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By HBG1234
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    In this picture was Me and My Nanny. She was holding me while we were in the kitchen. I was cute.
  • In my living room

    In my living room
    I was in the living room. So I guess my family wanted to take a pic of me.
  • Sunday with My Papa

    Sunday with My Papa
    It was Sunday we were headed on the way to church. My Papa let me wear his hat before we left the house. I looked good lol.
  • Starting Kinder garden

    Starting Kinder garden
    Picture day at Bright Beginning Kinder garden.
  • Starting of 1st grade

    Starting of 1st grade
    It was picture day.
  • Picture Day 2nd grade

    Picture Day 2nd grade
    It was was picture day.
  • Laying On The Floor

    Laying On The Floor
    I was in My Nanny's room watching t.v while laying on the floor. I think my aunt took a picture of me while I was laying there
  • My Little Sister was born

    My Little Sister was born
    My Little sister was born. A month later this picture was taken in our living room. This was all new for me because I was not the only child anymore. This played a important role in my life because I wanted to take good care of her and it made me feel good as a person.
  • Graduating 2nd grade

    Graduating 2nd grade
    I'm a proud graduate.
  • 4th grade picture day

    4th grade picture day
    It was picture, I smiled for the camera CHEESE!
  • Halloween With My Sister and Friends

    Halloween With My Sister and Friends
    I loved ninjas a lot I was a huge fan of them and so for Halloween I dressed up as one. My sister was the cowgirl Jessie off of Toy story and our friend Jason was a dragon from Yugi Yo.
  • Snow Day In Arkadelphia

    Snow Day In Arkadelphia
    School was out and I was having fun playing in the snow. This played a important role in my life because for the first time I got to throw snow balls and make snow angles.
  • 5th Grade Music Playing guitar

    5th Grade Music Playing guitar
    I was in the fifth grade. I played the guitar this event took place in Arkadelphia at a dinner party. We were invited to play for people.
  • Going To a Justin Bieber concert

    Going To a Justin Bieber concert
    I was huge fan of Justin Bieber. I went to one of his concerts in Little Rock Arkansas and was so excited. All I would do was talk about him twenty four seven. I listened to his music a lot, and just adored him. I never got a chance to meet him in person, but I was excited to take a picture with a card board cut out of him.
  • My Nanny Passing away

    My Nanny Passing away
    This was a big movement in my life for me. My Nanny was super super close to my heart just like the rest of my family. She passed away with Pancreatic cancer. I miss her very much and no matter how old I get in life she will always be in my heart.
  • ThanksGiving

    I was at My Grandpa's house in Antoine Arkansas. I love spending time with my family on my Nanny's side of the family. I had a great time that day and ate a lot.
  • Christmas

    My Aunt loves to buy us a lot of presents around this time of year so she bought us Christmas trees. I ended up with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and My sister ended up with a pretty pink one.
  • Being on The Dance Team

    Being on The Dance Team
    I was a Dazzler back in Jr. High 8th grade. I was super happy because I got to go to every football game and Dance during half time. Dancing was not easy at first but as time passed I started to progress better and I think still to this day I can still dance very well.
  • Playing Basketball and Volleyball

    Playing Basketball and Volleyball
    I was joining athletics through Middle School and Jr. High School. I was on the volleyball team and the basketball team
  • Freshman Year

    Freshman Year
    I got a new locker, new school, and everything was new. I was very scared at first because I was a freshman. I did not know what to expect and I had to get use to the higher grades that were there.
  • Meeting Mark Pryor

    Meeting Mark Pryor
    I got to meet Mark Pryor for the first time. I did not think meeting him would have came true as much as we talked about him in my Civics class freshman year.
  • ThanksGiving with Papa side of the family

    ThanksGiving with Papa side of the family
    Spending time with My Papa side of the family on Thanksgiving is fun. My two youngest cousin's James and Paul love playing video games with Me and My sister while we wait to eat a good dinner.
  • Playing Softball

    Playing Softball
    This was my first year trying out for the softball team. I had never played, but over the year I gotten better and I feel confident to continue to play the sport
  • Going To Dallas Cowboy Stadium For The First Time!

    Going To Dallas Cowboy Stadium For The First Time!
    It was my first time going to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. I was very excited and my dream come true.
  • Inside Dallas Cowboy Stadium

    Inside Dallas Cowboy Stadium
    I was in DECA on a field trip to take a tour at Dallas Cowboy stadium it was fun I had a great time. The stadium was huge I did not want to leave.
  • At Dez Bryant's Locker

    At Dez Bryant's Locker
    I was so happy to finally be at my favorite player's locker for the first time.
  • Going to Louisiana for the first time

    Going to Louisiana for the first time
    I went to Louisiana for the first time I have never been. I was with my mom and sister at the outlet mall in Shreveport.
  • Starting My First Job

    Starting My First Job
    I worked at Brookshire's grocery store over the summer for two months. I was a cashier there.
  • St. Louis Missouri zoo

    St. Louis Missouri zoo
    Family vacation over this summer of 2016. We went to the zoo that day and it was very hot.
  • St. Louis Missouri zoo

    St. Louis Missouri zoo
    Also got to see the sea lions.
  • St. Louis Missouri Museum

    St. Louis Missouri Museum
    The exhibits there were pretty cool. I also ran into a sumo wrestler.
  • St. Louis Missouri Arch

    St. Louis Missouri Arch
    We were driving past the famous arch in St. Louis Missouri.