The Life of Dawn Marie

  • Parents Marry

    My mother and father, Marcell and Hayden, get married. They were 7 months pregnant with my older brother at the time. They lived in Spokane, Wa.
  • Brother Hayden

    The oldest of 5 children was born. Hayden Charles Keener III. His name is a family name. If it weren't for him, my parents would not have gotten married.
  • Me!!

    3 months after having my brother, she learned that she was pregnant with me. My brother and I are only 1 year and 11 days apart.
  • Period: to

    My Mother

    For these few years, my mother was at home raising us. she suffered from postpardom and clinical depression. This is from what she has told me. It is significant because she still stuggles with depression today. Durring this time she had 2 miscariges. April of 1986 she became pregnant again with twins. She was very sick during this time, and was put on bed rest most of it. One of the twins miscarried, but on January 8, 1987 my brother Chad was born.
  • Another Brother

    My brother Chad Walter Keener was born. He was considered a miracle, since my mother had a very difficult pregnancy.
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    The Yellow House

    We lived in this house for quite some time. I remember my older brother and I walking to the office building next door and going to see our family friend in his office. I wanted to add this event because I can't belive I can still remember this. I was seriously like 3 years old!!
  • Family Move

    My dad worked for Pioneer Pies, and was offered a job in Mesa Arizona to work for Waffle House. Our little family of 5 packed up and moved.
  • Period: to

    Mesa Appartment

    Durring this time a few things happend. I don't really recall the exact dates, so I am just going to put the first day and the month that I think it happend in.
  • kindergarten

    I started kindergarten at Lee High Elementary school, in Mesa AZ. I remember having a friend named Holly.
  • Sid Hoff (T)

    I was in the first grade and the author Sid Hoff was going to be at our school. I was really excited. I had one of his books in my backpack that I was going to get autographed. While waiting for the school bus I was swinging on a swing the wrong way. I was pretending to fly, so I was on my belly. Well on my way down, I was so close to the ground that my chin hit the ground and basically slid across the gravel surface. I didn't need stitches, but I didn't get to go to school.
  • Sid Hoff cont.

    My older brother returned home from school, and he had taken my book to school. He gave it to Sid Hoff to autograph for me. It was one of the nicest things my brother ever did for me.
  • Summer Fun

    Behind our apt. complex (seperated by a brick wall) was a trailor park. The people directly behid us had a pitch fork that you could see just the tip of it over the wall. At night sometimes if it was a full moon, you could see the pitch fork throught the curtains. It used to terify me. I would think it was Freddy Kruger. It sounds silly now. But I was totally freaked!!
  • Another Family Move

    My Dad was being promoted to general manager for 3 Waffle House stores on the west side of Phoenix. We were moving from a small 2 bedroom appartment to a 4 bedroom house with a pool. We weere really excited! Unfortunately the first night we were in our rental house, we discovered was sewer roach was. The worst part, is that they fly!! I remember running to my room and stuffing a towel under my door. I thought for sure it was going to get into my room.
  • Period: to

    Great Grandma Hall

    Every winter during this time, My great grandmother would stay with us in the winter. She lived in Cleavland, OH at the time. She was very catholic, so we had to go to Sunday Mass
  • House Fire (T)

    A small fire started in the attic while we were all sleeping. There was no major damage, and no one was hurt. I am the one that heard the smoke detector and woke up my whole family. I was encouraged to write a story about it. My teacher submitted it for a writing competition and it won firt place. That was important because it helped me realize how much writing is an outlet for me to get out what I am feeling.
  • My Grandmother's Passing

    My mothers mother, died of breast cancer. It was a really sad time for my mom. She was not close with her dad. I didn't get to know my grandmother well becuse we lived in Arizona and she lived in Washington. My mom went to the funeral, while the rest of us stayed home. My family wasnt very open about their feelings, so I am still not quite sure how badly this affecterd my mother.
  • Playing the trumpet

    I started playing the trumpet. I picked it up fairly easy. I really enjoyed playing.
  • New House

    My parents bought their first house. It was less than half a mile from where we were currently living. You could tell that they were very proud of this acheivement.
  • Baby!!!

