence is a great consolation to me, and his strength and calm nature gives me a sense of security and peace I have not often had lately... one of the brightest sunbeams in my life..."
  • Birth of Maurice Victor Donald - Beatrice's youngest son and the youngest of the Queen's official grandchildren

    He was born in Scotland
  • Death of Eddie - Albert Victor Christian Edward - Bertie's oldest son

  • Death of Louis of Hesse

    "Darling Louis, whom I loved so dearly, who was devoted to me and I to him for more than thirty years, it is too dreadful to have to lose him too! He was so devoted to England, and it was his greatest happiness to be with us. How he was adored by his children, now indeed orphans!"
  • Some of Abdul's family came to England

    "I don't think I told you of the two Indian ladies who are here now, and who are, I believe, the first Mohammedan purdah ladies who ever came to live in England... they keep their custom of complete seclusion and of being entirely covered when they go out, except their eyes. They are the wife of my Munshi and her mother. They are both very pretty with beautiful eyes… beautifully dressed with green, red, blue & rose gauze veils spangled with gold, very gracefully worn…"
  • Abdul appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire

  • Death of Francie Clark

    Death of Francie Clark
    “Alas! The news that was brought in to me this morning was that dear Francie died peacefully at four. Too, too sad… he is a real loss to me.” “Deeply, deeply grieved, but thankful he is no longer suffering…”
  • Death of Albert Brown

    "A great event at Balmoral was the funeral of Albert Brown, who was a nephew of John Brown. If a member of the Royal family died there could not have been more elaborate gloom & fuss. The Queen went to the funeral, accompanied by Prince Christian & Princess Beatrice, & all the members of the household in waiting & the domestics & estate servants were commanded to attend…" Read More
  • Liko left for Africa

    "Took tea with Beatrice and Liko and directly afterwards he came to wish me good-bye, and was much upset, knelt down and kissed my hand and I embraced him. Poor darling Beatrice came in sadly, and they left together for Bagshot, where they were going to spend the night, as he has to go to Aldershot to-morrow morning and start from there. I could think of little else but this sad parting. God grant that dear Liko may be brought back safe to us!
  • Death of Liko

    “With this loss coming so soon on that of October - 2 of the brightest lights in my life - besides of course Darling Beatrice & Arthur - have gone out… It seems almost as if the years ‘61 & ’83 had returned.”
    “We feel that the sun is gone out of our lives with beloved, noble Liko! Darling Beatrice is quite admirable, so patient, so resigned, so courageous and calm..." Read More
  • Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

    Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
    No one ever, I believe, has met with such an ovation as was given… The crowds were indescribable, & the enthusiasm truly marvelous & deeply touching. I was much moved & gratified… Before leaving I touched an electric button, by which I started a message which was telegraphed throughout the whole Empire: "From my heart I thank my beloved people, May God bless them!" Read More
  • Marriage of Victoria Margaret Brown to Arthur George Geoff Cooper

    "The marriage of Miss Victoria Brown, only child of Archibald Brown, & niece of the late John Brown, to A. G. Cooper. The bride is a goddaughter of Her Majesty, & has always been a great favorite with the Queen. On the present occasion the Queen made some handsome presents to her goddaughter, a wedding-gown of ivory satin & veil trimmed with orange blossoms & white heather, & a silver teapot with the inscription 'to V.B from Victoria R.I., November 8, 1898...'"
  • Death of Young Affie - Alfred's only son

  • Abdul appointed a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO),

    A rank between member and knight
  • Birth of Victoria Alberta Cooper

    She was born on the Queen's 80th birthday "The infant daughter of the organist of Crathie Church, who married Miss Victoria Brown, niece of the Queen's favourite attendant, the late John Brown, has just been christened Victoria, the Queen acting as godmother, and giving a handsome present."
  • Death of Prince Alfred

    "A terrible day. When I had hardly finished dressing Lenchen & Beatrice knocked at the door. I asked if there were any news, & Lenchen replied, 'yes had news, very bad news; he is dead!' Oh, my poor darling Affie gone too! My fourth grown-up child, besides three very dear sons-in-law. It is so merciful that dearest Affie died in his sleep without any struggle, but it is heartrending... such an awful shock. Felt terribly shaken & broken… Recollections of dear Affie’s childhood & youth crowded in…
  • Birth of Victor Archibald Arthur Cooper

  • Death of Christle - Helena's oldest son

  • Death of Jane Churchill

    “Dear Jane was one of my most faithful - and almost the last - of my intimate friends…”
    “The loss to me is not to be told. Dear Jane had been with me nearly fifty years; the last of my ladies in the household from dearest Albert’s time, and has always been a kind friend to my friends. I cannot imagine life without her... I could hardly speak when I was told.”
  • Last entry in the Queen's diary

    Had a fair night, but was a little wakeful. Got up earlier & had some milk. Lenchen came & read some papers. Out before one, in the garden chair, Lenchen & Beatrice going with me. Rested a little, had some food, & took a short drive with Lenchen & Beatrice. Rested when I came in, & at 5.30 went down to the drawing room, where a short service was held by Mr Clement Smith, who performed it so well, & it was a great comfort to me. Rested again afterwards, then did some signing & dictated to Lenchen