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A star is born

  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born in Dorada Caldas on a warm September afternoon. I arrived to brighten the hearts of a beautiful couple.
  • Period: to

    My passage on the School

    I studied at the San Pedro Claver school in Puerto Boyacá. I spent twelve years in this school that taught me many things for life. I got many friends and I shared many beautiful memories in this school.
  • First time in Santa Marta

    First time in Santa Marta
    I met the sea for the first time, a unique experience
  • Camp

    My first camp was great, I lived a unique and unrepeatable experience.
  • My first parade

    My first parade
    I had my first show where I represented Medellín as a silletero, I danced all over the town with great joy and we got the first place being the winners, it was a great day.
  • Period: to

    My passage on the Sena

    it was two years where I shared with friends, teachers and many people. I learned a lot about administration and learned to love several people.
  • My grandfather

    My grandfather
    He taught me a lot about life, about love, about everything. I will admire him forever.
  • My first day of classes in eleven grade

    My first day of classes in eleven grade
    There was a lot of longing because our last year at school had started, we knew that it was not long before we finished that stage. It was a great day, we shared a lot and we took lots of pictures.
  • Natural Dam

    Natural Dam
    I was with my family knowing a nartural dam in Cocorná, it was great
  • Our teacher's birthday

    Our teacher's birthday
    It was a night full of joy, we shared the birthday of our dear teacher together, it was a surprise and she was very happy.
  • Dinner of grade

    Dinner of grade
    It was a magical night, I shared with all my Sena friends and our instructor
  • Second time in Santa Martha

     Second time in Santa Martha
    They were three happy days, full of sun, breeze and sea
  • Dioselinas's witch

    Dioselinas's witch
    It was a night full of laughs, I also met Piroberta
  • Graduation dance

    Graduation dance
    It was the last day I shared with my classmates, it was a magical night, full of emotions knowing that we would finish school, full of joy ... and of course, a lot of liquor
  • My grade

    My grade
    It was the best day of my life. A day to never forget, there was great joy in all my friends, at night we were in the pool celebrating our degree.
  • Apprentice's Day

    Apprentice's Day
    I danced, I played and I learned all day.
  • My first theater class

    My first theater class
    I had my first theater class in September 2018, it was great because I learned a lot and it was very good.
  • My birthday

     My birthday
    I turned seventeen, it was a wonderful day. I shared with nice people.
  • Business fair

    Business fair
    It was an excellent fair where we exchanged information about our class program

    I was in an award where I awarded the best social leaders of Boyacá. Young people of Raca Mandaca
  • Theater

    My first theater presentation in front of many people. It was a great day since I was able to show what I know and my talent
  • Knowing Boyacá

    Knowing Boyacá
    I was in Paipa learning about politics and taking messages of reflection to all the people there
  • Awareness

    It was a night where we taught people to take care of the park, we were disguised as mimes
  • Last day of the year

    Last day of the year
    It was a nostalgic and happy day, I shared with my family and friends, we welcomed a new year.
  • My first drunken

    My first drunken
    A great night, I shared with my friends and we had a lot of beer
  • Sharing with my family

    Sharing with my family
    I shared with all my family, a day full of joy and we remember many things together.
  • Meeting

    We met with several leaders of the municipality and the region ... We watched movies, we ate a lot and we had fun.
  • My mother's birthday

    My mother's birthday
    It was a night full of joy, magic and lots of love.
  • Youth Week

    Youth Week
    A great week, full of learning for many young people of the town.
  • Afternoon of cousins

    Afternoon of cousins
    It was a beautiful afternoon in Bogotá, we had a lot of fun that day. It was great!
  • My first documentary

    My first documentary
    There I introduced myself as a reporter, I loved being recorded there
  • Trash challenge

    Trash challenge
    It was in that we were able to help our planet
  • Day of man

    Day of man
    Our friends celebrated that day with great joy, I enjoyed sharing with everyone.
  • Nápoles

    I met many animals that I like, I loved being there surrounded by so many animals and nature
  • requested by hand

    requested by hand
    My father asked his girlfriend for marriage.
  • My first casting for T.V

    My first casting for T.V
    It was a wonderful afternoon, I met great people and I learned a lot about television and its components
  • March carnival

    March carnival
    It was a march full of color, joy and dancing. We were defending the water, life and air of Puerto Boyacá
  • YMCA Birthday

    YMCA Birthday
    We were in the 175 years of the YMCA, we celebrated a lot, we made challenges and we shared.