    My parents' marriage was on the rocks. They were always fighing. My mom discovered that she was pregnant. With twins. They clearly were not planned.
  • Band Camp

    I remember sitting in the car arguing with my mom telling her I was not going to go to band camp. None of my friends from junior high were joining band in high school. I wasn't going to know anyone in there. I was so mad. Obviously I had to go in. I ended up having so much fun. It waws the begining of my high school band days.
  • My Brother and Sister were Born

    the twins were born!! Hunter Jay Keener and Ali M Keener were born. My mom was 38 at the time.
  • Accepted Jesus (D)

    I wish I could say I truly knew what I was accepting. My family is not religious at all. My family was so distant. No one talked to anyone. I think I was looking for some where to belong. My best friend at the time was telling me about accepting Jesus and she asked me if I wanted to be saved and I said yes. My dad didn't understand what I was doing. I started going to churh with my friend and her family.
  • Teenage Mother (T)

    My mother and I were shopping at the mall. I was 15 and this complete stranger had the nerve to assume that the stroller I was pushing was of my twin children and not my brother and sister. The only reason why it bothered me was because she was very rude about it. Telling my mother that she was doing the right thing in letting me stay in the family. It was very strange! To be blunt, it was the best birthcontrol. I didn't ever want to feel like that again. Like I was in the wrong.
  • Teenage Mother cont... (T)

    I understand that that women was in the wrong, but it definitly made me think about decision i make, that may affect others.
  • Sophmore History Teacher

    My history teacher invited me and my best friend to attend his and his wife's church. They were the nicest couple. The church they attended was in the heart of down town Phoenix. It was called the Church at the Neighborhood Center. I will always remember my time there. It was a very humbling experience.
  • Senior Year

    I was graduating in 19 days, and I still had no idea what I wanted to do after school. I didn't want to stay home and I didn't want to get a job. I was 17 and had never had a job. I didn't even have a drivers license. It was kinda sad. 3 of my friends were joining the navy. So I decided that I needed to do that as well.
  • Period: to

    Major Life Change #1

    There was alot of intense events that happend in this time. I look back on it now, and I feel most were traumatic than dramatic.
  • Graduation

    I graduated high school!!!! My grandpa (dad's dad) drove from California and my mothers dad came out from Washington. I had a lot of fun that day!!
  • 18th Brithday!

    I turned 18!! I was very excited! It was a Saturday. And I knew exactly what I was going to do on Monday
  • Navy (D)

    Monday morning I went into the navy recruiting office and told them I wanted to join. By time I got home that afternoon, I had an enlistment date of October 3, 2001. I was joining the US Navy to be an airplane mechanic. My dad was not happy.
  • 9/11 (T)

    My mother came into my room and woke me up saying I needed to get up right now and go into the living room. When I came into the room right at the moment the 2cnd airplane hit the tower. I will never forget that immage. I will never forget the reaction of the news anchors. This happend a few weeks before I was suppose to go to bootcamp. When my dad came home from work he immediatly wanted to know if that meant I had to leave early. I didn't have to leave early.
  • Boot Camp

    I left my family and embarked on my very first plane ride from Phoenix, Az to Chicago, Il. I came into the Navy at a very strange time. With 9/11 being a few weeks prior, they were training a new type of sailor. I really enjoyed my time there in Great Lakes. I had no problems. I was fit, and did what I was told.
  • Graduation

    My family flew out and watched me graduate into a sailor. I felt very patriotic. It was a bitter sweet time though. Durring their visit I learned that my mother kicked my dad out of the house. He had been in a relationship with another women. I felt very betrayed because I used to babysit this other womens kids. I've know her for many years. So I left in October thinking my family was solid, and within months I learn that a good majority of it was a lie.
  • Chicago

    My family and I took the train from Great Lakes to down town Chicago. My mom and I walked the streets. There was no snow yet, crazy I know, we were just looking in all the windows at all of the displays. My mom and I still talk about that day. We fell in love with the city that day. We have never been back. But we always wonder what it would be like to live there. We both have the fantasy of how amazing it would be.
  • Time to Fly

    My time in Great Lakes was done. I was boarding a plane to Pensacola Florida wehre I was attending school to become an Jet engine mechanic.
  • "A" School

    Though I had been in Florida for over a month, my school didn't start until February. It was an interesting time for me. I had never been away from home. All of a sudden I had money, new friends, and quite a bit of freedom. I was learning how to be on my own at 18 very quickly.
  • Goodbye Florida Hello Cali!!

