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Time Line of exposure to traditional and new media by ANTARAN

  • Isabelle's Birthday

    The day I was born, which paved the way for the introduction and exposure to traditional and new media.
  • First Exposure: Telephones

    First Exposure: Telephones
    My first exposure to telephones was through my visual senses of seeing it in the living room I stayed in, and by hearing my mom and grandmother answer calls. The said exposures happened within the months of my birth, which was specifically around 3 months old. However, a telephone's purpose focuses on two things: a microphone and a speaker. It allows the user to speak and also hear transmissions from the other user. The first time I answered and spoke in calls was around the age of 6 years old.
  • First Exposure: Children Books

    First Exposure: Children Books
    My first exposure to children books was through the bedtime stories my mom read to me every night as a child; this began at the age of one until I was four. The stories became a source of inspiration with a story's moral. It taught values which were important in building the foundation of my character. It enhanced my imagination and creativity, as well as problem-solving and communication skills. As bedtime stories always interested me, it has also contributed in improving my attention span.
  • First Exposure: Billboards

    First Exposure: Billboards
    My first exposure to billboards was at the age of one-year-old. This was the time when my parents started bringing me to family hangouts outside the house. I often saw billboards when I was inside the car, as we went to malls and other public places. The importance of billboards is related to marketing and strengthening promotions and advertisements of the companies' products and services.
  • First Exposure: Radio

    First Exposure: Radio
    My first exposure to radios was around the age of one-year-old. The helper who took care of me when I was young often had a radio in the room we stayed in. She used the radio to keep her company. She often listened to songs, and occasionally to radio stations that shared anecdotes or gave life advice.
  • First Exposure: Direct Mail

    First Exposure: Direct Mail
    My first exposure to the direct email was seeing it in the living room. Mails included electricity and water bills, and other letters of announcements and invitations from the village. Direct mail was important because it allowed messages from companies and other associations to formally send or convey their messages to us.
  • First Exposure: Flyers and Brochures

    First Exposure: Flyers and Brochures
    My first exposure to flyers and brochures was at the age of one-year-old. At this age, I began going to public places such as malls. Often times, I would see flyers and brochures handed out to my parents as we passed by different stores and stalls. Flyers and brochures were conventionally important for promotions of different products and services.
  • First Exposure: Disposable Camera

    First Exposure: Disposable Camera
    My first exposure to a disposable camera was on my first birthday, which was on May 23, 2003. On my first birthday, my mom and sister were in the United States for my sister's eye surgery but my dad flew back to the Philippines to spend my first birthday with me. My mom's request to my dad was for him to send her several photos of me. I recall the disposable camera that my dad used. It gave clear and bright photos even though my dad himself wasn't a skilled photographer.
  • First Exposure: Newspapers

    First Exposure: Newspapers
    My first exposure to newspapers was when I was with my dad. From 2004 to 2008, he used to have newspapers delivered to our house daily. Although the first time I remember having an encounter with newspapers was at the age of two-years-old by visual means, my first encounter with browsing or skimming through newspapers was at the age of six-years-old. The content of the newspapers allows readers to be equipped with up-to-date information about our society.
  • First Exposure: Television

    First Exposure: Television
    My first exposure to television was at the age of two-years-old. Although our house had a TV even before I was born, my parents ensured that I would have none to minimal exposure to it until the age of two. This is because watching TV has been found to affect one's neurological ability. In relation to that, I was only allowed to watch educational and child-friendly shows from the age of two to seven.
  • First Exposure: DVD

    First Exposure: DVD
    My first exposure to a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) was at the age of two-years-old. This was the time when I first began watching educational movies and shows. This did not only serve as entertainment and leisure, but it also helped improve my comprehension skills in social situations.
  • First Exposure: DVD Player

    First Exposure: DVD Player
    My first exposure to a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) player was at the age of two-years-old. As I watched DVDs of Barney and other children shows often, this device was important in order to play DVDs produced under DVD-Video and DVD-Audio technical standards.
  • First Exposure: Movie House

    First Exposure: Movie House
    My first exposure to a movie house was at the age of two years old. The first movie I watched in a cinema was Lion King; I remember crying in the scene when Mufasa died, which made me feel empathy. Movies in the cinema strengthen the environment to which the audience feels closer to the actual scene in the movie. Watching movies in that kind of environment helps strengthen the bonds of the members watching a movie together.
  • First Exposure: Canon Camera

    First Exposure: Canon Camera
    My first exposure to a Canon camera was at my first family trip out-of-town. My mom took photos of me using the said device. The importance of a camera is not the device itself, but it is about what it captures. Photographs and videos from cameras have always been held with high significance to my family because it is able to portray and preserve memories.
  • First Exposure: Magazines

