Alpargatas 496

Since 1997

  • Firts day

    I was born on February 4, 1997. In Polyclinic San Antonio.
  • Mountaineer

    Every summer i am at the village, and it is imposible to return to Bilbao without been at the mountain. I love it. It is nature!! i love nature, and whenever is possible i go there.
  • Aida Alfaro

    Aida Alfaro
    That is a special day, exactly the first day that I spoke with Aida. It has been very important in my life, she has helped me a lot in difficult days. Actually is one of my best friends.
  • Typical dances

    Typical dances
    My fist dance day.
  • Mushrooms

    every year we go to the village to collect it.
  • Not a stranger

    Not a stranger
    Paula is a girl of my village. She born with complications and as result now is different. She is very resteless, speaks estrange, she make a lot of questions to everyone. I don´t like to say that is strange, is an other girl, with difficulties but normal.
    Some years ago, when i was angry with my friends i always was with here and every day was someone telling me that when i was with babys they were different. That's why I want to study teaching chealdren.
  • Communion

    Well, sometimes I think that I do it for presents, other times, however, i think that I do it because of Christian feelings.
  • Oldest

    We went to see one of the oldest oak tree.
  • Sunset

    I love sunsets from the village, it is special because ones of those you cant see from the city.
    When I have to think or i wanted to be alone a little beat I seat down in front of the sunset, but the magic time is when the sun disappears and suddenly stars appear.
  • Snow

    My first day using the slegh.
  • The night of terror

    The night of terror
    Every year went a camp to the village, and that day my friends and i we collaborate with the monitors we dressed and invent a story of horror.
  • Last photo

    Last photo
    I think that this is the last photo of friends. I say the last because now a days we are not together because a lot of lies that have been around us, and most of them against me. Yes, some weeks I was alone because all people thought that I was bad person.
  • The best

    The best
    Suddenly appeared Naiara and Izaskun, my favourite twins. They also were a little beat alone because they doesn't met with any of us. So I speak with them and bit by bit we started being best friends until today, and I hope for lifetime.
  • Naia

    Naia is my cousins daughter. I love babys, so i´m in love with her.
  • Bethany

    Bethany was my first american friend. I was very uncorfortable with her because she doesn´t speak with any of the other americans. Also when i went to her house i have not eaten anything, I ate in other houses, with my friends.
  • Lunch

    This is one of the last days at Artxandape. In the photo we apear nearly all of students with some of the teachers.
    For me has been very dificult chanching from Artxandape to Begoñazpi.
  • Madrid.

    I don´t know the exact day. Maria, Miren, Irene, Olaia and I went with Ainara (our english teacher) to Madrid. We went because we wanted to be more days with our first americans friends.
    Also has been my first time in Madrid.
  • Chicago

    First year, second day in Chicago.
  • Bye Chicago-North Muskegon

    Bye Chicago-North Muskegon
    Last day with our new friends. Maybe for ever, maybe for a moment.
  • hermitage

    Lonely place inhabited by a hermit or living separately for several; sometimes there is a shrine or chapel which can be a place of pilgrimage.
    Excursion with my archaeologist friend. I like this excursion because we go to places that we don´t know.
  • Las Tuerces

    This is a mountain that before was under water, so you can find different shells. I love this route because in the top there are big stones that seems to be mushrooms.
    (here I can´t upload an image, I don´t know why)
  • Bermeo

    We went to Bermeo to vist with Nikee, Maria and my American friend of this year.
  • Chicago

    Second day of the second year in Chicago.
  • Bye village.

    Bye village.
    the last saturday of every August all the people we eat all together next to the river.
    This year has been special because two of my older friends and I have prepared games for children. Is the first year of it and I would like to continue every years.
  • Car licence

    I have my car licence! I can go wherever i want!
  • Summer!

    Yeah! We finished grade 12 and I have passed the selectivity with the points I had to.
  • Career

    I started my career like teaching chealdren in Oviedo, because was cheaper and we can´t allow high prices.
  • I´m teacher!

    I´m already teacher! yeeeees!
  • At Artxandape

    I´m Artxandape's teacher, i'm with 2 years old children.
  • My boy

    I had marriaged with Diego.
  • Tweens

    I had tweens of girls.
  • third

    New baby appeared in my life. A boy.
  • New house.

    We live in Pino, my village. Where every summer and vacations had been there.
  • Bye bye life.

    I´m dead.