    I finished school and had orders to Lemoore, California. I was in the Navy and my first assignment was a shore tour (no deployments) on an air station nowhere near the ocean. Litterally in the middle of central valley California.
  • Big Brother Hayden

    My brother Hayden joined the Army. We always thought that he would. He was in the ROTC in highschool. And after graduated we were all shocked that he didn't. We think he finally joined to get away from his ex grilfriend that wouldn't leave him alone. But when he came home from bootcamp he married her. He didn't tell anyone. My family is weird!!!
  • I can Drive!!

    I finally got my dirvers licinse. I had a really great friend named Angelo Figallo. I still know him today. But he taught me how to drive in his white gallant. He loved that car. And he trully is my oldest friend from the Navy.
  • Alexis

    I met my best friend. She is a very difficult friend to have. But I love her to death! We have been through a few things together. We taught each other how to be girly. We learned how to use makeup. Dress girly, do our hair. I guess I had to learn how to do that stuff eventually.
  • VFA-22

    I was finally in a command that was going to sea. I was really enjoying my time in the Navy. We wer gearing up for our work up cycle to go on deployment in January 2006
  • Dad Issues (T)

    I'm not quite sure what my dad's issure was, but he would disapear for days at a time.Though my parents were seperated he still payed the rent for the house my mom and little brother and sister were living in. My dad stopped paying the rent and my mom was evicted. I told her to move into my house that I was renting at the time. I was about to go on deplyoment and that way she could stay there and my little brother and sister would have a place to live. My mom moved that weekend to Lemoore.
  • Deployment

    I left on my one and only deployment aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. I loved being out to sea. Being on an aircraft carrier is what I wanted to do. It helped with my independant personality. To be free sailing on the open water. I kept to myself. My favorite times were the mornings when I had to be walking the flight deck inspecting aircraft prior to when others even had to be to work, and sunsets. Sunsets on the the ocean is the key to my heart and soul. Its so beautifull.
  • First combat mission

    The first mission we had that we used "live bombs" and not practice was a very dramatic moment for me. That morning while walking the flight deck, a smaller ship came along side the aircraft carrier. While passing us we noticed it was flying an American flag almost as big as the ship itself! At that momment I realized I really was in the military, and I was serving my country and providing support for the war on terrorism. That was the most patriotic I've ever felt. We all felt it.
  • Dubai

    This was the second time we had pulled into the United Arab Emmirates. Towards the end of the first night I was walking towards the ship to go aboard and I saw this guy who I work with on the ship. He was actually staioned on the ship, and I was with the squadrons. We had talked a couple of times while the ship wasn't in port but I didn't think anything of it. Well as I was walking he walked straight up to me and said "Where have you been! I've been looking for you everywhere!"
  • Dubai Cont.....

    That is how I met my husband.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong
    My husband and I officially started dating. We weren't aloud to be together on the ship, so we had to keep it a secret. It was a very fun time because we go to know eachother before we had an intimate relationship. He told me that he knew the first time that he saw me (2005 timeframe) that he was going to marry me. I was like you didn't even talk to me until a month ago!!! It was not love at first sight for me. He had to convince me. LOL.
  • Homecoming

    The ship was returning to San Diego from its 7 month deployment. My husband and I were coming to the realization that he lives in San Diego and I live in Lemoore. The odds were against us. but wer promised that we were going to make it work. When the ship pulled in, he drove me home to Lemoore, where my mother, brother and sister where living. We decided to go to San Francisco that week. That is where we took our picture in the photo booth from our official first date state side.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Ricardo (my husband) wanted to take me to meet his parents. He is Puerto Rican and his mom and dad still live there. I was nervous to meet them. But overly joyed knowing that this really was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
  • Oh Baby!!! (T)

    When I got back from Puerto Rico, I learned that I was pregnant. I didn't react well. I do regret the way I reacted because I know my husband sees this differently now then what I did. I was scared. I wasn't married, this was not planned. We knew we wanted to be married, but now I was scared he just wanted to marry me because I was pregnant with his child . We didn't even live together. I didn't know how my command in the Navy would react. I was a mess.
  • It's a Girl!!