    First Exposure: Magazines
    My first exposure to magazines was at the age of four-years-old. My grandparents' business was centered in the fashion industry, and I often saw my grandmother browsing through fashion magazines. This form of media is important because it provides a source of entertainment for the reader's interest or a specific field. It also expands one's knowledge on a variety of topics and/or subject matters.
  • First Exposure: PlayStation

    First Exposure: PlayStation
    My first exposure to a PlayStation was at the age of four-years-old. This was a form of entertainment for myself, but it also strengthened my bonds with my cousins whom I played with. Aside from entertainment, it also improved communication when playing with other members.
  • First Exposure: Printer

    First Exposure: Printer
    My first exposure to a printer was at the age of four. We had a printer at my house, and I often saw my dad printing documents for work. The printer is a device that accepts text and graphic outputs from our computer and transfers the information to a sheet of paper. Although the model of our printer from 2006 is no longer the same one that we use today, our family still uses printers on a daily basis for school and work.
  • First Exposure: iPad

    First Exposure: iPad
    My first exposure to an iPad was at the age of five-years-old. Our family had both personal computers and laptops but I was having difficulties figuring out how to use those devices. Therefore, my parents introduced me to an iPad because it is similar to a computer. However, its function does not simply mimic a computer because its software and user interface have been designed in a way that anyone can use it, even without training or technical support. I focused on games and social media.
  • First Exposure: Wii

    First Exposure: Wii
    My first exposure to Wii was at the age of five-years-old. The first games I used to play on Wii were different versions of Just Dance. This helped me bond with my cousins, and it was also a form of leisure and entertainment. In addition to that, certain games on Wii can improve one's skills whether it be through physical activities or other educational subject matters.
  • First Exposure: Personal Computer

    First Exposure: Personal Computer
    My first exposure to a personal computer was at the age of six-years-old. I used a personal computer for entertainment, specifically games. Aside from that, its other purposes are the following: accepting, storing, and processing data and returning the result or output.
  • First Exposure: Flatbed Scanner

    First Exposure: Flatbed Scanner
    My first exposure to a flatbed scanner was at the age of six-years-old. When I was in Prep class, we had several activity sheets to accomplish. I used to misplace my activities and homework, so my mom taught me how to scan my activity sheets once they were given. Over time, I continued scanning my worksheets in order to have a back-up copy in case I would have a mistake in my original paper. This device is a hardware that optically scans an image or document to create a copy of it.
  • First Exposure: Laptop

    First Exposure: Laptop
    My first exposure to a laptop was at the age of seven-years-old. This was two years after using my iPad as a primary device. I did not initially have my own laptop, but I started borrowing my mom's laptop for Facebook. About a year and a half later, I was given my own laptop wherein I played games such as Plants vs Zombies.
  • First Exposure: Social Media (Facebook)

    First Exposure: Social Media (Facebook)
    My first exposure to social media is at the age of seven-years-old. This social media platform specifically pertains to Facebook. My mom helped me create my account in order to extend my socialization with school friends after school hours. In addition to that, it was another way for me to communicate with my cousins and other family members who lived in different cities or countries.
  • First Exposure: iPod

    First Exposure: iPod
    My first exposure to iPods was at the age of seven-years-old. My parents bought me one because listening to music was a hobby of mine. The iPod, along with iTunes, solved the problem of music distribution and portability. It was more convenient and accessible to listen to music in public places with an iPod.
  • First Exposure: Yahoo mail

    First Exposure: Yahoo mail
    The first exposure I had to Yahoo mail was at the age of seven-years-old. This was needed in order to create my Facebook account. Later on, I used this email in order to sign up for other platforms of social media such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • First Exposure: Nintendo DS

    First Exposure: Nintendo DS
    My first exposure to Nintendo Dual Screen/Developers' System (DS) was at the age of eight-years-old. Our family went to the United States for a family trip, and I saw my cousins playing with their own Nintendo DS. After gaining interest in the games, I bought my own for entertainment. The games I most vividly remember playing are Mario Bros, Cooking Mama, and "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?". This is significant for entertainment and leisure.
  • First Exposure: Projector

    First Exposure: Projector
    My first exposure to a project was in second grade, which was in the year 2010. We had a general assembly in the covered court and our principal used a projector for her presentation, which improved the quality of her presentation's visual aids. As an optical device that projects an image onto a surface, it allows the presentation's size and space to be flexible too.
  • First Exposure: Theatrical Play

    First Exposure: Theatrical Play
    My first exposure to a theatrical play/musical was at the age of eight-years-old. This play was entitled "Legally Blonde". This form of media platform is similar to a movie house wherein there will be a story conveyed to the audience, except plays and musicals are not recorded but executed through acting in present-time.
  • First Exposure: LCD TV

    First Exposure: LCD TV
    My first exposure to a liquid crystal display (LCD) TV was at the age of eight-years-old. This device was found in our classroom in second grade. Teachers utilized this LCD TV to present their PowerPoints and show us videos and other visuals essential for learning.
  • First Exposure: Social Media (Instagram)

