My identity history

  • The beginning

    The beginning
    I was born on December 9th, 1988 in Mesitas del Colegio Cundinamarca. My parents are Alberto a kind of mechanic and Patricia a hairdresser. I have one brother called Alberto and he is an Engineer.
  • Period: to

    First dimension of identity

    School and religious vocation
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    I began to be part of the Catholic Church with my baptism.
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    I received Jesus for the first time in the parish Sacred Family in Bogotá
  • First years and school education

    First years and school education
    I studied my elementary school in Madrid, Bogotá, and Facatativa. I always liked the Arts and English subjects. I finished my elementary school in 1999.
  • My confirmation

    My confirmation
    From the experience of the preparation to the sacrament of Confirmation I was very interested in serving people, sharing the Word of God, and doing social labor. I was very close to the Seminary of Facatativa diocese. Thanks to the father Víctor Hugo Rodas I knew the Community of Dominican Sisters. My family was not so close to the Church so they didn't expect that I decided to join the religious life
  • High school

    High school
    I studied my high school at Colegio Departamental Manuela Ayala de Gaitán a public school in Facatativá where I had a great English teacher from 9th to 11th grade. I was really interested in English so I got a program to study by myself on the computer, like that I learned vocabulary and grammar. I finished high school in 2005. I was the best "bachiller" of my school and I got the best score in prueba ICFES.
  • Joining the religious life

    Joining the religious life
    I joined the community of Dominican sisters and I started my process as a postulant. My father disagreed with my decision and didn't support me. As my process was very short my family, friends, and teachers thought that it was only a whim. My teachers advised me to go to university first and my father told me to go to an interchange program to London to learn English. However, I had already decided what I wanted to do.
  • Novitiate

    I started the process of becoming part of religious life and deep spiritual life.
  • Uniminuto

    I started studies at Uniminuto of Biblical science where I studied foundations of Linguistics, English, Greek, and Hebrew. It was an interesting cultural and ecumenical interchange.
  • Temporary Vows

    Temporary Vows
    I did vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.
  • Starting a life as a school teacher

    Starting a life as a school teacher
    I started giving religion classes at Nuestra Sra de Nazareth School in Bosa, Bogota. I was discouraged because it was shocking to face the reality of school and study at the same time plus community life. However, I overcame the difficulties and learned to manage the situations.
  • Tensions and difficulties

    Tensions and difficulties
    This year I faced difficult familiar situations as my parents got divorced and I had some health difficulties because I didn't sleep well because of the university and the work at school. I didn't find enough support in the sisters that were living with me. After having some argue with my superior I was changed from Nazareth School to Fusagasuga.
  • Sent far from my country

    Sent far from my country
    During the time I was in Fusagasugá I was helping the vocation promotion. The general Superior sent me to Spain since there weren't native sisters and they needed young people. I asked permission to finish studies but it was denied. I was in 6th semester and it was missing only two more. It made me feel frustrated.
  • Living in Spain

    Living in Spain
    I was sent to a spiritual house with a kinder garden in Carmona, Sevilla where I got used to the culture and I experienced the agony of being far from home. However, the cultural exchange helped me to be aware of new perspectives and life views. I had the opportunity to know some places in Spain and share their custom. I learned to drive and I was happy to be with the children even though I dropped my studies and my job as a teacher.
  • Madrid

    I was sent to a school in Madrid where I didn't have a hard job because I wasn't allowed to teach. Instead, I had free time and I started studying at UNIR by distance a career in teaching elementary school. However, I started having several questions around my lifestyle and my identity as religious woman inside that community. Besides, I retook my English studies because I met some native speakers at Santa María la Blanca School.
  • Period: to

    Fixing into a new identity

    Several questions about who I really wanted to become were on my mind and I tried to be coherent with my ideal of life
  • Decisions

    I read about the community of Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Theresa of Calcutta and met the sisters who told me about the possibility of experience in that community. I asked that permission but I was sent back to Colombia on March 23rd. I was sent to a school where I was not giving classes so I insisted on the process and ask for a report of my religious life to sent it to India. They accepted, however, I had to wait until December for an answer from Calcutta, India.
  • New Community, new cultural background

    New Community, new cultural background
    After having the experience with Missionaries of Charity in Cucuta and in Bogotá I was accepted to go to the house in Lima to start officially the formation process. There I shared with sisters from several countries and the official language was English. It was a completely different perspective of religious service.
  • Unexpected change