    It's a Girl!!
    Things were starting to work out. Ricardo was up for orderes and there was orders for teaching job in Lemoore, so that meant he was moving to me! He officially proposed to me.I said yes. And then we found out that we were having a girl!! I was starting to get really excited.
  • Sophia May Campos

    One of the only lightning storms I ever remember in Lemoore was the night I went into labor. I had an amazing delivery. I waited to go to the hospitlal because I didin't want to be sent home, so I went in at 1 pm, and I had her at 520pm that same day. I was beyond happy!!! We were officially a little family.
  • Moving Day!!

    4 months after Sophia was born Ricardo was finally moving in!
  • Puerto Rico Again

    Our little family of 3 flew to Puerto Rico to introduce Sophia to Ricardo's family. We had such a wonderfull time. His family has trruly made me feel welcomed.
  • Home Owner!! (D)

    Home Owner!! (D)
    We bought our first house!!!!!!! We were beyond happy and proud to have been able to buy a house!!! Now our daughter had her own home! We were so happy!!! I felt very adult and accomplished! I was only 25! I thought that was a big deal!
  • Surgery (D)

    I had a possitive pregnancy test, when I went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy they informed me that i was not pregnant. The next day my cycle had started but I didn't feel right. I thought for sure I was having a miscariage. I was able to get in right away and an ultrasound was performed. I was not having a miscarige, but they did find a large cyst the size of an orange on one of my ovaries. I ended up having to have surgery to remove it. It was just a very interesting time.
  • Surgery Cont.....

    If it weren't for the false possitve I had received from an in home pregnancy test, I wouldn't have thought I was misscarying and therefore who knows how long I would have had that cyst. I trully beleive that was why I was un able to get pregnant. We wanted to have another child badly.Within a year I became pregnant for real!!!
  • Sea Duty

    It was time for Ricardo to pick sea duty orders. He didn't have much say, so he got a 1 year order to a small iland in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia. We were not looking forward to him being gone for an entire year.
  • Married!!!!

    We finally got married!!!! It was time! It was a fun little ceremony at a friends house!! It was beautiful and we had a blast!!
  • Baby #2!!!

    We found out that we were having another baby!!! I was extremely excited. But then I remembered that my husband was about to leave for an entire year. 2011 was about to start stressing me out!!
  • Sad Day

    My husband boarded a plane en route to Japan then to Diego Garcia, where he was about to be for an entire year. My daughter cried. She has never been away from him for more than a week. I wasn't ready
  • Period: to

    Major Life Change #2

    in the span of 1 year, I was pregnant and had a baby, raising a 3 year old, and getting out of the Navy, sell a house, and move to Washington, all while my husband was gone.This whole year was a mixture of Traumatic and Dramatic events that I feel I am still trying to overcome now in 2014.
  • Kingston Alexander Campos

    Kingston Alexander Campos
    My beautiful little son was born!!!!! My husband didn't make it home in time, since Kingston decided to come early. But I had my great friend Sarah there with me. If it weren't for her, I would have been lost!!!
  • Goodbye Navy (D)

    After 10 years I got out of the Navy. I didn't want to be away from my children and I didn't want to work on jet engines anymore.
  • He's Home!!!!

    He's Home!!!!
    Ricardo is finally home!!!!!! Now we have to pack up and move to Washington!!!
  • Moving Day!!! (D)

    Moving Day!!! (D)
    Our house in Hanford, Ca sold and we packed up our life and moved to Lake Stevens, Wa!! My husband is stationed on the USS Nimitz.
  • Season Tickets!!!

    Season Tickets!!!
    My husband bought me season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks!! I got to go see the entire winning season!! I have been a Seahawks fan since birth!! And to actually see then live, has been a dream come true!!
  • Hunter Jay Leukemia (T)

    My youngest brother was diagnosed with Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He was 15 when he was diagnosed. He has been on chemo therapy and radiation therapy for the past year. He just started his maintenance phase of treatment. He doesn't beleive in remission, so he will celebrate his new birthday in 2 years when he is cancer free
  • Disney Land

    Disney Land
    While my husband was on deployment I took my kids to Disneyland. It was a great experience tackling this by my self.
  • Homecoming

    After 9 months at sea, my husband returned home. It was such a fun day. My daughter and I watched the ship pull in and it was amazing to see her run into his arms!!
  • Disney!!

    We went on our first family vacation of 2014! We went to Disneyland. We had so much fun!! My husband and I are truly blessed!!