    First Exposure: Social Media (Instagram)
    My first exposure to Instagram, which is another social media platform, happened when I was eight-years-old. I used this in order to post pictures of myself and my dog Kianna. This social media platform highlighted aesthetics and self-expression through visuals.
  • First Exposure: Cellular Phones

    First Exposure: Cellular Phones
    My initial first-hand exposure to a cellular phone was at the age of eight-years-old. This was in second grade when I first transferred to MIIS. My parents gave me a cellular phone so that I could contact them when it was my dismissal and have a form of entertainment while waiting for my fetcher. I used my cellular phone mainly for communication, leisure and/or games, and music.
  • First Exposure: USB

    First Exposure: USB
    My first exposure to a Universal Serial Bus (USB) was at the age of eight-years-old. We had our Kids Can! Presentation in second grade and my PowerPoint presentation was saved in a USB. At first, I was puzzled how to use one or look for the files within the USB, but now I use it proficiently in my everyday life. This is useful as it allows storage and transfer of digital data over USB cables.
  • First Exposure: Youtube

    First Exposure: Youtube
    My first exposure to Youtube was in third grade. I remember feeling frustrated that I could not fully grasp the content of our Science quiz, so my mom recommended me to look for videos on Youtube that explains the topic of my quiz. Youtube is a service that provides music videos, comedy shows, how-to guides, recipes, hacks and more.
  • First Exposure: Gmail

    First Exposure: Gmail
    My first exposure to Gmail was at the age of nine-years-old. Majority of the people whom I had to contact use Gmail instead of Yahoo mail. In addition to that, Gmail can synchronize its data to Google drive, docs, and etc. as a service provided by Google.
  • First Exposure: External Hard Disk Drive

    First Exposure: External Hard Disk Drive
    My first exposure to an external hard disk drive (HDD) was at the age of ten-years-old. When my laptop no longer had enough space, I used an external hard drive to save some files which I transferred out of my laptop. A hard disk drive is an electromechanical data storage device that stores and retrieves digital information.
  • First Exposure: Polaroid Camera

    First Exposure: Polaroid Camera
    My first exposure to a Polaroid camera was at the age of ten-years-old. My parents bought me a Polaroid camera because this was the period of time when I loved taking pictures and frequently used Instagram. This instant camera uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print immediately after capturing a picture.
  • First Exposure: Social Media (Twitter)

    First Exposure: Social Media (Twitter)
    My first exposure to the social media platform Twitter was in 2013. I created an account in order to be up-to-date with the announcements and interactions of my favorite bands. Twitter is an online microblogging and social networking service wherein users "tweet" texts or photos.
  • First Exposure: Spotify

    First Exposure: Spotify
    My first exposure to Spotify was in 2013. This was the time when I was considered a "fangirl". I was obsessed with several bands, and I spent most of my time listening to their music and attending concerts. I downloaded Spotify as it is an audio streaming platform that provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies.
  • First Exposure: Google - Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.

    First Exposure: Google - Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.
    My first exposure to Google drive, docs, sheets, and etc. was at the age of twelve-years-old when I was in seventh grade. This was introduced to the students by our school MIIS as Google drive, docs, and sheets are requirements in terms of submission outputs and/or platforms. This was a step towards the promotion of digital learning as 21st-century learners.
  • First Exposure: Edmodo

    First Exposure: Edmodo
    My first exposure to Edmodo was when our school MIIS introduced it to us at the start of seventh grade in the year 2014. Edmodo is a platform useful for K-12 schools and teachers. It allows the teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication with students, colleagues, and parents.
  • First Exposure: Google Classroom

    First Exposure: Google Classroom
    My first exposure to Google Classroom was in 2014 when I was in seventh grade. Our school introduced Google classroom in replacement of Edmodo; this happened when we came back from our Semestral break. Google Classroom has a more centralized and organized system as compared to Edmodo because this is a service directly provided by Google. Thus, it is easier to work in other Google-provided services such as Google Docs, Sheets, etc. and synchronize or pass the outputs through Google classroom.
  • First Exposure: Wearable Technology

    First Exposure: Wearable Technology
    My first exposure to wearable technology was in 2016. This specifically pertained to a Fitbit. This smartwatch tracks every part of your day which is inclusive of your physical activities, food intake, weight, and sleep. The primary objective is to help the user find one's own fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact. My dad was aware that the year 2016 was the mark of my switch to a healthy lifestyle, so he bought me a Fitbit to help me monitor my progress.
  • First Exposure: Netflix

    First Exposure: Netflix
    My first exposure to Netflix was in the summer of Grade 10. I stopped watching movies in ninth grade to focus on academics, and I did not have time to watch in cinemas even in the summer of tenth grade due to a lineup of competitions. Instead, I watched movies late at night on Netflix in order to give myself some leisure time after a full day of work.