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My Future Lifestyle

  • 15 years old

    i am in the tenth grade at Hardaway high school taking seven class each day. right now i am taking two ninth grade class because when i was in the ninth grade they put me in two 11th grade class because when i was in south Carolina they said i have already token most of my ninth grade so i moved to the tenth grade they said i didn't have the class so they put me in those two ninth grade class. i am now looking to get my permit. get a side paying job.
  • 16 years old

    getting a job going for my license looking for colleges to go to with a calinary program
  • 17 years old

    17 years old
    I will be a jr in high school look for what i want to do. looking for colleges(colinary school cooking gion to be a cheif when i grown into a adult). looking for a job that fits my ginder.
  • 18 years old

    i would be a senior in high school on the verge of graduating high going to go the college for cooking or technology game designer(Virginia college)
  • 19 year old

    i am going to college in august so i can get my degree in cooking so i can get my job in different food places or if that does go alone plan B is going back for technology game designer.
  • 20 years

    in college for a degree in culinary art hands on training learn how to cook in the way to do it right. staying with my mom cause the college in around the corner. get a side job to pay my school
  • 21 years

    still in school last year taking test getting the dishes perfect so i can become a great chief or employee the school will help me find the job in i would have to do training then start doing the work. satrt looking for an apartment
  • 22 years

    will be looking for an apartment going to moving not far from mom close move out of her house. just getting through with school single focus on my perfection not worried about nothing else but me
  • 23 years

    23 years
    thinking about being never a private chief or work in a restaurant. or maybe try the both to see what i like maybe the restaurant.cause i want a family
  • 24 years old

    make the decision working in the restaurant and work there so i can get the fill of working maybe work in way up in co chief.
  • 25 years old

    cool off from working so hard in have fun hang out with family travle a little look for a place i maybe want to live some day.
  • 26 year old

    star back to work get back in focus
  • 27 year old

    getting back in the work force working from restaurant to restaurant. i really need something to drink
  • 28 year

    try to settle down with one person try to get to know the person for trying move in the relationship to fast
  • 29 years

    now open up my own restaurant looking for a bigger place to live because plan on get married and have kids and pets
  • 30 years old

    30 years old
    wait for a year to get married because that might not be the person i want to have a baby with let alone i want to wait
  • 31 year old

    31 year old
    if the person was the one then get married outside on the beach then for our honey moon got to costa rica and have the time of our life and spend all my money on my love
  • 33

    going to be in our house spiting the bills in half in have one kid may have more later in life hope it is a girl then spoil my baby in make her a brate give her everything so my mom may do the same.
  • 34 year

    working managing my own business getting money taking care of wife and to kid and paying half of the bills
  • 35 years

    35 years
    my get a new car 2017 land rover buy my a car
  • 36

    taking care of my wife because she pregnant with my baby (jamarice) that my baby name and make sure she is ok
  • 37

    still taking care of my fam my baby has been born we put her room up so she can hav a place to sleep and working hard on my business and do great things working on getting the house together pay the bill at my business
  • 38

    my baby would be about one years old we have her a birth day take her to the water park cause we going to wait til she older the take her out of town cuase she wouldnt understand what is going on so yeah spoiling my daughter and i may want to move to another county like Atlanta or south carolina
  • 39 old

    I would be working on my business so i can start hiring employees so i can have some waiter and other thing still trying to cook by my self so the kitchen can be like a second home for me.
  • 40

    hiring waiter for my business so can be the perfect food place to just go to and sit in eat we have tables out side the place and hire other cook for my own place.
  • 41

    find thing to make my restaurant better it is going to be a place in a little town it is going to be called outside cafe some table are going to be outside some inside just incase of rain and
  • 42

    i am working on getting my place up in get a bigger building so i can make more money cause a lot of people came to just eat my food.
  • 43-47

    taking care of my baby and taking her out like taking her Disney world and lago land and just anywhere she want to go cause she she is old enough now and working helping my family if the they need help with somthing she is in school so trying to see i that is the right school because they keep calling me about her fighting and talking back
  • 48-55

    save up our money to get a bigger house and have another baby and raising my babys to be good and truthful people not stilling and killing. i got to start eating better and heather so i can live long o i can see my grand kids
  • 56-60

    i am getting old so start paying for med and life insurance so i can be covered
  • 61-65

    start to retire and spend more time with family and spend all of my retirement money on me. and wife maybe its million i am going to be a millionaire andbe rich
  • 66-69

    help organization with searching for loss fossils like dinosaur and and common ancestor or other animals
  • 70-75

    donate some of my money to different charitiest so i can help rebuild and keep them alive maybe to animal charities because i have always loved anmial like(ARF)(PETSMARTS CHARITIES)
  • 76-80

    died and live all my ,money to kids and grand kid so they can live there life