    Unexpected change
    When I was admitted to the postulancy in Mexico. Suddenly the process was finished and my Mistress sent me back to Colombia. So the process was interrupted and I tried to figure out what was God's will and what happened with my life project and my identity.
  • Coming back

    Coming back
    I came back to the former community, and at first I was admitted with temporary vows. They gave me a warm welcome. However, they weren't clear about the process. What I understood after several petitions of going ahead in the process, was that I had to start again. It was a big effort to fit in the community and I tried to do my best since I was very exigent with myself. I was sent to the first school where I started to teach but with the same Superior, so I got trouble again.
  • Period: to

    Lack of identity

    When I thought I had founded my identity the community didn't accept me.
  • New teaching experiences and expectations

    New teaching experiences and expectations
    I was sent to San Gil, Santander where I found an excellent community at the religious one and at school. I started to teach again and it was a challenge because I had to teach from kindergarten to High school. The academic level was excellent and I realized I needed to continue studying to become a teacher: I needed pedagogy and wider comprehension of education. There I felt supported and I was very active at school and at the Parish.
  • B.A. in English as a foreign language

    B.A. in English as a foreign language
    I realized that I needed to continue studying in order to give a better service to the community. Therefore, I asked permission to study but I didn't like the traditional careers in theology or philosophy and I had been improving my English since I had the experience to talk to several native speakers. My provincial superior gave me permission to start at USTA the B.A program but I was the only one and many sisters were against that opportunity. However, I started with enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Period: to

    Finding a new horizon

    The B.A. in English as a foreign language opened new perspectives and possibilities
  • Research Mentorship program

    Research Mentorship program
    I didn't have too many opportunities to practice speaking so I decided to joined the conversation club at University and then I found interesting the research Mentorship Program to study, share experiences and learn. There the topics of narratives, culture, and identity were very engaging for me. I attended for two semesters and the third one I couldn't attend more but I shared my experience in an academic event and I joined Clea a network of students promoted by the British Council.
  • Change to Ibagué

    Change to Ibagué
    I was sent to Santa Teresa school and I traveled to Bogotá every weekend to study. There I lead the pastoral of the school with effort and creativity. However, there were community difficulties and I reflected on my life goals, the meaning of service, and my personal fulfillment. I didn't get an answer about my process to do the perpetual vows after two years.
  • Starting a new life

    Starting a new life
    After reflecting on the sense of happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth I decided to quit the community because I felt that my process was going nowhere and I had a wider perspective of service to the community, vocation, and God's love. The community wasn't clear about the impediments for me to do the perpetual vows so I got tired of the feeling of rejection.
  • A preservice English teacher

    A preservice English teacher
    I got a job as an English teacher at a private school in Fusagasugá, Cundinamarca where they asked me for an international test so I did the PET and I got B2 level. It was very satisfactory and I felt proud of myself. I was assigned to high school 6th and 7th graders. Actually it was a big change since it is my first experience teaching English but I tried to take advantage of all the knowledge provided by the studies at the B.A program. Besides, I faced the change of way of life.
  • Open to new dreams

    Open to new dreams
    In this new stage I feel with inner peace, I feel I'm serving others through teaching. Furthermore, I live my relationship with God in the Catholic Church in an active way and I'm open to new people and experiences that make me feel a better human being. Moreover, traveling has given me newer perspectives, and English has allowed me to communicate and share great moments.
  • JMJ Panamá

    JMJ Panamá
    I participated in the YWD in Panamá where I shared with people from all over the world, I prayed and I enjoyed with my friends from the Girardot Diocese and I was close to Pope Francis.
  • Covid-19 and virtual education

    Covid-19 and virtual education
    In 2020 I started teaching 11th graders what I find more demanding. It's a new challenge to provide them the necessary tools and to give them what they need in order to get a better performance in their skills. In addition, we are facing online studies due to the quarantine to avoid COVID-19 and it has pushed us to learn new tools and ways to teach and learn. Even though I have been studying online I have received formation to become a face to face teacher. It has pushed us to be creative.
  • Future perspectives

    Future perspectives
    I'll finish my career soon and I want to continue studying to get a master's degree. I'll apply for a scholarship and I would like to teach in an institution of superior education. Besides, I would like to travel to countries where English is the native language and get more cultural experiences.