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  • The most beautiful thing in the universe was born

    The most beautiful thing in the universe was born
    I was born in Ibagué - Tolima, my parents say that when they first saw me they felt "the greatest joy in the world", of the 4 children, I was the one with the greatest weight and height at birth.
  • Period: to

    my childhood

    In my childhood I did not miss anything, I had everything I needed at that time, I was happy one, I was the youngest of four and, therefore, the most spoiled, they gave me a lot of love and affection.
    In my childhood, my family taught me many things apart from values, they taught me to be a brave girl to not depend on anything or anyone.
  • My first gift

    My first gift
    My first gift was a wallet, that wallet was inherited from my older brother, it didn't take more than 2 weeks to get back to his hands, since it was very valuable to him.
  • kindergarten

    I studied in the kindergarten Huellitas de amor. I haven't studied more than a month since I suffered bullying because I was a bit "emotional" or "sentimental." They always sang a song that somehow generated trauma and every time I heard the song began to cry.
  • My preschool

    My preschool
    I studied at the liceo La Paz. I started participating in events thanks to the support of my sister.
  • My graduation

    My graduation
    I took my first step, my preschool graduation was with my family and friends
  • My new school

    My new school
    I started studying my first degree in José Joaquín Florez Hernández. I didn't think that in that school I would find my second family, they welcomed me without thinking twice.
    I did not imagine that this was the beginning of thousands and new stories.
  • How did I learn to swim?

    How did I learn to swim?
    Easy, I learned when I was eight, my teachers were my sister, my father and my brother every time we went to the river they made me drink water, they told me that I learned to swim fast
    after that at school they put a swimming teacher named camilo, my brother bothered me saying "camilo, crocodile head"
  • my birthday

    my birthday
    I remember very well that my father brought me a coconut cake as usual, but on that birthday they gave me what I always asked for for my birthdays. Have my whole family together
  • My first presentation

    My first presentation
    It was in 2012 at José Joaquín School with my classmates in fifth grade.
  • My almost sister

    My almost sister
    Karol Dayana Pérez, is the name of the girl who for years made me feel that she was an "older sister", was my neighbor and my best friend
  • my fifth grade

    my fifth grade
    After five long years, I finally reached my second goal, graduating fifth with stories to tell and from which I could learn to improve my future.

    for that occasion we had participated in the reign but on that occasion I was in the compars, from that moment I began to participate in the cultural events of the school
  • My Halloween

    My Halloween
    my sister on that occasion had lent me her dress to go out and ask for sweets
  • Cattle fairs

    Cattle fairs
    With my family we went to the fairs every year to observe the cows, bulls, horses, birds, etc. On that occasion I rode a buffalo. It was great!
  • Folklore 2015

    Folklore 2015
    I was the queen of school folklore 2015-2016
    the effort of years was reflected that year
  • Ninth grade

    Ninth grade
    The ninth grade was one of the courses that I liked the most, since I had new and old classmates who gradually entered my little heart.
    They taught me the true meaning of friendship.
  • Ibagué con sentido

    Ibagué con sentido
    That afternoon, the students of the school participated in a contest of dance, singing, graffiti, photography and cinema that we won in 4 of 5 sections.
    I participated in the dance section and it was in which he won first place.
  • the reunion of childhood

    the reunion of childhood
    I met a childhood friend, Mafe H (who studied with me in preschool). I did not think that I would see again in the course of my life.
  • the beginning of a friendship

    the beginning of a friendship
    In that year I started one of my many more stories, but that was with many more adventures.
    But one of the most important things is that I found some sensational girls, mafe and estefanía, that I didn't think would be the people with whom I would share more years of my life and much less that they became my best friends.
  • my fifteen years

    my fifteen years
    I had a very small family reunion with folk music from Colombia and my friends.
  • school expedition

    school expedition
    in the expedition we went to chinauta for having won the school business fair
  • halloween 2018

    halloween 2018
  • Christmas

    Christmas and New Year are one of the few dates of the year that I like, since it is one of the dates that I always spend with my family.

    I am a 17 year old girl, with strange musical tastes, since most of the young people do not like genres such as punk, ska, rock, metal, acoustic music (hallways, guabinas, canes, bambucos, etc.) I am a girl sure that it will fulfill its objectives that despite having fears and insecurities will continue fighting until the end.
    I believe in myths and legends, in white magic and black magic, that I believe in karma and the energy of being, I love energy stones and always carry an amethyst with me.
  • my family

    my family
    My family is composed of 2 brothers, 1 sister, my father and my mother, each of them teaches me different things to face life, society and the real world.
  • Period: to

    My 2019

    this 2019 had many adventures and new stories
  • Justice of the Peace

    Justice of the Peace
    For this year, I launched myself as a candidate to be one of the many leaders of the school and I am one of the main ones.
    I am the justice of the peace school
  • language day performance, Homer's Odyssey

    language day performance, Homer's Odyssey
    it was a small intervention of eleventh grade students to entertain and educate students
  • marching carnival

    marching carnival
    IN Defense of Water, Land, Life and against Megaminería. There the exploration and mining problem will be visible.
  • My best friends

    My best friends
    They are the 2 girls who have marked my life the most, in the 4 and 3 years of friendship together we have learned to live together, love and respect ourselves and most importantly to complement each other
  • Ibagué rock city

    Ibagué rock city
    Ibagué Rock city, is one of the best rock festivals in the country, this time I met the tsetse fly
  • Halloween 2019

    Halloween 2019
    One of my best Halloween was this, I made new friends and had the opportunity to spend it with three wonderful prem, mafe and estefania girls
  • my short term goal

    my short term goal
    My goal now is to graduate, spend the year and enter the UT or some other university
  • travel through Latin America and Europe

    travel through Latin America and Europe
    My medium and long term goals are to know Latin America, its gastronomy and culture after this, to know Europe
  • My long term goal

    My long term goal
    My goal is to graduate in social sciences or psychology at a university