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My Life

  • Birth

    I was born on June 24th, 2007 at twenty nine weeks along with my twin brother. I was born at Royal Oak hospital. It was 7:47 p.m. when I was born. Their are no pictures of infant me because I was born so early. This picture was taken a few days after I was born.
  • Coming home

    Coming home
    I came home from the hospital. Having twins my parents were in for a world of trouble. My twin brother went home before me.
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    I had cake on my first birthday. I've heard it's a tradition. In the picture I am on the left and my twin is on the right. Their is a video of us eating our cake. At one point I had fashionable cake earrings.
  • My 2nd Christmas

    My 2nd Christmas
    I don't remember my second Christmas. This picture was taken at home. We no longer have that white pole because we had a few walls taken down the next year. This wall was, obviously, one of those. We were also walking at this point which is really exciting considering our early due date.
  • Little Sister Born

    Little Sister Born
    We fostered my sister Tasha since her parents didn't want her. Five days after being born someone brought her over. I was only four at the time and couldn't understand babies. I didn't know they needed to learn basic functions and I filled her crib with stuffed animals to welcome her. When she arrived, she didn't know how to play with them, and so the agony began.
  • 1st day of 1st grade

    1st day of 1st grade
    I started 1st grade in august. August, how outrageous. In the photo I am standing on the porch next to my twin.
  • Painting with a twist

    Painting with a twist
    On this day I went with my sister, mom, and grandma to painting with a twist. This is one of the reasons I love drawing. My grandma's fox is the best but she wouldn't admit it.
  • Period: to

    Girl Scout Camp

    I have been to girl scout camp 3 times, my first time was the worse. We went to a really weird camp. We quickly changed the next year and found a much better camp. I am the girl top left
  • Sterling Fest

    Sterling Fest
    I live in sterling heights. Every year they have a festival called Sterling Fest. It's a sort of carnival, fair thing with local bands, authors, crafters, and rides. I am nine in the picture. My older sister is also in the picture.
  • Period: to

    Camping in Almont

    We went camping in our trailer. While their we toured a lighthouse that my grandmother painted. My favorite part was going on a doon ride. We also went to Michigan adventure. I went on my first rollercoaster there.
  • Michigan Adventurer

    Michigan Adventurer
    In the picture I am standing with my siblings. We took this picture because it looks like my grandpa's car. Michigan adventure was so cool. Their were a lot of Snoopy Stuffed animals for sale their.
  • Adoption complete

    Adoption complete
    My cousins Max and Ruby were born in 2005. They did not have the best home life and we eventually fostered them. They came too us in September 2014. After three years we finally adopted them. Its sad how long it took the government to move things along. In this picture we are on some camping trip I used it because it was very close to the date. We also look very cute.
  • Budgie

    My family got a bird. It was a special type of parakeet known as a budgie. My sister named him Skyler and we had him for three or four years before giving him to a widow at our church. He was blue and green. I'm so glad he moved. Our cat tormented him! Now he is sort of a therapy bird.
  • Performance

    This was my fourth year of dance, second performance. We were mario. I was in 5th grade. The dance genre was baton. I am a majorette (twiriler).
  • 1st day of 6th Grade

    1st day of 6th Grade
    Sixth grade was the year Covid hit. My older siblings were in eight grade at the time. My teacher was Mr. Siekman. He was ok... Math was all review. The other teacher was Mrs. Heckt, it was her first year.
  • I cut my hair

    I cut my hair
    My best friend and I donated our hair to cancer. She donated 7 inches. I only donated five. We later turned it in. I want to do it again. However, five inches is a lot, as you can see from my face in the picture.
  • Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom
    Magic kingdom was the best. Ever since I was little I wanted to go on the little mermaid ride and I finally did. In the photo I'm with my brother and my best friends outside of the ride. It was a dream come true. I am most-likely never going their again.
  • Period: to

    Forester Park

    This was my favorite vacation. It was the summer I turned 13. My best friend was with us and the water was crystal clear. We made a fort in the woods. We rode our bikes through a river. Ice cream everyday.
  • 13th Birthday

    13th Birthday
    My thirteenth birthday was the best. 2020 was the best year of my life. I spent my birthday on the water, eating ice cream, building forts, making smores, digging holes, swimming, and playing with my best friend. I remember freaking out over my age. Wow, I was so young.
  • Period: to

    Disney land

    I've only been to Disney once for cost reasons. It was in the middle of covid so plain tickets were $18 their and back and our hotel, which was bigger than our house, was $65. We went to magic kingdom and holly wood studios.
  • Millie

    Millie is the best dog. We got her on this day. She is a bernadoodle(saint bernard mixed with a black lab). She is the best. To quote Millie, "The stairs are the devils playground."
  • Won AR

    Won AR
    AR stands for acelerated reader. It is a website with test for almost every book and a set amount of point based on how well you did and how long the book was. The adverage book is 5 point. I received 817.2 points. To put that into perspective, 400 was enough to win.
  • Period: to

    West Virginia

    I went to VW with my family and family's friends. We stayed in a cabin in the woods and went white water rafting. We also stoped at the devils bathtub which is a canyon in Ohio. It was so pretty. We also went on a lot of hikes.
  • Author

    I worked on this for four years. It took so much work. Check it out, https://www.devotionalsbyabigailsandison.com/. I took the picture at sunset. The lighting is perfect.
  • A not so Terrible Parable

    A not so Terrible Parable
    My first real role on stage was as one of the not so good samaritans. This was a musical at my school called, "A not so Terrible Parable." It is a spoof off the Good Samarating that takes place in a hotel in the 20's. I was one of the bad guys. I sold bibles and was interigated.
  • Period: to

    Lake of the Osarks

    We stayed at our friend's uncle's cottage on Lake Osark. It was in a mountain rage. We drove on many cliffs. They had two boats. We would boat to restaurant. We also did competitive tubing. Its when you pull more than one tube. Its quite a battle.
  • St. Louis Ark

    St. Louis Ark
    On our way to the Osarks we stopped in St. Louis. We could see the ark from our hotel. We didn't go up it but we went in the museum underneath. the ride there was bad. We left at seven and were scheduled to arrive at three. We arrived at nine.
  • Camdenton Cave

    Camdenton Cave
    This is a cave in Kansas. We toured it with our friends. It was so detailed. It even had its own lake. I recommend.
  • Bold Conference

    Bold Conference
    Bold Conference is a youth oriented conference in Kansas City that takes place during the last week of June. I have been once. I am going again. They had some amazing singers and speakers. The singer in the photo rapped with a video in the background of himself that was perfectly synced.
  • Dunken

    Dunken is a very interesting dog. He will never replace Millie. Millie is the goat. He is ok. His cuteness did not last long.
  • Speaking

    I spoke at a church in New Baltamore. It was awesome. My whole family came. It was powerful. I hope to do it again.
  • Highschool starts

    Highschool starts
    I go to North West. My first day was ok. Everyone was nice. Little did I know. Just kidding, I love it here.
  • 1st Concert

    1st Concert
    My first Concert was in Ohio with my bestie, Chy. Tobby Mack was singing. He is amazing. Cheyenne's mom drove us. She is really funny. I really want to go again.